H. Frederick DyllaDirector's Matters

As you read this issue of AIP Matters, AIP officers are meeting to review a 2008 budget that we will present to the Governing Board for approval in early November. Although the main responsibility for coordination and preparation of the budget rests with the Accounting Department, all AIP managers and directors, and many of their staff, work to prepare the budget. The AIP budget creation process begins each July and culminates with the Governing Board's approval in late October or early November. AIP's budget is in excess of $70 million, encompassing a wide range of products, services, and programs. This includes revenues of $34 million from AIP journals and expenditures for Physics Resources' programs of $12 million.

A properly prepared budget is a financial plan reflecting an organization's priorities and operational goals for the coming year. Underlying the budget numbers are assumptions about staffing levels, subscription rates and attrition, the number of journal pages to be published, the amount of advertising that will be sold, the level of activities in the Physics Resources Center, etc.

As we go through 2008, each business unit will receive monthly and quarterly financial reports that compare actual income and expenses to the budgeted amounts. This financial information coupled with operational data will help us determine whether we are achieving our goals. Where necessary, adjustments will be made to future plans and spending levels.

I want to thank all who worked so hard over the last few months to produce a budget that reflects our priorities.

Sincerely yours,


Working out at the G-Y-M
After Labor Day, a new "robot" or web crawler named Slurp began crawling the AIP Publishing website hosted on Scitation. Yahoo This web crawler is owned by Yahoo!. Once the crawling is completed, AIP journal and proceedings' content will be more findable via the Yahoo search engine. In fact, early results show that Yahoo! has already risen to the top 10 referring websites for AIP journal content in September. This process completes the indexing of our content by the big three web search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft Live!—known collectively by Outsell Inc. as the "GYM"). We anticipate this new web-searching source will result in thousands of referrals to our content each day. Once we are certain the process is working smoothly, we will offer it to our Scitation publishing partners so that their content can also be added to Yahoo! search indexes.

Journal renewal season is here!
The 2008 journal renewal season is underway. At the beginning of September, Circulation & Fulfillment began mailing out institutional—or library—renewal invoices, beginning with those subscriptions handled by third-party agents. Most libraries use agents to consolidate subscriptions from many publishers, so this represents a large segment of the renewals for AIP and our 17 fulfillment customers, and an important milestone in our annual renewal efforts.

Curly hair gets less tangled than straight hair
So you ask, "How is this a PRC matter?" AIP Media Relations produces Physics News Update, (PNU) a digest of physics news items arising from physics meetings, physics journals, newspapers and magazines, and other news sources. Subscriptions are free as a way of broadly disseminating information about physics and physicists. Get the physics angle on those tangles by visiting the PNU archives. Other recent PNU titles include: Ultrasound Warning Signal for Breast Cancer, Laser Icemaking, and Turning Heat Into Electricity Through Sound.

PTCN ranks number one on Google
Physics Today Career Network (PTCN) recently redesigned its website, www.physicstoday.org/jobs. For two years PTCN has consistently ranked second or third on Google. Google With the newly redesigned site, PTCN ranks number one. Want to see for yourself? Just go to Google and search for "physics jobs" or "physics careers." And while you're on the PTCN's site, check out the jobs and new features, which include career-development tools.
Physics Today Career Network
A quick search reveals that other AIP areas are also "on the platform:"

  • History Center #1 - search "physics history."
  • SPS #1- search "physics students"
  • PhysicsNews Update #2 - search "physics news"
  • AIPJournals #2 - search "physics journals"

Search for yourself and see how "visible" AIP is in popular search engines.

What ... me worry?
This time of year brings a number of factors that may affect your stress level: children's school performance and schedule, your and your family's expectations of the coming holiday season, changes in the weather as it turns colder and the days grow shorter, to name a few. Remember that AIP has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to help you cope with life's challenges. Inova EAP offers help in many areas, including child care, eldercare, personal growth, grief and loss, addictions, workplace stress, career development, financial concerns, legal resources, and many more. To contact Inova, call 1.800.346.0110 or TDD# (for the hearing impaired) 1.877.845.6465, or visit their website at www.inovaeap.com. If you require further assistance, contact any member of the Human Resources department.

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