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Computers in Physics

Comprehensive Index: Volumes 1-12



1991 Directory of Physics Courseware: 5 (1), 71

Abbott, Hilton
Physics Homework Management: Using HyperCard to Generate Individualized Problem Sets: 8 (2), 166

Abbott, Paul C.
See Rowe, Alistair C. H.
See Wang, Jing B.

Abelson, Harold, and Nancy Forbes
Amorphous Computing: 12 (6), 520

Abraham, Farid F., Jeremy Q. Broughton, Noam Bernstein, and Efthimios Kaxiras
Spanning the Length Scales in Dynamic Simulation: 12 (6), 538

ACA Meeting Includes Computing Sessions: 6 (3), 225

Acacio de Barros, J.
See Ravaglia, Raymond

Adams, Barry G., and Gustavo A. Arteca
Symbolic computation of energy perturbation expansions for spherically symmetric hydrogenic systems: 8 (3), 343

Adler, Joan
See Kidan, T.
See Silverman, Amihai
Series Expansions: 8 (3), 287

Agosto, F. J.
See Esteban, E. P.

Aguirregabiria, J. M., A. Hernández, and M. Rivas
Are We Careful Enough When Using Computer Algebra?: 8 (1), 56

Aguirregabiria, J.M., A. Hernandez, M. Rivas, and M. A. Valle
On the equilibrium configuration of point charges placed on an ellipse: 4 (1), 60

Akyildiz, Yilmaz
Parametric curve fitting: an alternative to Lagrange interpolation and splines: 8 (6), 722

Al-Beteri, A. A., and D. E. Raeside
A Monte Carlo electron transport code for the desktop computer: 6 (6), 633

Ala-Nissila, T.
See Vattulainen, I.

Alda, Witold, Witold Dzwinel, Jacek Kitowski, Jacek Moscinski, Marek Pogoda, and David A. Yuen
Complex fluid-dynamical phenomena modeled by large-scale molecular-dynamics
simulations: 12 (6), 595

Alex, Michael, and Jason Crain
Mean-field analysis on the Macintosh: 5 (2), 193

Alexander, David J.
See Cary, John R.

Alexander, P., and L. F. Gladden
How to Create an X-Window Interface to Gnuplot and Fortran Programs Using the Tcl/Tk Toolkit: 9 (1), 57

Alexander,  Francis J., and Alejandro L. Garcia
The Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method: 11 (6), 588

Alexis, Dominique
Calendar Section and Issue Previews Go on Our Web Page: 9 (1), 22
CIP's Home Page Gets a Facelift: 9 (4), 371
CIP's Web Site Now Lets You Search Interactively: 9 (3), 259
Here's What You Can Find on Our Web Page: 10 (1), 16
More Offered from CIP's Home Page: 9 (5), 481
More Product Information by Telnet and the World Wide Web: 9 (2), 138
New Attractions: Spec Sheets for New Products and Internet Goldmines: 8 (6), 640
New This Issue: Advance Program, Author Guidelines, and 100 More New Products: 8 (4), 397
New This Issue: Web Link to CIP Online & Reader Survey Report: 8 (5), 511
Web Site Update: 9 (6), 583

Alexopoulos, P. S.
See Giles, R.

Alley, W. Edward
See Still, Charles H.

Alliant to Ship Second-Generation Minisupercomputers: 2 (2), 96

Allodi, G., and R. Coïsson
Reflection and propagation of waves in one-dimensional quasi-periodic structures: 10 (4), 385

Amala, Paul A. K., and Garry H. Rodrigue
Programming Models for Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamics on the CM-5 (Part 1): 8 (2), 181
Programming Models for Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamics on the CM-5 (Part 2): 8 (3), 300

Ambrosini, Roberto
See Caporaloni, Marina

Andersen, David M.
See Sherwood, Bruce Arne

Andersen, David R.
See Regan, Jeffrey J.

Anderson, Dana Z.
Optical Systems That Imitate Human Memory: 3 (2), 19

Anderson, David V., Alan R. Fry, Ralf Gruber, and Alexandre Roy
Gigaflop speed algorithm for the direct solution of large block-tridiagonal systems in 3-D physics applications: 3 (2), 33

Anderson, David, and Elaine Oran
Highlights of Physics Computing '91: 5 (5), 455

Anderson, John
See Jacob, Robert

Anderson, Ronald K.
See Pickett, Robert C.

