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Computers in Physics

Portable Document Format Articles

Computers in Physics makes selected articles from its Magazine Section available on the Web in Portable Document Format (PDF). These articles appear in virtually the same form as they do in the printed publication.

Reading PDF documents requires the freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The following articles are currently available as PDF documents on the Web:

Issue Author Title Pages
Mar/Apr 94 Stefan Zollner "Selecting an Operating System, Part I: OS/2 2.X" 152-160
Nov/Dec 98 Farid F. Abraham, Jeremy Q. Broughton, Noam Bernstein, & Efthimios Kaxiras "Spanning the Length Scales in Dynamic Simulation" 538-546
Nov/Dec 98 Dennis Donnelly "CIP's Ninth Annual Software Contest: The Winers" 556-564
Sept/Oct 98 Joel Koplik and Jayanth R. Banavar "Physics of Fluids at Low Reynolds Numbers--A Molecular Approach" 424-431
Jul/Aug 98 Steven H. Langer "A Comparison of Floating-Point Performance of Current Computers" 338-345
Jul/Aug 98 Mark Becker "The Structure, Stability, and Dynamics of Self-Gravitating Systems" (Online Textbook by Joel Tohline, Louisiana State University 320-321
May/Jun 98 Rubin H. Landau, Hans Kowallik, and Manuel Páez "Web-Enhanced Undergraduate Course and Book for Computational Physics" 240-247
Mar/Apr 98 Daryl Armstrong, Ian Llanas, Frank Russo, and Jeffrey R. Schmidt "Visualization of Electromagnetic Fields Using Awk" 159-165
Jan/Feb 98 Steve Bryson "Visualization '97 Brings New Technical Developments" 53-58
Jan/Feb 98 Charles Ferguson
et al.
"Long-Range Earthquake Fault Models" 34-40
Nov/Dec 97 Paul Dubois "Is Java for Scientific Programming?" 611-17
Sep/Oct 97 Han-Wei Shen "Using Line-Integral Convolution to Visualize Dense Vector Fields" 474-78
Jul/Aug 97 N. Sanjay Rebello "Designing Interactive Web Pages Using ActiveX" 317-22
May/Jun 97 Steve Bryson "Time, Data-Time, and Real-Time Interactive Visualization" 270-74
Mar/Apr 97 Dean and Kevin Zollman "Posting Physics Documents on the Web" 133-37
Jan/Feb 97 Martinez-Jimenez et al. "Interactive Physics Simulations Appeal to First-Year Students" 31-35

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