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Computers in Physics


Index to Volume 10, 1996



Daukantas, Patricia
Call for Papers for PC '96: 10 (2), 107
Computer Supported Education Gets Spotlight in College Park: 10 (6), 513
NSF Seeks Partnerships to Replace Supercomputer Centers: 10 (1), 9
Olympic Athletes Hone Their Performance with the Help of Computers: 10 (3), 209
SC '96 Puts Computers to Work: 10 (5), 418
Simulating the Next Great Crash - - on Earth: 10 (1), 10
Sun Helps Astronomers Search for Planets: 10 (4), 316
Supercomputer Model Digs Deeply Into Secrets of the Geodynamo: 10 (6), 516
Teachers Gambol on Computers in Reno: 10 (2), 105
"Virtual Posters" Will Broaden Impact of PC '96: 10 (4), 312

Duax, William L.
World of Crystallography on the Web: 10 (4), 315

Gough, Brian J.
First Conference on Freely Redistributable Software: A Physicist's Report: 10 (3), 213

Holmes, Lewis M.
Supercomputing Adapts for the Future: 10 (2), 108

Sinclair, Bruce
European Competition Boosts Physics Software: 10 (5), 417

Stauffer, Dietrich
PC '96 in Kraków Features Statistical Studies: 10 (6), 515

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Browne, J.C.
Is Traditional Science Obsolete as an Undergraduate Major?: 10 (1), 5

Pifer, Joe
Are We Doing Our Students a Favor by Making Them Learn Fortran?: 10 (6), 509

Rigden, John S.
The Disciplines Educate and Liberate: 10 (3), 205

Thompson, Joe F.
The Experts Have Spoken. Who Will Listen?: 10 (2), 101

West, Thomas G.
Playing with Images -- A Return to Thinking in Pictures: 10 (5), 413

Worlton, Jack
Computational Physics Then and Now: A Cautionary View: 10 (4), 309


Mark Ellisman
Building an Imaging Collaboratory, by David I. Lewin: 10 (5), 414

Paul Ginsparg
How a Physicist Helped to Launch a Revolution, by David I. Lewin: 10 (1), 6

Paul Messina
Setting His Sights on Petaflops, by David I. Lewin: 10 (4), 310

Charles Mosher
Striking Pay Dirt in a Supercomputer, by David I. Lewin: 10 (6), 510

Valerie Taylor
Balancing Her Roles in Engineering and Society, by David I. Lewin: 10 (3), 206

Donald Weingarten
Computing the Glueball, by David I. Lewin: 10 (2), 102


Sherwood, Bruce
Clarifying Recursion: 10 (3), 215


Bothun, G. D., and S. D. Kevan
Networked Physics in Undergraduate Instruction: 10 (4), 318

Boyce, Peter B.
Building a Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journal on the Internet: 10 (3), 216

Bubak, Marian
Physics Computing '96, Conference Program: 10 (5), 427

Donnelly, Denis
CIP's Seventh Annual Eductional Software Contest: The Winners: 10 (6), 532

Hughes, Thomas J. R.
See Taylor, Charles A.

Kevan, S. D.
See Bothun, G. D.

Makino, Junichiro, and Makoto Taiji
Computational Astrophysics on a Special-Purpose Computer: 10 (4), 352

Nelson, William E.
See Wagner, John S.

Pauschenwein, J., and B. Thaller
Visualizing Quantum-Mechanical Wavefunctions in Three Dimensions with AVS: 10 (6), 558

Preppernau, Bryan L.
See Wagner, John S.

Taiji, Makoto
See Makino, Junichiro

Taylor, Charles A., Thomas J.R. Hughes, and Christopher K. Zarins
Computational Investigations in Vascular Disease: 10 (3), 224

Thaller, B.
See Pauschenwein, J.

Tisone, Gary C.
See Wagner, John S.

Trahan, Michael W.
See Wagner, John S.

Wagner, John S., Michael W. Trahan, William E. Nelson, Gary C. Tisone, and Bryan L. Preppernau
How Intelligent Chemical Recognition Benefits From Multivariate Analysis and Genetic
Optimization: 10 (2), 114

Zarins, Christopher K.
See Taylor, Charles A.


