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September/October 1998

o "Simulations of Liquid Crystals," Jeffrey Billeter and Robert Pelcovits (CIP 12:5, 1998, p. 440)

July/August 1998

o "A Comparison of the Floating-Point Performance of Current Computers," Steven H. Langer (CIP 12:4, 1998, p. 338) See the Index to Benchmark Codes for results and further information.

o "A practical algorithm for least-squares spline approximation of data conntaining noise," Barend J. Thijsse, Mark A. Hollanders, and Jan Hendrikse (CIP 12:4, 1998, p. 393).

o "Reusable Java Components for Physics Education," John R. Cary and David A. Alexander (CIP 12:4, 1998, p. 314).

o "Using projections and correlations to approximate probability distributions," Dean Karlen (CIP 12:4, 1998, p. 380).

May/June 1998

o "Container-Free Numerical Algorithms in C++," Geoffrey Furnish (CIP 12:3, 1998, p. 258).

March/April 1998

o "Visualization of Electromagnetic Fields Using Awk," Daryl Armstrong, Ian Llanas, Frank Russo, and Jeffrey R. Schmidt (CIP 12:2, 1998, p. 159).

o "Scientific Programming with Ada 95: Object-Oriented, Parallel, and Safe," Martin J. Stift (CIP 12:2, 1998, p. 150).

January/February 1998

o "Compiler Support for Java Parallelization," Aart J. C. Bik, Fabian Breg, and Dennis B. Gannon (CIP 12:1, 1998, p. 45).

o "Creating and Displaying Animated GIFs for Physics Instruction," Martha Takats (CIP 12:1, 1998, p. 16).

November/December 1997

o "Using DemoShield to Create Interactive Demos on the Web," N. Sanjay Rebello (CIP 11:6, 1997, p. 537).

o "Animation in the Unix Environment: A Primer," Jeffrey R. Schmidt (CIP 11:6, 1997, p. 618).

September/October 1997

o "Computer Simulations of Neural Networks," P. M. C. de Oliveira (CIP 11:5, 1997, p. 443).

o "'Laser Adventure': Converting Print Material to a Web Site," William DeHaven and Rami Arielli (CIP 11:5, 1997, p. 411).

July/August 1997

o "An Introduction to Interactive Molecular Dynamics Simulations," D. C. Rapaport (CIP 11:4, 1997, p. 337).

o "Designing Interactive Web Pages Using ActiveX," N. Sanjay Rebello and Konstantin Sushenko (CIP 11:4, 1997, p. 317.

May/June 1997

o "Disambiguated Glommable Expression Templates," Geoffrey Furnish (CIP 11:3, 1997, p. 263).

o "Simple scheme for the numerical evaluation of nearly singular integrals," George C. John, J. E. Hasbun, and Vijay A. Singh (CIP 11:3, 1997, p. 293).

o "Creating a Simple, Searchable Database on the Web," Kevin Zollman and Dean Zollman (CIP 11:3, 1997, p. 225).

March/April 1997

o "Entropy-Driven Phase Transitions," Harvey Gould, Jan Tobochnik, and Louis Colonna-Romano (CIP 11:2, 1997, p. 157).

o "Posting Physics Documents on the Web," Kevin Zollman and Dean Zollman (CIP 11:2, 1997, p. 133).

January/February 1997

o "Interactive Physics Simulations Appeal to First-Year Students," P. Martínez-Jiménez, E. Casado, J. M. Martínez-Jiménez, M. Cuevas-Rubiño, D. González-Caballero, and F. Zafra-López (CIP 11:1, 1997, p. 31).

o "Interactive Forms on the Web," Kevin Zollman and Dean Zollman (CIP 11:1, 1997, p. 17).

November/December 1996

o "Beating the Abstraction Penalty in C++ Using Expression Templates," Scott W. Haney (CIP 10:6, 1996, p. 552).

September/October 1996

o "The FFT: Fourier Transforming One Bit at a Time," P. B. Visscher (CIP 10:5, 1996, p. 438).

July/August 1996

o "Reflection and propagation of waves in one-dimensional quasi-periodic structures," G. Allodi and R. Coïsson (CIP 10:4, 1996, p. 385).

o "Getting Older--Monte Carlo Simulations of Biological Aging," Dietrich Stauffer (CIP 10:4, 1996, p. 341).

May/June 1996

o "Wavelets: A New Alternative to Fourier Transforms," G. D. J. Phillies (CIP 10:3, 1996, p. 247).

  • orbit (Program written by Steve Bell; see note on p. 252)

March/April 1996

o "Determining the eigenvalues of a quaterion matrix with a band structure," H. S. Camarda (CIP 10:2, 1996, p. 180).

o "Parallel Simulations of Neuron Growth," David C. Samuels, H. G. E. Hentschel, and Alan Fine (CIP 10:2, 1996, p. 129).

July/August 1995

o "Exploring Localization in Nonperiodic Systems," Amy Kolan, Barry Cipra, and Bill Titus (CIP 9:4, 1995, p. 387).

