Members of the AIP Governing Board 2014-2015

* Identifies Members of the 2014 Executive Committee

*Louis J. Lanzerotti, Chair
*H. Frederick Dylla, Executive Director
*Judith Flippen-Anderson, Corporate Secretary

Acoustical Society of America

Judy Dubno (2017)
*Marcia Isakson (2016)
Scott Sommerfeldt (2015)

American Association of Physicists in Medicine

*J. Daniel Bourland (2017)
Bruce H. Curran (2015)
Angela R. Keyser (2017)

American Association of Physics Teachers

*Beth Cunningham (2016)
Steve Iona (2016)
Mary Mogge (2017)
Gay Stewart (2015)

American Astronomical Society

G. Fritz Benedict (2016)
*Kevin B. Marvel (2017)
Hervey (Peter) Stockman (2015)

American Crystallographic Association

*Charles Carter (2016)

American Meteorological Society

Jonathan Malay (2017)
*Dian Seidel (2017)
Keith Seitter (2017)
H. Joe Witte (2017)

American Physical Society

Samuel Aronson (2016)
Malcolm R. Beasley (2015)
*Kate Kirby (2017)
Homer Neal (2017)
Joseph Serene (2015)
Gene Sprouse (2016)
Michael Turner (2017)

AVS - The Science & Technology Society

*Rudolf Ludeke (2016)
Neal Shinn (2017)

Optical Society of America

*Michael D. Duncan (2015)
Janet Fender (2017)
Paul L. Kelley (2015)
Elizabeth A. Rogan (2017)

The Society of Rheology

*Faith Morrison (2017)

Elected At Large

Robert Doering (2016)
David Ernst (2015)

AIP Officers Named by the Governing Board

Gigi Swartz
Terri Braun
Catherine O’Riordan