Canessa, Enrique, and Giorgio Pastore
One-Shot Service Searches Preprint Repositories at a Mouseclick: 10 (6), 520

Pastore, Giorgio
See Canessa, Enrique

Ricart, Glenn
The Internet Moves Out of Its Corner: 10 (1), 14
Plug-In, Tune-In, Sleep-In: 10 (2), 110

Thiébaut, Dominique F.
Web Tracking and Graphing with Pgperl: 10 (5), 420

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Alexis, Dominique
Here's What You Can Find on Our Web Page: 10 (1), 16

Daukantas, Patricia
CIP Links Readers to Featured Web Sites: 10 (3), 222

Holmes, Lewis M.
Introducing Interactive Reader Service: 10 (2), 113

Huergo, Jennifer
Additions and Updates to the CIP Home Page: 10 (5), 426
The Reorganized CIP Home Page: 10 (4), 325
Download Software-Contest Forms: 10 (6), 524


Ballüder, Karsten, John A. Scales, Claus Schroeter, and Martin L. Smith
Selecting an Operating System, Part IV: Linux: 10 (1), 17

Scales, John A.
See Ballüder, Karsten

Schroeter, Claus
See Ballüder, Karsten

Smith, Martin L.
See Ballüder, Karsten


Lister, Tim, and James R. Matey
What is Software?: 10 (4), 327

Matey, James R.
Software Designs and Architectures, Part I: Introduction and User Input/Output: 10 (3), 233
See also Lister, Tim


Booten, Albert, and Henk van der Vorst
Cracking Large-Scale Eigenvalue Problems, Part I: Algorithms: 10 (3), 239
Cracking Large-Scale Eigenvalue Problems, Part II: Implementations: 10 (4), 331

Keister, Bradley D.
Multidimensional Quadrature Algorithms: 10 (2), 119

Masatoshi, Kitaoka
See Yoshiyuki, Usami

Thompson, William J.
Recursive Algorithms: A Mixed Blessing: 10 (1), 25

Van der Vorst, Henk
See Booten, Albert

Visscher, P. B.
The FFT: Fourier Transforming One Bit at a Time: 10 (5), 438

Yoshiki, Kano
See Yoshiyuki, Usami

Yoshiyuki, Usami, Kano Yoshiki, and Kitaoka Masatoshi
Solving the Traveling-Salesman Problem by a Statistical-Physics Method: 10 (6), 525


Antonelli, G.A., and Wolfgang Christian
Visualizing the Quantized Electromagnetic Field: 10 (3), 243

Backstrom, Gunnar
Learning About Wave Mechanics by FEA on a PC: 10 (5), 444

Christian, Wolfgang
See Antonelli, G.A., and Fischer, Susan L.

Dai, Hong
See Rawitscher, G.

Donnelly, Denis
CIP's Seventh Annual Educational Software Contest: The Winners: 10 (6), 532

Fischer, Susan L., and Wolfgang Christian
Molecular Dynamics Inside Ion Traps: 10 (2), 123

Grayson, Diane J.
Using Education Research to Develop Waves Courseware: 10 (1), 30

Koltracht, I.
See Rawitscher, G.

Rawitscher, G., I. Koltracht, Hong Dai, and C. Ribetti
The Vibrating String: A Fertile Topic for Teaching Scientific Computing: 10 (4), 335

Ribetti, C.
See Rawitscher, G.


Andricioaei, Ioan, and John E. Straub
Finding the Needle in the Haystack: Algorithms for Conformal Optimization: 10 (5), 449

Breymann, Wolfgang
See Regez, Nicolas

Fine, Alan
See Samuels, David C.

Gould, Harvey
See Tobochnik, Jan

Hentschel, H.G.E.
See Samuels, David C.

Kaufman, Charles
See Regez, Nicolas

Müller, Gerhard
See Regez, Nicolas

Phillies, George D. J.
Wavelets: A New Alternative to Fourier Transforms: 10 (3), 248

Regez, Nicolas, Wolfgang Breymann, Stefan Weigert, Charles Kaufman, and Gerhard Müller
Hamiltonian Chaos IV: 10 (1), 38

Samuels, David C., H.G.E. Hentschel, and Alan Fine
Parallel Simulations of Neuron Growth: 10 (2), 129

Stauffer, Dietrich
Getting Older - Monte Carlo Simulations of Biological Aging: 10 (4), 341

Straub, John E.
See Andricioaei, Ioan

Tobochnik, Jan, and Harvey Gould
Lattice Simulations of Biological Membranes: 10 (6), 542

Weigert, Stefan
See Regez, Nicolas


Blumberg Selinger, Robin L.
The Art of Molecular Dynamics Simulation, D. C. Rapaport: 10 (5), 456

