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Updated: 1 week 14 hours ago

US election included some science-related items

6 November 2014

Science: Among the 146 referenda and initiatives on the ballot Tuesday in numerous states and the District of Columbia, several were directly related to science, engineering, or the environment. In Colorado and Oregon, referenda requiring genetically modified foods to be labeled as such were voted down. Maine approved measures to fund an animal and plant disease and insect control lab, a genomics and disease research center, and the modernization and expansion of a biological laboratory specializing in tissue repair and regeneration. In Michigan, voters were against allowing the hunting of wolves. However, the state’s legislature may have the final say, depending on whether the state courts uphold a measure the legislators passed to circumvent Tuesday’s vote.

Democrats’ Senate losses inspire renewed Yucca Mountain advocacy

6 November 2014
The ouster of Nevada’s Harry Reid as majority leader could mean the unblocking of national progress on nuclear waste.