Andrew, Keith, and Charles G. Fleming
Space-time geometries characterized by solutions to the geodesic equations: 6 (5), 498

Andricioaei, Ioan, and John E. Straub
Finding the Needle in the Haystack: Algorithms for Conformal Optimization: 10 (5), 449

Antonelli, G.A., and Wolfgang Christian
Visualizing the Quantized Electromagnetic Field: 10 (3), 243

Aref, Hassan, Scott W. Jones, and Oran M. Thomas
Computing Particle Motions In Fluid Flows: 2 (6), 22

Argyrakis, Panos
Simulation of Diffusion-Controlled Chemical Reactions: 6 (5), 525

Arielli, Rami
See DeHaven, William

Arizpe, Humberto
See Morales-Acevedo, A.

Armstrong, Daryl, Ian Llanas, Frank Russo, and Jeffrey R. Schmidt
Visualization of Electromagnetic Fields Using Awk: 12 (2), 159

Arndt, Richard A., and L. David Roper
PC Software Adds Color To Physics Lectures: 2 (2), 62
Scattering in a spherical potential: Motion of complex-plane poles and zeros: 3 (2), 65

Arnold, Clifford N.
Methods for performance evaluation of algorithms and computers: 4 (5), 514

Aronson, J. W.
CHAOS: A SUN-based program for analyzing chaotic systems: 4 (4), 408

Arteca, Gustavo A.
See Adams, Barry G.

Ashktorab, K.
See Bajema, J.

Atkinson, J. Dudley, and David D. Cleary
A technique for modeling interference patterns from two-beam interferometers: 8 (4), 462

Au, Yuklun
See Holmes, Mark H.

Aubrecht, Gordon J.
Book review: The Excel Spreadsheet for Engineers and Scientists, by Irvin H. Kral: 7 (1), 35
Book review: Quattro Pro for Scientific and Engineering Spreadsheets, by Robert G. Parks: 7 (1), 35
Book review: Spreadsheet Physics, by Charles Misner and Patrick Cooney: 7 (1), 35

Ayala, G. F.
See Migliore, M.


Baba, Mamoru
See Nishidate, Kazue

Backstrom, Gunnar
Curve fitting by Lagrange interpolation: 7 (2), 213
Learning About Wave Mechanics by FEA on a PC: 10 (5), 444
PDEase2 Solves Partial Differential Equations Flexibly Using Finite Elements Analysis: 8 (2), 185

Bacon, Ben
A More Efficient Monte Carlo: 3 (2), 14
APS TGCP and CIP Cosponsor Conference: 4 (3), 226
Alaska Satellite Imaging Center To Study Polar Ice Cap: 3 (1), 13
An Answer to Eric's Question: 5 (1), 128
CERN Physicists Prepare To Handle L3 Data In Parallel: 3 (1), 15
Government and Industry Jointly Fund Gigabit Network Research: 4 (4), 345
Harvard-Smithsonian Images Show 1987A Eccentricity: 2 (6), 13
IBM Physicist Developing Software To Generate 3-D Atomic-Level Holograms: 3 (1), 9
Improved On-line Services Available From AIP's PINET: 4 (3), 226
In Defense of the Turing Test: 4 (2), 216
Micro to Macro Grand Challenges: 4 (5), 457
NCUBE 2 and Thinking Machines CM-2a Aimed at University Market: 3 (4), 9
NOAA Pits Expert Systems Against Weathermen: 3 (1), 11
Neural Network Scheduling for Hubble Space Telescope: 3 (3), 14
Physics Computing '91: 5 (2), 256
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center To Get GaAs Cray 3 In 1990: 2 (6), 9
Relativity Back in the Realm of the Senses: The Null-Strut Calculus: 3 (2), 9
The Electronic Journal?: 4 (4), 448
The Last Positivist: 3 (5), 112
Trollius + Transputers = Processing Power: 3 (2), 12
Using Small Computers to Control Big Experiments: MTL and CEBAF: 3 (3), 11
Visualization at SIGGRAPH: 3 (5), 11

Bacon, Michael E.
See Baines, C. G. Stafford

Baer, Howard, and William F. Long
Latest Software, Hardware Serve High-Energy Phenomenology: 6 (1), 24

Baier, G.
See Rossler, O. E.

