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Scitation 2.0
Across the Institute, we share a common goal—to continually improve our products and services to meet the evolving needs of the individuals and organizations we serve. This fundamental goal was clear at last week's Scitation Partners meeting, held in Philadelphia, PA, where we introduced to our publishing partners plans to develop a next-generation Scitation Scitation (AIP's online publications platform), designed for the flexibility required to serve their needs—and those of our own publications—well into the future.

The overall project, dubbed Scitation 2.0, reflects our commitment to incorporate Web 2.0 features into the next-generation Scitation. It will improve the way scientists we serve research and share information. It will also provide our publishing partners with more flexible tools with which to serve their constituencies, giving them direct control as well as the high performance and reliability of a world-class online service.

An important part of the project is to deliver a web content management (WCM) system which will supply the infrastructure to display not only core research content, but also other supplementary content—a key requirement of many of our publishing partners. The enhanced Scitation platform will enable users to interact with online content: personalization, comments, sharing, and social networking.

Determined to bring continuous improvement to those we serve, a redesigned abstract view was introduced for the AIP-owned journals in mid-November, the first tangible improvement in the evolution of the project. Experience the new design by visiting recently published articles in the online versions of any of the AIP-owned journals. To gather feedback, a link to a user survey appears in the upper right-hand corner of each online abstract; feel free to share your comments with the project team through that link. Watch for periodic updates on Scitation 2.0 in the "Publishing Matters" section of this newsletter.

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Big step forward
Fulfillment Services has announced an important milestone in the 2008 subscription renewal season. Although renewal notices for the 2008 renewal season were mailed starting in late August, unofficially the renewal season does not set in until the first agency's files hit the Marketing and Fulfillment Services Division. That milestone was reached with the receipt of the first EBSCO file of electronic orders. Subscription agents are generally selected by the libraries/institutions as a way to consolidate their order processing. While AIP deals with 300 or more individual agencies during the course of a normal renewal season, there are only a handful of agencies that account for roughly 80% of all agency orders.

You Tube AIP supports video contest and congressional briefing
The Task Force on American Innovation, a group of science supporters in Congress, industry and science associations, held a briefing on "Sputnik in the YouTube Age." AIP manages the Task Force's website, recently announcing the winners of the Task Force's YouTube contest to support federally-funded research. AIP's GR staff attended the briefing, arranged by APS, to hear the first African American female astronaut, Mae Jemison, and other luminaries speak and to see the YouTube contest prize awarded.

A crushing defeat
'crushed the Tigers' with the power of air pressure (reported by Sigma Pi Sigma President, Ann Viano)
The Rhodes College SPS Chapter conducted a half-time physics show at a recent home football game (Rhodes Lynx vs. DePauw University Tigers). They literally "crushed the Tigers" with the power of air pressure (see photo—the word "TIGERS" is written on the barrel). SPS chapter vice president Michael Towle compared the power of air pressure to that of five mighty Rhodes Lynx football players. He had the whole crowd chanting, "Crush the Tigers!"

Unfortunately, SPS had more success against the Tigers that day than their football team. The top frame of the photo is one second before the implosion; the bottom frame is one second after. Reaction from our college administrators: only at a liberal arts college can you have a physics show during half-time of a football game and make it seem normal.

The perfect turkey
Even if you do not win today's turkey raffle, there is a good chance that a turkey dinner is in your near future. Perhaps you will also be the one who is responsible for cooking that scrumptious bird. Maybe a maple-roasted turkey with sage butter or a deep-fried turkey would impress the family and friends. For recipes and ideas, visit the Food Network. To find the suggestions listed in this article, from the home page click on the link "Turkey recipes, calculators, brining and carving" under the section topic "Turkey Day Toolkit." Congratulations to our winners. Happy Thanksgiving!

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