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November marks milestones for Member Societies, AIP media services and publications
November brought the first flurries of winter and a snowfall of activity for AIP, in support of Member Society meetings and in celebration of milestones for two prestigious journals.

The Acoustical Society of America (ASA) held its annual meeting November 10-14 in Miami, FL. AIP continued a proud tradition of providing media services for this meeting and worked closely with ASA to create a virtual press room that contains multiple meeting news releases and more than two dozen lay-language papers. AIP promoted ASA research to local, national, and international reporters, and these efforts led to extensive coverage from many print and electronic media outlets, including Science News, New Scientist, Discovery News (the online portal of the Discovery channel), National Geographic, and the Toronto Star.

AIP also has a long history of providing media services for the APS March and April meetings, but this year marked the first time we extended our services to an individual APS division. Collaborating with APS members and staff, AIP media relations staff created a virtual press room for the 61st APS Division of Fluid Dynamics (DFD) meeting November 23–25 in San Antonio, TX. This press room contains stunning images, videos, news releases, and about ten lay-language papers. These efforts led to extensive coverage of fluid dynamics research in outlets such as Scientific American, New Scientist, the San Antonio Express-News, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and the New York Times.

The San Antonio meeting also marked a milestone in scientific publishing for AIP and APS as it coincided with the 50th anniversary of AIP's journal Physics of Fluids, which is published monthly with the cooperation of APS's Division of Fluid Dynamics (DFD). The journal is devoted to the publication of original theoretical, computational, and experimental contributions to the dynamics of gases, liquids, and complex or multiphase fluids. The January 2008 issue of Physics of Fluids commemorated the journal's half-century mark with two articles: one retrospective by AIP's former journal publisher John T. Scott on the journal's founding, and the other, an editorial by current co-editors John Kim and L. Gary Leal, which places the journal's distinguished past in perspective with future plans.

For the first time, a journal-branded Physics of Fluids (PoF) booth was used at this year's DFD meeting and attracted many visitors. Among the festive giveaways, created in honor of the journal's 50th anniversary, were reprints of the Gallery of Fluid Motion from the journal's September 2008 issue and a 2009 Physics of Fluids calendar that highlights past Gallery winners. At the awards ceremony, PoF presented DFD with a $10,000 check —the first installment of a multiyear grant from this AIP journal to sponsor student travel to the DFD annual meeting, encouraging young scientists to enter this vibrant field.

PoP editor Ron Davidson and assistant editor Sandy Schmidt at the PoP booth. Physics of Plasmas (PoP) made a splash at the 50th anniversary meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics (DPP) in Dallas, TX, by giving away more than 800 booklets that highlight high-impact papers published in PoP and its predecessors over 50 years. Take a few moments to browse the online version of this publication, created by the journal editors in honor of DPP's half-century mark. The Division of Plasma Physics also chose the occasion to honor PoP editor Ronald C. Davidson with DPP's most prestigious prize —the James Clerk Maxwell Prize for Plasma Physics.

Next stop: AGU. The American Geophysical Union will hold its 2008 winter meeting December 15–19 in San Francisco. This mega-meeting attracts nearly 15,000 participants yearly, and AIP will be there in full force.



Mark Logic digital publishing summit
Mark Logic logo In early November, members of Publishing Technology and Online Services attended the Mark Logic Digital Publishing Summit in New York City. Several key members of Mark Logic technical, sales, and management teams were available for discussion and feedback. The summit featured keynote speakers who gave presentations related to the future of digital publishing, the Web 2.0 industry, agile rights management, B2B (business-to-business) publishing, and more. The summit provided valuable information and insight into the current and future trends and opportunities within the digital publishing industry. More detail related to this article and other items of interest can be found in The Technology Blog.

Physics Trends flyer If I could do it over again, I would still major in physics
More than 80% of physics bachelor's degree recipients who were surveyed in 2005 and 2006, regardless of employment or degree aspirations, affirmed that they would still major in physics if they had the opportunity to be undergraduates again. As you might expect, the percentage increases among those who have secured employment or those who are pursuing advanced degrees.  These statistics are brought to you by AIP's Statistical Research Center and are included in their latest set of Physics Trends flyers. Physics Trends depict education and employment trends that are of interest to undergraduate and graduate students. You can find and download the latest flyers as well as those produced over the last seven years at the SRC website.

All systems go!
Earlier this month, staff from the Melville Publishing Center traveled to IBM Sterling Forest for our largest disaster recovery exercise to date. The PeerXPress (PXP) systems, Scitation, and Production Operations were restored together to rigorously test the various integration points between these services. The 60-hour exercise was handled in three phases. The first two days were devoted to restoration, with staff from Business Systems, Publishing Technology, and PXP working in unison to meet goals within a tight time frame: The first day, staff worked 20 hours straight to bring up servers and restore more than 5 terabytes of data. Day two focused on the systems and services that support the overall production process. Thanks go to AIP treasurer and CFO Richard Baccante who observed the progress of the exercise and treated everyone to a well-deserved dinner. On the final day, end-user staff from Online Services, PXP, and Production Operations tested their respective environments to ensure that the restored services worked as expected.

In the end, the data were restored in record time, applications were configured efficiently, and files were passed successfully between PXP, Production Operations, and Scitation. The end-user testers gave the overall environment their seal of approval. A huge round of applause for all of the staff who worked so hard to make this exercise a success—Bravo!


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