Bailey, David H.
How Useful are Today's Parallel Computers?: 6 (2), 216

Baines, C. G. Stafford, and Michael E. Bacon
Note on using computer simulations in teaching introductory digital electronics

Bajema, J., K. Ashktorab, F. D. Becchetti, D. Hotz, and M. Shapiro
A Macintosh-based multiparameter pulse height analyzer and multichannel scaler system for advanced teaching laboratories: 8 (5), 608

Bajwa, Param D.
AAPT Winter Meeting Accents Growth of Computers in Physics: 6 (6), 572
Organizers Announce Plans for Physics Computing '93: 6 (6), 573
Physics Computing '93 looks at methodologies for fundamental research: 7 (2), 126
What Commercializing the Internet Will Mean for Physicists: 8 (1), 12

Bak, Per
Catastrophes and Self-Organized Criticality: 5 (4),430

Balfagón, A. and X. Jaén
TTC: Symbolic tensor calculus with indices: 12 (3), 286

Balick, Bruce
Voyager 11 Takes Students on Joy Rides Through the Universe: 7 (5), 551

Ballüder, Karsten, John A. Scales, Claus Schroeter, and Martin L. Smith
Selecting an Operating System, Part IV: Linux: 10 (1), 17

Balluder, Karsten
See Scales, John A.

Banavar, Jayanth R.
See Koplik, Joel

Bao, Min-Qi, and Anthony F. Starace
Using symbolic manipulation to evaluate Feynman's path integral for an interaction of the form F (t)*r: 10 (1), 89

Barach, John Paul
Computational study of patterns in simple nonequilibrium systems: 11 (1),

Barnes, Joseph
See Wilkinson, Ladye Kathryn

Barowy, William
See Horwitz, Paul

Barrett, H. H.
See R. L. Shoemaker

Bartolo, R.
See Esaulov, V. E.

Batacan, Peter
AT&T and IBM Multiprocessors Spur Molecular Dynamics Research: 2 (4), 9
Argonne Launches Flagship Parallel Processing Center For Physics Codes: 2 (5), 9
Can Physics Make Optics Compute?: 2 (2), 9
DOE Installs X-MP/24 At Idaho Lab: 1 (1), 12
DOE Superconductivity Database Shoots for Real-Time Delivery: 1 (1), 15
Fed Report Surveys Supercomputer and Network Performance: 1 (1), 16
Fortran 8X Revision Raises Questions Over Scientific Upgrades: 1 (1), 12
Los Alamos Spectrometer Runs Via Macintosh SEs: 1 (1), 14
MIT Media Lab Close To Perfecting Computer-Generated 'Desktop' Holograms: 2 (2), 17
NASA Symbolic Processor Prototype To Run Space Sciences Applications: 1 (1), 9
New Computer Architectures For Lattice QCD: 3 (1), 17
New Standards Bring Distributed Computing To the Workstation: 1 (1), 10
NOAO Astrophysicists Apply Artificial Intelligence Software For Galaxy Studies: 2 (6), 11
Will SISAL Spell Goodbye For Parallel-Processor Programming Woes?: 2 (3), 9

Batrouni, George
See Tobochnik, Jan

Baumgardner, John R.
See Bunge, HansPeter

Beaufume, Pascale
See Fromont, Bruno

Beazley, David M., and Peter S. Lomdahl
Controlling the Data Glut in Large-Scale Molecular-Dynamics Simulations:

Becchetti, F. D.
See Bajema, J.