May/June 1995

o "Fitting curves by simulated annealing," T. J. P. Penna (CIP 9:3, 1995, p. 341).

o "Computation of the Whittaker functions Wk,µ(z) with series expansions and Padé Approximants," C. de Izarra, O. Vallee, J. Picart, and N. Tran Minh (CIP 9:3, 1995, p. 318).

o "Elliptic Integrals and Functions," Satinder S. Sidhu (CIP 9:3, 1995, p. 268).

March/April 1995

o"Catching the Right Bus V: A Beginner's Guide to Programming the IEEE-488 Bus," Eric D. Jones and Bryan Preppernau (CIP 9:2, 1995, p. 140).

January/February 1995

o "Catching the Right Bus, Part IV: IEEE-488 Programming," Eric D. Jones, Bryan L. Preppernau, P. G. Stein, and James R. Matey (CIP 9:1, 1995, p. 24).

November/December 1994

o "Parametric curve fitting: an alternative to Lagrange interpolation and splines," Yilmaz Akyildiz (CIP 8:6, 1994, p. 722).

September/October 1994

o "A Macintosh-based multiparameter pulse height analyzer and multichannel scaler system for advanced teaching laboratories," J. Bajema, K. Ashktorab, F. D. Becchetti, D. Hotz, and M. Shapiro (CIP 8:5, 1994, P. 608).

  • The source code has not been posted.

July/August 1994

o "A technique for modeling interference patterns from two-beam interferometers," J. Dudley Atkinson and David D. Cleary (CIP 8:4, 1994, p. 462).

May/June 1994

o "Symbolic computation of energy perturbation expansions for spherically symmetric hydrogenic systems," Barry G. Adams and Gustavo A. Arteca (CIP 8:3, 1994, p. 343).

o "Series Expansions," Joan Adler (CIP 8:3, 1994, p. 287).

o "TCC: Symbolic tensor and exterior calculus," P. Castellví, X. Jaén, and E. Llanta (CIP 8:3, 1994, p. 360).

o "A new algorithm for computation of SU3 Clebsch-Gordan coefficients," H. T. Williams and Colin J. Wynne (CIP 8:3, 1994, p. 355).

March/April 1994

o "Postscript," James R. Matey (CIP 8:2, 1994, p. 160). Accompanies "Selecting an Operating System, Part I: OS/2 2.X," Stefan Zollner (CIP 8:2, 1994, p. 152).

o "Computational Quantum Field Theory. Part II: Lattice Gauge Theory," Jean Potvin (CIP 8:2, 1994, p. 170).

January/February 1994

o "GRPP, a scientific programming language preprocessor designed using lex and yacc," James Kent Blackburn (CIP 8:1, 1994, p. 98).

o "Catching the Right Bus, Part 2: Using a Parallel Printer Adapter as an Inexpensive Interface," Dhananjay V. Gadre, Pramod K. Upadhyay, and Vijaya S. Varma (CIP 8:1, 1994, p. 45).

o "Controlling Chaos," Ying-Cheng Lai (CIP 8:1, 1994, p. 62).

November/December 1993

o "Discrete Boltzmann Systems and Fluid Flows," Hudong Chen (CIP 7:6, 1993, p. 632).

o "Numerous Neat Algorithms for the Voigt Profile Function," William J. Thompson (CIP 7:6, 1993, p. 627).

o "Fortran Compilers for Personal Computers," Neal Tobochnik and Jan Tobochnik (CIP 7:6, 1993, p. 672).

September/October 1993

o "An algorithm for finding spurious points in turbulent signals," D. Aaron Roberts (CIP 7:5, 1993, p. 599).

July/August 1993

o "How to Control Errors in Analog-To-Digital Conversion," James R. Matey and M. J. Lauterbach (CIP 7:4, 1993 p. 408).

May/June 1993

o "A Weight-Watcher's Guide to Least-Squares Fitting," Ian R. Gatland (CIP 7:3, 1993, p. 280).

o "Least-squares orthogonal polynomial approximation in several independent variables," R. S. Caprari (CIP 7:3, 1993, P. 336)

March/April 1993

o "Curve fitting by Lagrange interpolation," G. Bäckström (CIP 7:2, 1993. p. 213).

o "Least-squares fits when there are errors in X," P. L. Jolivette (CIP 7:2, 1993, p. 208).

January/February 1993

o "Langevin Simulations of Nonequilibrium Phenomena," Ken Elder (CIP 7:1, 1993, p. 27).

o "General Principles for Application of Computers in Experimental Physics," James R. Matey (CIP 7:1, 1993, p. 12).

November/December 1992

o "Global sensitivity analysis of a nonlinear system using animated basins of attraction," Joseph P. Cusumano, Derchyan Lin, K. Morooney, and L. J. Pepe (CIP 6:6, 1992, p. 647).

o "Quantum Monte Carlo on a Lattice," Jan Tobochnik, George Batrouni, and Harvey Gould (CIP 6:6:, 1992, p. 673).

July/August 1992

o "Immunologically Motivated Simulations of Cellular Automata," Dietrich Stauffer and Ras. B. Pandey (CIP 6:4, 1992, p. 404).

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