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Leadership changeover
Last week, with the long-awaited 2008 US presidential election, we witnessed the start of an important transition in the executive branch of the federal government. The new administration faces tremendous challenges, on both the domestic and global fronts, which will call for strong leadership from the president and other government officials, as well as from certain individuals in the private sector. In government, and within some notable companies in the past two months, transitions in leadership can be abrupt with consequent risks to organization. AIP has fared well in its recent leadership transitions because of its careful selection process and the flexibility of the incumbents. Last Wednesday evening, during the AIP Governing Board's fall meeting, the board recognized the contributions of two dedicated AIP officers who are retiring in 2008: Jim Stith, Vice President, Physics Resources Center, and Darlene Walters, Senior Vice President, Publishing. AIP was fortunate to have had these dedicated leaders who not only brought tremendous personal energy to their jobs but also gave AIP sufficient time to find highly qualified successors.

In Jim Stith's case the transition is now complete. Cathy O'Riordan, formerly from the Joint Oceanographic Institute and AGU, succeeded Jim on September 2. I realize how lucky AIP is to have Cathy, and I look forward to a long and productive collaboration with her and her PRC colleagues.

The Governing Board also honored Darlene Walters 29-year tenure with AIP, 17 years of which she spent as the head of AIP Publishing. Darlene oversaw the full transition of AIP from a print publisher to its current position as a leading online content provider in the physical sciences. Again, AIP appreciated that Darlene announced her retirement with sufficient notice to allow a comprehensive search for a candidate with similar business acumen and a wide breadth of skills, from technology to outreach to global partners and customers.

John S. Haynes As a result of an international search process that began last April, John S. Haynes will become Vice President, Publishing, in early 2009. John began his career as a research chemist with a PhD from the University of British Columbia, followed by a distinguished postdoctoral fellowship at Oxford sponsored by the Canadian National Research Council. Then, he made a transition to scientific publishing. John spent 17 years at the Institute of Physics Publishing (IOPP) in Bristol, UK, serving from 1992 to 2001 as publisher of an impressive suite of physics journals published by the IOPP, and from 2001 to 2007 as head of Business Development. For the last two years, John has been the editorial director of the Royal Society of Chemistry, where he has been implementing the organization's five-year plan that includes new journal development and the establishment of international offices. Along the way, John earned an MBA, honed his skills in a whole array of business models for scientific publishing, and led efforts in international outreach. The staff and management of the AIP Publishing Center who had the opportunity to interview John are very excited about the appointment. Even though many may be looking toward 2009 with some trepidation, given the magnitude of the national and global transitions, I see tremendous opportunity for AIP and its Member Societies because of these transitions and the caliber of the incoming leadership.



Diane Brzozowski, Barbara Carbonaro, Susann Brailey, and Debbie Gilde Taking advantage of face time
In late October, members of Melville's Production Operations and Editorial Operations staff met to conduct mini-tutorials for 11 editorial support staff members from the remote AIP Journal editorial offices. The AIP Journal staff—who coordinate the peer-review process for the AIP-owned journals and interact with authors and reviewers on a daily basis—were in town to attend the annual Peer X-Press Users Group meeting. The mini-tutorials included overviews of rights and permissions, metadata for accepted manuscripts, acceptable file formats for author-supplied graphics, and editorial-office portals to the production process. The half-day session also included a demo of Production's web-based workflow tool. (Pictured are the mini-tutorial presenters, from left to right, Diane Brzozowski, Barbara Carbonaro, Susann Brailey, and Debbie Gilde.)

AIP's TV partners meet in College Park
DBIS logo
The coalition of partners for AIP's popular TV news feed program, Discoveries and Breakthroughs Inside Science, met at the American Center for Physics on Monday, October 27. Partners discussed how they use the program for reporting, educational, member recruitment, and promotional purposes. The DBIS team presented the latest statistics for its segments' use—43 million views per month for TV viewership, and an additional 30 million plus viewers on the Web. Recent additions to the subscriber base include the following international TV networks: Middle East Broadcasting Company and Voice of America. Ivanhoe Broadcast News, a DBIS TV production partner, described the most used types of stories and reported enthusiastic comments from the subscribers.

PTCN promotes PTCN staff members Justin Stewart (left, back row) and Bonnie Feldman (fourth from left, back row) with AVS staff AVS job board at fall meeting
From October 21–23, Physics Today Career Network (PTCN) promoted its AVS Career Center online job board at the AVS 55th International Symposium and Exhibition in Boston. PTCN staff used the PT prize wheel—outfitted with AVS Career Center giveaways—to attract exhibitors and educate them about the service. PTCN treated AVS staff to dinner Tuesday evening as a thank-you for joining the network in 2003. PTCN plans to host similar exhibits for its APS and AAPT career centers at upcoming meetings.

Free money
Now that we have your attention, let us remind you of some benefits that may save you money. For benefit-eligible employees, AIP offers a tuition assistance program that can save you as much as $4,500 for undergraduate and $5,000 for graduate degree tuition expenses. You can also save money by joining tax-deferred plans such as Flexible Spending Accounts or the Supplemental Retirement Annuity Plan [403(b)]. Use mass transit, and AIP's transportation fringe benefit program, to cut your gas and commuting expenses. All employees are eligible to get fit for free with AIP's on-site fitness centers. And for when you need to let loose, AIP offers discounts for hotels, shows, amusement parks, and more through a variety of vendors. Contact Human Resources for more details on these programs or other money-saving benefits that are available to you.


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