Becker, Mark
The Center for Research on Parallel Computation: 12 (6), 536
CIP Website Supports CiSE: 12 (6), 535
CIP's Ninth Annual Educational Software Contest: 12 (1), 20
Complete Online Index of CIP: 12 (5), 422
Hypatia and the Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies: 12 (2), 125
Hyperimages Lead to Sample Articles: 11 (6), 536
Online Archival Edition of CIP: 12 (4), 319
Online Version Enhances Article on Computational-Physics Course: 12 (3), 233
Parallel Processing Using Linux: 12 (5), 423
PhysLINK: 12 (3), 234
The Structure, Stability, and Dynamics of Complex Systems: 12 (4), 320
Virtual Bookshelf: 12 (2), 124
Virtual Laboratory (University of Oregon) : 12 (1), 20
XML Structures Data for the Web: 12 (4), 310

Beichner, Robert J.
See Titus, Aaron P.

Beliën, A. J. C., S. Poedts, H. J. W. Spoelder, R. Leenders, and J. P. Goedbloed
Visualization of resonant absorption in solar coronal loops by simulation of soft x-ray images: 10 (6), 573

Belinfante, F. J.
Computing Dirac's atomic hydrogen wave functions of the continuum using summation of mathematically divergent series: 5 (3), 319

Bell, Stephen C.
A Numerical Solution of the Relavistic Kepler Problem: 9 (3), 281

Bellamonte, L., and R. M. Sperandeo-Mineo
Computer simulation of electric conductivity in a solid using classical mechanics: 10 (4), 376

Bennett, Charles A.
Book review: A Physicist's Guide to Mathematica, by Patrick Tam: 12 (1), 41

Beris, Antony N.
See Kulkarni, Jaydeep A.

Bernstein, Noam
See Abraham, Farid F.

Bernstein, R.
Taking the generality out of general relativity: 6 (5), 463

Bernstein, Robert L., and Gregory J. Chaitin
Single-Particle Software: 2 (3), 49

Bertschinger, Edmund, and James M. Gelb
Cosmological NBody Simulations: 5 (2), 164

Bettge, Thomas W.
See Washington, Warren

Bhat, C. L.
See Sawhney, K. J. S.

Bik, Aart J. C., Fabian Breg, and Dennis B. Gannon
Compiler Support for Java Parallelization: 12 (1), 45

Billeter, Jeffrey, and Robert Pelcovits
Simulations of Liquid Crystals: 12 (6), 440

Birnbaum, Dave
Book review: Real Computing Made Real: Preventing Errors in Scientific and Engineering Calculations, by Forman S. Acton: 11 (1) 45

Bischof, Christian H., Gordon D. Pusch, and Ralf Knoesel
Sensitivity analysis of the MM5 weather model using automatic differentiation: 10 (6), 605

Bishop, Marvin, Jordan D. Perel, and Victoria Swan
Investigation of sorting algorithms on a variety of computers: 4 (2), 179

Biswas, Tarun
Group theory (symmetries) ina computer game: 12 (6), 488
Nonlinear effects in a stretched string--a numerical computation: 8 (4), 446

Bitar, Khalil M., and Urs M. Heller
Lattice Field Simulations Press the Limits of Computational Physics: 6 (1), 33

Bitz, Francois J., and Norman J. Zabusky
David and "Visiometrics": Visualizing and Quantifying Evolving Amorphous Objects: 4 (6), 603

Black, S. C. and A. D. Kennedy
Gaussian random number generators on a CYBER-205: 3 (3), 59

Blackburn, James A., and H. J. T. Smith
Modeling superconducting networks containing Josephson junctions by means of PC-based circuit simulation software: 4 (5), 526

Blackburn, James Kent
GRPP, a scientific programming language preprocessor designed using lex and yacc: 8 (1), 98

Blair, J. Morris
Book review: Data Reduction and Error Analysis for the Physical Sciences, by Philip R. Bevington and D. Keith Robinson: 7 (4), 415

Blass, William E., and Stephen L. Mahan
IDL for Windows Impresses as a Computational System: 8 (1), 74

Blass, William E. with Wade D. Humbard and Stephen L. Mahan
After Rough Start, Lantastic Gives Good Service in a Research Laboratory Network: 8 (3), 317

Blass, William E., Stephen L. Mahan, and Gordon Chin
IDL Shines on the Macintosh: 8 (4), 439

Blatt, S. Leslie and Harvey Gould
Recent Fractal and Chaos Software Releases Hint At Future Educational Potential Programs: 6 (6), 702

