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H. Frederick DyllaDirector's Matters

Last week, I attended Online Information 2007 at the Olympia Grand Exhibition Center in London. This world's leading event for online content and information management solutions is considered the most important meeting of the year for STM publishers and other online information providers. Held for the 31st consecutive year in London, the event attracted a crowd of more than 300 exhibitors, 200 speakers (at the conference that accompanies the exhibition) and more than 10,000 attendees from over 40 countries worldwide.

AIP has had a presence at this important meeting every year since 1994, when Tim Ingoldsby exhibited with a few CD-ROMs of AIP publications (and lots of books and print journals to decorate the booth). Tim also demonstrated AIP's first online journal Applied Physics Letters Online, which was launched on Online Computer Library Center's experimental Electronic Journals Online platform later that month, becoming the world's first full-text searchable, fully hyperlinked online physics journal. The meeting has grown substantially in recent years and is now held in the Olympia Grand Hall—where the storied horse jumping show takes place just a few weeks later, once all the servers and networks have been moved out, and the dirt has been trucked in.

Over the years, the meeting has weathered a few storms—the "dot-com bust" in 2000 and the economic after-effects of 9/11 in 2001—but attendance remains strong. AIP participation in the show has grown to a team of 11 Sales, Marketing, and Online Services staff, plus six representatives from four Scitation Participating Publishers. The event serves as a branding occasion for the Scitation service, and a large booth is used for this purpose [photo]. It is here that we launched Scitation in 2003 as the replacement for our original Online Journal Publishing Service.

It is useful to observe changes in the exhibiting companies and featured products as these tend to foreshadow emerging trends within the information industry. For example, this meeting was among the first to be blogged some five years ago, and now blogs are everywhere. Two years ago, many new exhibitors were featuring widgets and other social networking tools. This year services implementing these tools were all over the exhibit floor, including AIP's journals, on the newly redesigned Scitation user interface.

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Publishing Services completes major upgrade
XPPPublishing services completed the upgrade of its Xyvision system, from version 7.3 to 8.1. The upgrade was undertaken to take advantage of several new features, including an improved environment for font handling and true support for Unicode. (Unicode is an encoding standard which provides the basis for processing, storage, and interchange of text data in any language in all modern software and information technology protocols.) This upgrade also enables the implementation of a customer requirement to include, when applicable, CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) characters within author names. An additional benefit is the ability to import native PDF graphics files.

Physics Today coverPhysics Today rates high on Thomson Impact Factor
Physics Today (PT) delivers original articles and timely news on groundbreaking research in physics and related sciences. The magazine enjoys the highest Thomson Scientific Impact Factor of any AIP publication: 5.839 in 2006. Thomson is a third party whose journal "impact factor" is a well-respected journal-ranking mechanism. Physics Today ranked 13th out of 297 physics journals and 5th out of 69 journals in the multidisciplinary physics category. That's doubly impressive given that Physics Today publishes only about 40 articles per year.

Physics Today, as a benefit of membership in the AIP Member Societies, is distributed to more than 125,000 individuals in 151 countries, with 35,000 subscribers living outside of North America. In addition, the magazine is purchased by more than 2,400 libraries worldwide. Besides up-to-date editorial content, PT has product and classified-job advertising both in print and on the web.

Travel discounts from AIP
AIP offers a discount from Enterprise Rent-A-Car that you can use for either business or pleasure. For your convenience, Enterprise has free pick-up and delivery of vehicles from any local location. You can make reservations online or call direct (1-800-736-8222). Use account code #24AA449 to apply the discount.

AIP is also a member of Club Quarters, a private, full-service hotel network for member organizations. You can receive substantially discounted member rates at its hotels for business or pleasure in many locations, including New York, Washington DC, Boston, San Francisco, London, etc. To make reservations, go to and use the password "AIP."

Now, is that P.C.?
Is a new computer on your holiday wish list? The PCs approved in the 2008 Budget have been purchased a little early. There is more than a sleigh full, as you can see from this picture of Andy Jack, Romeo Santiago and Ron Tadeo standing in front of a wall of PC boxes. Technical staff in Melville and at ACP will be almost as busy as Santa's elves in the coming weeks, setting up and configuring the units.

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