H. Frederick Dylla Director's Matters

The power of a good relationship

Dear Colleagues,

On June 12, four executives from Kinokuniya Co. Ltd made their annual pilgrimage to the Melville Publishing Center to review our journal sales in Japan - and to honor one of AIP's longest business partnerships. Japan is the only country in the world where AIP has an exclusive journal distributor and sales agent. It's an arrangement that may have outlived its original purpose, but which has found new life in the online era.

AIP first started using Kinokuniya as a local distributor for our print journals in Japan, to handle customer service issues in the local language, to decipher mailing addresses, and to carry out various other tasks. Kinokuniya's role has evolved over the years, to negotiating online user licenses for academic institutions, government agencies, and corporations with multiple sites. Kinokuniya works closely with our Publication Sales group to find appropriate pricing for this kind of shared online access. In fact, thanks to Kinokuniya, almost a third of all AIP corporate multi-site licenses are for Japanese businesses.

At last week's meeting, I had the pleasure of meeting Yoichiro Fudeyasu, the general manager of the Kinokuniya journal department, based in Tokyo. Mr. Fudeyasu gave us a good overview of conditions in Japan, where a rapidly declining college-age population and a serious decrease in government subsidies for universities are contributing to a shrinking market for academic journals. Our own subscription levels in Japan have declined modestly, but our revenues have been reasonably stable - a tribute, according to Fudeyasu, to the excellent reputation of our journals and the need they fill in physics education. AIP and Kinokuniya have enjoyed a good and fruitful working relationship in the past and look forward to a long-lasting partnership in the future.

Sincerely yours,


Production portals provide a real-time view of how we work
Throughout 2007, we will be developing production portals for authors and editorial office staff that will serve as an enhanced way for them to interact with the AIP production process. Real-time, secured, web access, via an intuitive, easy-to-use interface will allow editorial office staff to monitor the status of their journals. Key milestone events, and links to the original manuscript and author proof, can be provided for each paper in the production process.

San Francisco treat
Publishing Services staff represented AIP at the 2007 Annual Meeting of the Society for Scholarly Publishing, held in San Francisco. In addition to our booth, which featured a running presentation of Scitation®, we also hosted a twilight dinner and cruise for clients on San Francisco Bay as a token of our appreciation for their business. Attendees included representatives from APS, ASME, ASCE, EERI, SPIE, SEG, and SIAM.

Best in class
Eight students won the US Physics Team 2007 Topical Award in Crystallography. This new award honors the high school students who correctly answer a topical question presented by one of AIP's Member Societies. It offers a way for the many areas of physics to be introduced to these very bright, talented, and interested students.

Judy Flippen Anderson (ACA), Andy Lucas, Philip Streich and Haofei Wei. Photo courtesy of the AAPT

The American Crystallographic Association (ACA) provided questions used in the second round of exams taken by approximately 200 semi-finalists. The award consists of a certificate, and a year's free membership to the ACA. Andrew Wang of Sugarland, TX provided the best-written response to the question. Other winners include: Philip Streich, Platteville, WI, (also on the US Physics Team); Mark Shteyn, East Brunswick, NJ; Andrew Lucas, Los Angeles, CA, (also on the US Physics Team); Jason Hearne, San Antonio, TX; Kenneth Chu, East Brunswick, NJ; Gregory Brockman, Thompson, ND; and Haofei Wei, Broken Arrow, OK (also on the US Physics Team, and traveling to the International Physics Olympiad). See the AAPT U.S. Physics Team website for more information.

SRC begins new study
The Statistical Research Center (SRC) recently agreed to conduct a survey for five disciplinary societies and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. The SRC will survey a sample of approximately 1,200 departments in: history, religion, fine arts, linguistics, and modern language. The mail and web-based questionnaire will be sent to selected departments this fall.

The SRC is currently working with the steering committee on the questionnaire and the sample of departments. The SRC will collect data and deliver a cleaned data set at the end of the project in the spring of 2008. This project gives the SRC staff an opportunity to use their technical expertise in a new environment, while demonstrating that their knowledge of academe extends beyond the physical sciences. For more information, contact Roman Czujko.

Thea Cohen, Joan Palmisano, Barbara Vecchiarelli

The Melville Publishing Center held a luau-inspired annual employee picnic on June 14, 2007. All employees and retirees received a lei, their passport to a little taste of Hawaiian paradise. Everyone feasted on pineapple chicken, cilantro and lime shrimp, flank steak, and Hawaiian rice salad followed by summer fruit and novelty ice cream bars. Then the real fun began as employees competed in AIP's version of the "Price is Right", hosted by Fred (hey, we hear CBS is looking for Bob Barker's replacement). Congratulations to our contestant winners: Denise Uzeda, Wendy Marriott, Stephanie Finnegan, Susan Joy, Zita Murano, Joanne Dolce, Joan Summerfold and Liz Belmont.

CERF's up
As we prepare to enter the AIP budget cycle, please keep the IRM Committee in mind as a valuable resource when planning your capital and non-capital computer related budget. Each year, the IRM Committee receives over 100 Computer Equipment Request Forms, or CERFs. The Committee evaluates these requests based on the Computer Hardware and Software standards, the perceived needs of the individual departments, current trends in technology, and the AIP inventory as a whole. The IRM Committee welcomes your questions as you plan your computer related budget for 2008. Many departments within AIP have a representative on the IRM Committee; chances are you know more than one member personally. A complete list of members can be found on the BSO website.

American Crystallographic Society
The ACA was founded in 1949 to promote interactions among scientists who study the structure of matter at atomic or near atomic resolution. These interactions will advance experimental and computational aspects of crystallography and diffraction, and promote the study of the arrangements of atoms and molecules in matter and the nature of the forces that both control and result from them.

The total membership is about 2,700, including 650 non-US members. The ACA is the regional affiliate for the International Union of Crystallography and has developed an outreach or program to stimulate the growth of crystallographic infrastructure and education in Central and South America. Over one third of ACA members are female, and women are equally represented in leadership roles in the ACA governing body.

The ACA sponsors annual schools on crystallography and national meetings. There are 12 Special Interest Groups (SIG) concerned with Biological Macromolecules, Fiber Diffraction, General Interest, Industrial, Materials Science, Neutron Scattering, Powder Diffraction, Service Crystallography, Small Angle Scattering, Small Molecules, Synchrotron Radiation and Young Scientists. Each SIG is responsible for organizing sessions at annual meetings. The ACA headquarters is at the Hauptman-Woodward Institute, a modern state-of-the-art institute for structural biology.

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