Blondin, John M.
CUPS Astrophysics Simulations Will Fit Well in Upper-Level Courses: 9 (4), 413

Blumberg Selinger, Robin L.
Book review: The Art of Molecular Dynamics Simulation, by D. C. Rapaport: 10 (5), 456

Boehm, Hans-J.
Dynamic Memory Allocation and Garbage Collection: 9 (3), 297

Boekema, Carolus
Book review: Waves and Optics Simulations, by G. Andrew Antonelli, Wolfgang Christian, Susan Fischer, Robin Giles, and Brian James: 10 (3), 256

Boghosian, Bruce M.
Computational Physics on the Connection Machine: 4 (1), 14
Lattice Gases Illustrate the Power of Cellular Automata in Physics: 5 (6), 585
See Germann, Timothy C.
See Yeomans, Julia M.: 12 (6), 522

Bonomi, Ernesto, Leesa Brieger, Carlo Nardone, and Enrico Pieroni
Phase Shift Plus Interpolation: A Scheme for High-Performance Echo-Reconstructive Imaging: 12 (2), 126

Booten, Albert, and Henk van der Vorst
Cracking Large-Scale Eigenvalue Problems, Part I: Algorithms: 10 (3), 239
Cracking Large-Scale Eigenvalue Problems, Part II: Implementations: 10 (4), 331

Borcherds, P. H., J. Marro, and J. Nadrchal
Granada Hosts a World Venture in Computational Science: 12 (4), 301

Borchers, Robert R.
1987, When the Computin' Was Easy: Some Reflections on the State of the Art in Computation: 11 (6), 564
Albuquerque Meeting Brings News of Supercomputer Advances: 6 (1), 8
A Quieter Revolution: 3 (3), 96
Computers, Physics and Our World: 4 (3), 336
The Dog Ate the Manuscript: 4 (6), 680
In Praise Of Visualization and Simulation: 2 (1), 94
Physicists Take Stock of Computing Advances: 5 (6), 648
SC '93 brings high-performance computing to Portland: 7 (5), 491
See Grubb, David P.

Bording, R. Philip
See Myron, James R.

Borie, E., and B. Jodicke
PBAR: A code for calculating the electromagnetic contribution to the energy levels of antiprotonic atoms: 2 (6), 61

Boris, Jay P.
See Oran, Elaine S.

Bossy, Mireille, Marco Picasso, and Denis Talay
Probabilistic Numerical Methods for Physical and Financial Problems: 11

Bothun, G. D., and S. D. Kevan
Networked Physics in Undergraduate Instruction: 10 (4), 318

Bourianoff, George, and Richard Talman
Accelerator Progress Relies on Computational Simulations: 6 (1), 14

Bourzutschky, Marc
Book review: Computational Fluid Dynamics: An Introduction, edited by John Wendt: 7 (5), 542

Bowler, K. C., L. K. Chantler, D. C. Heggie, R.D. Kenway, D. J. Tildesley, A. S. Trew, and D. J. Wallace
Physics Leads the Way at Edinburgh HPC Facilities: 6 (4), 334

Boyce, Peter B.
Building a Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journal on the Internet: 10 (3), 216

Boyce, William E., John B. Brunski, Michael M. Chen, Kevin Craig, James A. Fairweather, Joseph W. Haus Jr., Joseph Porter Jr., and William L. Siegmann
Interactive Multimedia Modules in Mathematics, Engineering, and Science: 11 (2), 151

Boyd, Iain D.
Monte Carlo simulation of an expanding gas: 3 (3), 73

Boyd, John P.
Multiple precision pseudospectral computations of the radiation coefficient for weakly nonlocal solitary waves: Fifth-order Korteweg-DeVries equation: 9 (3), 324

Boyd, John P.
A Chebyshev/radiation function pseudospectral method for wave scattering: 4 (1), 83

Boyd, John P.
Padé approximant algorithm for solving nonlinear ODE boundary value

Boyer, A. L.
See Wells, N. H.

Boyer, L. L.
Predicting New Materials: 8 (1), 27

Bracewell, Ronald N.
Computing with the Hartley Transform: 9 (4), 373

Branham, Richard L. Jr.
A program for total (orthogonal) least squares in compact storage mode: 3 (3), 42

Breg, Fabian
See Bik, Aart J. C.

