Monday, March 22, 2010
H. Frederick Dylla

Director's Matters

By H. Frederick Dylla, Executive Director & CEO

AIP opens China office

AIP: Global, Inc. logo After months of preparations, AIP Publishing opened a new office in Beijing, China, under the banner, "AIP Global." John Haynes, vice president of AIP Publishing, and Mark Cassar, publisher of AIP Journals and Technical Publications, have invested considerable time and energy in setting up AIP operations in China. The office is well situated in Beijing's "Golden Triangle," which comprises leading universities and major scientific institutes such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, and the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. To head this office, AIP hired Xingtao Ai, a PhD physicist with six years of experience at Science in China Press, a top Chinese publishing house. Ai will promote AIP publications, products, and services to the Chinese scientific community and help AIP develop relationships with key academic and government organizations. To further engage the community, AIP will increase the number of scientists from China who serve on AIP Journals' editorial boards, hold seminars for Chinese scientists (particularly graduate students) aiming to publish their research in Western journals, and eventually explore the development of new joint publications. You can find more information in the March 11 press release.

Zhou Xu and Zhu Zhenxi of the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences stand beside CSTARS, a small telescope they installed at Antarctica’s Dome A to test the site’s suitability for remote observing. This photo, which accompanied Charles Day’s article in Physics Today, is courtesy of Wang Lifan of Texas A&M University. The market for scholarly publishing has grown exponentially in China over the last 10 years, from about 20,000 papers published in 1998 to nearly 112,000 papers by 2008. China now ranks third worldwide in gross expenditure on research and development, just behind the United States and Japan. Also, in recent years, the scientific community in China has become more interactive internationally, expanding its regional collaborations, and reaching out to communities beyond its traditional partners to help their knowledge development. AIP sees a great opportunity in China, to serve the Chinese physicists and advance our discipline and collective knowledge of physics. In the March issue of Physics Today (page 33), senior editor Charles Day presents a feature article, "Physics in China," which tells more about the rise of physics in China and offers insights on the historical, political, and social contexts surrounding its growth.

AIP has been doing business internationally for many years. We have excellent partnerships in Japan and Europe, and have recently taken steps to make our journal content more accessible to scientists in the developing world. The new China office is AIP's first international office and the first step in AIP Publishing's global expansion strategy. The grand opening for the AIP Global office in Beijing is slated for June 17.

Publishing Matters

Migration to Scitation C³

C3 banner

In the February 16 issue of AIP Matters, AIP Publishing drew attention to the impending launch of the Scitation C³ next-generation hosting platform. It's official: "Liftoff" occurred last week with the migration of AIP's 12 archival journals, which will be followed over the next few months by all Scitation publications. As stated in the press release, "Central to the implementation is an agile development environment utilizing a new Mark Logic content server and Polopoly web content management system. With these systems in place, AIP has infused its journals with an XML-enabled functionality that few other STM publishers can match." Director of Online Publishing Paul DeCillis remarked, "This is a significant milestone for us, as it marks the culmination of many, many months of work to re-imagine the Scitation platform from the ground up. We recognize that today's researchers have less time to spend per article…. The new websites have significantly reduced discovery and reading time by exposing content components in the XML." To learn more about the enhanced tools and functionality, see the press release.

PRC Matters

HoPE makes progress

The History of Physics Entrepreneurship (HoPE)—a study by the Niels Bohr Library and Archives, and the Center for History of Physics—is approaching its first anniversary, and staff members have completed 50 interviews with company founders and other physicists at more than 30 startups. The companies cover a wide variety of specialties and stretch from Boston and the Research Triangle to Silicon Valley and the Pacific Northwest, with Tucson and Phoenix in between. We will turn to the Midwest next, but in the meantime staff members are concentrating on transcribing and coding the completed interviews to analyze our initial results and fine-tune strategies for the remainder of the study. Some tentative findings include the following:

  • Lab notebooks, a primary source for documenting science, are far more commonly used in startups than in the large high-tech companies in our earlier study.
  • Patent costs, which can range from $10,000 to $60,000, are a major obstacle for startups.
  • Startups are generally a low-risk undertaking for academic physicists.
  • Research versus development shows a cyclical pattern in startups.
  • Physicists in startups have a wide network of contacts, in contrast to the scientists that we interviewed in large companies.

E-mail Orv Butler with questions or comments; suggestions of companies to include in the study are welcome.

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