Happy New Year!

H. Frederick DyllaDirector's Matters

I hope all of you had an enjoyable holiday season. With the start of the new year, it is difficult to avoid the reminders from the mass media that we should all take stock of our professional and personal accomplishments during the past year and set our sights on the goals for the new year. At the risk of boring you with another contribution to this annual ritual, I offer the following accounting for AIP and our customers.

It was a good year for the Institute and our Member Societies despite a downturn in the world economy and negative developments in the U.S. science funding arena. AIP will complete 2007 with a positive balance of just under $2M on an approximate $75M operating budget. Despite the intense pressures in scientific publishing, our Publishing Center had a very successful year, primarily due to a growing number of international consortia subscribing to our journals and the lowest attrition rate (~0.1%) in subscriptions in recent history, and another healthy year for conference proceedings.

Our approved operating and capital budgets for 2008 include funds for a major multi-year upgrade of Scitation—our platform for online hosting of more than 170 journals. We have already introduced the first of many incremental upgrades including a totally revamped "landing" page for AIP journals with improved functionality and connectivity to Web 2.0 tools.

The Physics Resources Center also had a good year serving our Member and Affiliated society customers. AIP Media Relations distributed approximately 200 news releases and news stories covering all 10 Member Societies in 2007. The Statistical Research Center released several key reports on the health of our discipline including the good news that undergraduate physics major enrollments have increased by nearly 40% since 2000. Discoveries and Breakthroughs in Science is now supported by more than 20 partner organizations. AIP's Government Relations team facilitated Member Society visits to Capitol Hill and raised visibility of scientific issues in Congress. Physics Today Career Network achieved the distinction of ranking first on Google searches for "physics jobs." The Education Division stepped up its role in undergraduate research, securing a grant with NASA for the SPS internship program, and bringing thousands of physics students to The Nucleus to apply for summer research positions. And AIP's Center for History of Physics and the Niels Bohr Library & Archives continue to serve as the worldwide resource for scholarship in history of physics.

I thank all staff, the Governing Board, and the Advisory and Liaison Committee members who helped develop and review the three-year strategic plans for AIP's Publishing Center and Physics Resources Center. The documents were major accomplishments, and they will be used as working documents in the coming years.

Significant challenges await us as the physical sciences community faces the year-end disappointment—the Federal Government's failure to fund the American Competitiveness Initiative at the proposed levels—and the rapidly evolving changes in the economics of journal publishing. I have enjoyed working with all of you in 2007. Together we can embrace and overcome challenges in 2008.

Sincerely yours,


Reaching out at MRS Meeting
MRS Meeting Representatives from AIP's Marketing group attended the Fall 2007 Materials Research Society conference in Boston, MA. With over 4,000 attendees at this Affiliated Society conference, this was an excellent opportunity to speak with readers and authors, and answer questions regarding AIP's publications. Visitors to AIP's booth received updated information on submitting articles to AIP's journals (including the details of Author Select, AIP's open-access option), the Scitopia.org (vertical search engine), and the availability of online access to Physics Today. AIP staff also encouraged visitors to take a look at the newly redesigned abstracts in the AIP journals, which incorporate many Web 2.0 features.

AIP's new Director of Business Development
Terry Hulbert AIP welcomes Terry Hulbert, its new Director of Business Development, upon his relocation to AIP this week, after spending 13 years most recently as Head of e-Development & Strategy at the Institute of Physics Publishing (IOPP). Hulbert reports to Tim Ingoldsby, whose new title is Director of Strategic Initiatives & Publisher Relations, on the staff of Senior Vice President of Publishing, Darlene Walters. Terry assumes responsibility for a range of relationships, established by Tim, with document suppliers, copyright organizations, and other content purveyors. He will work closely with Tim and others on strategic initiatives such as Scitopia.org, Scitation 2.0, and other major projects.

Physics News Update names top physics stories of the year
Top Story Top StoryAn extremely popular feature of Physics News Update, AIP's breaking physics research news service, is the annual list of the top 10 physics stories of the year. It has been covered in the San Francisco Chronicle and in USA Today (U.S. daily paper with the largest circulation.) Read the top physics picks, including string and passing on slowed light between Bose Einstein Condensates, pursuing the elusive Higgs particle, using a laser to cool a very small object, and the best test ever of Newton's second law.

New Year—new pay stub!
ADP Paystatments Beginning with the New Year, you have new information in your pay stub. This is the best time to check if the benefit plans, Supplemental Retirement Plan deductions, direct deposit amounts, etc., you decided upon for 2008 are reflected correctly on your pay stub. Simply log into the Employease Network and click on the "IPay – ADP" under "Company Guide" menu to view your pay stub. If you have any concerns or find that something should be changed, please contact Laura Cannillo (Melville) or Janet Wehrenberg (College Park).

AAPM's 50th Anniversary
AAPM's 50th Anniversary The American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) is proud to announce that it is celebrating 50 years of service this year! During this exceptional year, we are asking members to honor the past, celebrate the present, and prepare for the future.

There will be numerous commemorative projects, activities, and events taking place throughout 2008. The first event will be the launch of our newly redesigned website. Many new features have been added to the website to provide a tribute to our members. We invite you to take a look and learn a little about our history!

Additionally, Medical Physics, our journal, will play a prominent role in the 50th anniversary year-long celebration. Every issue published in the Anniversary year will have an article devoted to historical reviews and reviews of special topics intended to recognize this special time.

We will have many extraordinary events taking place during our Annual Meeting in Houston, TX, including a service project with the Houston Food Bank, a gala reception at the Houston Hilton, and much more! Please visit the AAPM 50th Annual Meeting website for additional information. Join us to celebrate!

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