Breymann, Wolfgang
See Regez, Nicolas

Bridges, David and Terry J. Deveau

Brieger, Leesa
See Bonomi, Ernesto

Briggs, James M., and J. Andrew McCammon
Computation Unravels Mysteries of Molecular Biophysics: 6 (3), 238

Briotta, D. A.
See Spencer, C. D.

Brodsky, Marc
Ten Years of Computers and Physics: 11 (6), 525

Brommer, Karl D., B. E. Larson, M. Needels and J. D. Joannopoulos
Implementation of the Car-Parinello algorithm for ab initio total energy calculations on a massively parallel computer: 7 (3), 350

Brooks, Eugene D. III
Massive Parallelism Overcomes Shared-Memory Limitations: 6 (2), 139

Broughton, Jeremy Q.
See Abraham, Farid F.

Brown, Stewart A., Mike Folk, Gregory Goucher, and Russ Rew
Software for Portable Scientific Data Management: 7 (3), 304

Brown, Stewart A., Paul F. Dubois, and David H. Munro
Creating and Using PDB Files: 9 (2), 173

Brown, Stewart A.
PANACEA: A model for numerical simulation codes: 6 (3), 262

Browne, J.C.
Is Traditional Science Obsolete as an Undergraduate Major?: 10 (1), 5

Bruch, R.
See Lui, G.

Brunini, A. and P. E. Zadunaisky
Estimation of global errors in the numerical solution of ordinary differential equations: 7 (1), 81

Brunski, John B.
See Boyce, William E.

Bryan L. Preppernau and Isaac Shokair
Fortran PowerStation 4.0 Ports Fortran Code Smoothly to the PC: 10 (3) 275

Bryson, Steve
Exploratory Visualization I: Real-Time Interaction: 9 (6), 616
How Can We Make Visualization More Useful to the Working Scientist?: 9 (2),178
How Visualization Can Lead Us Astray: 12 (6), 585
If You Take Visualization for Granted, It May Go Away: 10 (2), 144
See Butler, David M.
Symposium considers applications of virtual reality: 7 (5), 495
The Data Glut Revisited: 9 (5), 525
The Next Ten Years of Visualization: 11 (4), 362
Three-Dimensional Visualization for Everyone: 12 (4), 346
Time, Data-Time, and Real-Time Interactive Visualization: 11 (3),
Virtual Reality Takes on Real Physics Applications: 6 (4), 346
Visualization '96: Volume Rendering Shifts Into High Gear: 11 (2), 174
Visualization '97 Brings New Technical Developments: 12 (1), 53

Bryson, Steve, and Trina Roy
Accurate Color Mapping Through Textures: 10 (4), 366

Bubak, Marian
Physics Computing '96, Conference Program: 10 (5), 427

Budge, Kent G.
See Wong, Michael K. W.

Bunge, Hans-Peter, and John R. Baumgardner
Mantle convection modeling on parallel virtual machines: 9 (2), 207

Burgess, Mark, Hårek Haugerud, and Are Strandlie
Object orientation and visualization of physics in two dimensions: 12 (3), 274

Burns, Marshall
Visualizing nonlinear resonance in classical and quantum mechanics: 6 (5),483

Burr, A. F.
Interactive Physics 3.0 Delights Windows Users Also: 11 (3), 275
Book review: Introduction to Mathcad for Scientists and Engineers, by Sol Wieder: 7 (1), 36
Book review: Mathcad for Introductory Physics, by Denis Donnelly: 7 (1), 36

Burrus, C. S.
See Wells, N. H.

Busby, Lee
See Dubois, Paul

Butcher, J. C.
Runge-Kutta Methods in Modern Computation, Part 1: Fundamental Concepts: 8 (4), 411
Runge-Kutta Methods in Modern Computation, Part 2: Implicit Methods and Related Applications: 8 (5), 512

Butler, D. M., and M. H. Pendley
The visualization management system approach to visualization in scientific computing: 3 (5), 40
A visualization model based on the mathematics of fiber bundles: 3 (5), 45

Butler, David M., and Steve Bryson
Vector-Bundle Classes Form Powerful Tool for Scientific Visualization: 6 (6), 576

Butler, Malcolm
Book review: Nuclear and Particle Physics Simulation, by Roberta Bigelow, John Philpott, and Joseph Rothberg: 10 (3) 255

Byrne, John, and Eric Kincanon
Undergraduates Do Chaotic Research: 9 (3),277


Córdoba-Torres, Pedro, Fernando Enriquez, and Víctor Fairén
Optimal start of a Taylor integrator by control of local error: 12 (2), 200

CEFAF Physicists Ready A State-Of-The-Art Data Acquisition System: 2 (4), 12

Cahalan, Gabriel D.
See Cahalan, Robert F.

Cahalan, Robert F., Henning Leidecker, and Gabriel D. Cahalan
Chaotic Rhythms of a Dripping Faucet: 4 (4), 368

Cahill, Kevin
How to use MACSYMA to write long FORTRAN codes for noncompact simulations theories: 4 (2), 159

Calitz, M. F., A. G. DuToit, and W. Drijfhout
Analysis of high-perveance electron guns: 4 (3), 280

Camarda, H. S.
Determing the eigenvalues of a quaternion matrix with a band structure: 10 (2), 180
Diagonalization of a complex Hermitian matrix with a band structure: 3 (5), 78

Cameron, S. A.
Novel Fourier methods for boundary value problems: 6 (1), 71

Campbell, William J., Nicholas M. Short, and Lloyd A. Treinish
Adding Intelligence to Scientific Data Management: 3 (3), 26

Canessa, Enrique, and Giorgio Pastore
One-Shot Service Searches Preprint Repositories at a Mouseclick: 10 (6), 520

Cant, G. P.
The high-speed single-pass bin sort: 6 (5), 469

Caporaloni, Marina, and Roberto Ambrosini
Student Project Checks Leonardo da Vinci's Map Work: 9 (5), 505

Caprari, Robert S.
Least-squares orthogonal polynomial approximation in several independent variables: 7 (3), 336

Caraley, Anne
See Sutton, C. Sean

Carlson, Edward H.
A template for writing programs: 1 (1), 65
Three Software Construction Methods: 3 (3), 17

Carts-Powell, Yvonne
Software Products Enrich Web Options for Scientists: 9 (4),364
Conference Program: Physics Computing '95: 9 (3), 289

Carts-Powell, Yvonne
Dealing with the Devil: SATAN Is Loose on the Internet: 9 (3), 251

Carts-Powell, Yvonne
Internet 2 to Implement Next-Generation Technology: 11 (1), 8

Cary, John R., and David A. Alexander
Reusable Java Components for Physics Education: 12 (4), 314

Casado, E.
See Martínez-Jiménez, P. E.

Casados-Cruz, Gaspar, and Arturo Morales-Acevedo
A computer program for the characterization of solar cells: 8 (4), 451

Casasent, David
Book review: Optical Computing, by D.G. Feitelson: 3 (4), 102

Casper, T. A., B. Howard, R. Hunt, W. H. Meyer, J. M. Moller, B. McHarg, P. Henline, K. Keith, K. Greene, S. Davis, D. Barnes, T. Gibney, P. Roney, & D. Greenwood
Remote Experimental Environment: Building a Collaboratory for Fusion Scientific Research: 12 (3), 220

Castano, Victor M., and Adolfo Bribiesca
Computer-aided design and analysis of electronic circuits for instrumentation and control: 3 (4), 69

Castellvi, P., X. Jaén, and E. Llanta
Symbolic tensor calculus using index notation: 9 (3), 335
TCC: Symbolic tensor and exterior calculus: 8 (3), 360

Caulfield, H. John
Computer-Generated Holograms Arrive: 2 (2), 29

Centrella, Joan M.
Using The Computer As A Camera: 2 (1), 35

Ceperley, Peter H.
Low-cost System Plots Fields and Waves in Color: 7 (3), 274

Chan, F. L., K. M. Lau, C. L. Li, H. M. Mok, D. J. Newman, and Betty Ng
Least-squares fitting of parametrized Hamiltonians to energy levels: An investigation into alternative strategies: 3 (6), 47

Chang, C. H.
See Hansen, G. A.

Chang, Y. M., C. Rudowicz, and Y. Y. Yeung
Crystal field analysis of the 3dN ions at low symmetry sites including the "imaginary" terms: 8 (5), 583

Chantler, L. K.
See Bowler, K. C.

Chaudhury, S. Raj, and Dean Zollman
Image Processing Enhances the Value of Digital Video in Physics Instruction: 8 (5), 518

Chen, Hudong
Discrete Boltzmann Systems and Fluid Flows: 7 (6), 632

Chen, Katherine T.
Computers Spur Magnetic Confinement Fusion: 2 (4), 38

Chen, Michael M.
See Boyce, William E.

Chen, Shiyi, and Xiaowne Shan
High-resolution turbulent simulations using the Connection Machine-2: 6 (6), 643

Chervin, Robert M.
High Performance Computing and the Grand Challenge of Climate Modeling: 4 (3), 234

Chia, T. T., and Y. K. Lai
Microcomputer-generated holograms--The programming aspects: 4 (1), 73

Chinnock, Chris
Here Come the LCD Panels and Projectors: 8 (5), 499

Chinnock, Chris
Speech Recognition Is Finding Its Way into Personal Computing: 9 (4), 355
Telemedicine Is Becoming a Reality: 9 (1), 13

Christensen, Steven M.
Resources for Computer Algebra: 8 (3), 308

Christian, Wolfgang
Developing a Computer-Rich Physics Curriculum at a Liberal-Arts College:
Developing Web-Based Curricula Using Java Physlets: 12 (3), 227
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Find Hundreds of Physics Products Online: 8 (3), 254
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Let the Readers Be Heard!: 8 (5), 495
Orlando Exhibit Brings News of Educational Software Advances: 6 (2), 111
PC '95 Offers Computational Perspective: 9 (5), 477
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Segue to the Future: 12 (6), 515
Supercomputing Adapts for the Future: 10 (2), 108
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LogoLinks on the Rise: 11 (4), 323
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AlP's Online Information Service Helps Physicists Stay Up to Date: 8 (1), 24
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June Test Set For Improved Deep-Space Telemetry Tool: 2 (1), 15


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See Cook, David M.

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The Future of Scientific Computing : 11 (6), 542

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Teukolsky, Saul A.
See Press, William H.

Teukolsky, Saul A.
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Teukolsky, Saul A.
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Teukolsky, Saul A.
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American Institute of Physics
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Distributed three-dimensional finite-difference modeling of wave propagation

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Zehyer, Allen
Cray enters MPP world with T3D: 7 (2), 120
Adaptive mesh yields discoveries in black hole studies: 7 (2), 122
Numerical tokamaks illuminate plasma physics: 7 (3), 256
Simulated materials reveal microfractures: 7 (4), 382
CFD tools expand flow analysis horizons: 7 (5), 486

Zeyher, Allen
Massive Parallelism Supports Lattice QCD Calculations: 6 (1), 7
Minimal Principle Facilitates Structure Determination of Large Molecule: 6 (3), 223
Object-Oriented Modeling Guides SSC DAQ Designers: 6 (5), 439
Software Deciphers Echoes of the Big Bang: 6 (6), 565

Zeyher, Allen
Gravitational Chaos May Suggest Cosmic Structure Formation: 8 (4), 377
Optical Packages Look for Global Minima: 8 (2), 137
Pattern Formation Studies Combine Computation and Experiment: 8 (1), 10
Weather Models Advance by Adding Physics: 8 (6), 627

Zeyher, Allen
Chaos in the Classroom: 5 (1), 9
Cray Constructs Powerful Chemistry: 5 (4), 369
Simulating the Very Early Universe: 5 (2), 135
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See Chaudhury, S. Raj

See Dengler, Roman
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Interactive Forms on the Web:  11 (1), 17
Posting Physics Documents on the Web: 11 (2), 133

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Hydrocodes Support Visualization of Shock-Wave Phenomena: 6 (2), 146

Zypman, Fredy R.
Symbolic Programming Helps to Teach Debye-Sherrer Diffraction: 7 (1), 22

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