Boekema, Carolus
Waves and Optics Simulations, G. Andrew Antonelli, Wolfgang Christian, Susan Fischer,
Robin Giles, and Brian James: 10 (3), 256

Butler, Malcolm
Nuclear and Particle Physics Simulation, Roberta Bigelow, John Philpott, and Joseph
Rothberg: 10 (3) 255

Cook, David M.
Modern Instrumentation: A Computer Approach, G. Silverman and H. Silver: 10 (5), 456

Davenport, Forest
Computational Physics: An Introduction, Franz J. Vesely: 10 (1), 47

Enzweiler, Raymond N.
A Student's Guide to Fourier Transforms with Applications in Physics and Engineering,
J.F. James: 10 (1), 47

Garcia, Alejandro
Six Books on Fortran 90: 10 (2), 135

Hellman, Frances and Pat Diamond
Electricity and Magnetism Simulations, Robert Ehrlich, Lyle Roelofs, Ronald Stoner, and
Jaroslaw Tuszynski: 10 (3), 257

Intrator, Nathan
Fundamentals of Artificial Neural Networks, Mohamad H. Hassoun: 10 (2), 137

Levy, Christopher
Solid State Physics Simulations, Graham Keeler, Roger Rollins, and Steven Spicklemire:
10 (3), 260

Meredith, Dawn C.
An Introduction to Computer Simulation Methods, 2nd Edition, Harvey Gould and Jan
Tobochnik: 10 (4), 349

Morrow, Richard A.
Classical Mechanics Simulations, Bruce Hawkins and Randall S. Jones: 10 (3), 259

Schmittmann, Beate
Thermal and Statistical Physics Simulations, Harvey Gould, Lynna Spornick, and Jan
Tobochnik: 10 (3), 258

Snowman, Daniel P.
Modern Physics Simulations, Douglas Brandt, John Hiller, and Michael Moloney:
10 (3), 260

Syphers, Dale
Quantum Mechanics Simulations, J.R. Hiller, I.D. Johnston, and D. F. Styer: 10 (3), 260

Titus, Bill
Physical and Biological Systems, Richard J. Gaylord and Paul R. Wellin: 10 (4), 351

Ytreberg, F. Marty
C++: The Complete Reference, Second Edition, Herbert Schildt: 10 (6), 549


Cohen, Scott D., and Alan C. Hindmarsh
CVODE, A Stiff/Nonstiff ODE Solver in C: 10 (2), 138

Dubois, Paul F., Konrad Hinsen, and James Hugunin
Numerical Python: 10 (3), 262

Dubois, Paul F., and T.-Y. Yang
Extending Python: 10 (4), 359

Haney, Scott W.
Beating the Abstraction Penalty in C++ Using Expression Templates: 10 (6), 552

Hindmarsh, Alan C.
See Cohen, Scott D.

Hinsen, Konrad
See Dubois, Paul F.

Hugunin, James
See Dubois, Paul F.

Robison, Arch D.
C++ Gets Faster for Scientific Computing: 10 (5), 458

Templon, Jeffrey A.
Evaluation of PC/Linux Systems for Use as Scientific Workstations: 10 (1), 49

Yang, T.-Y.
See Dubois, Paul F.


Bryson, Steve
If You Take Visualization for Granted, It May Go Away: 10 (2), 144
What's New at Visualization '95: 10 (1), 56

Bryson, Steve, and Trina Roy
Accurate Color Mapping Through Textures: 10 (4), 366

Fernandez, Victor M., Deborah Silver, and Norman J. Zabusky
Visiometrics of Complex Physical Processes: Diagnosing Vortex-Dominated Flows:
10 (5), 463

Pauschenwein, J. and B. Thaller
Visualizing Quantum-Mechanical Wavefunctions in Three Dimensions with AVS:
10 (6), 558

Rogowitz, Bernice E., and Lloyd A. Treinish
How Not to Lie with Visualization: 10 (3), 268

Roy, Trina
See Bryson, Steve

Silver, Deborah
See Fernandez, Victor M.

Thaller, B.
See Pauschenwein, J.

Treinish, Lloyd A.
See Rogowitz, Bernice E.

Zabusky, Norman J.
See Fernandez, Victor M.


Richard Noel Fell
Macsyma 2.1 Rebounds with Improved Capabilities: 10 (5), 471

Bryan L. Preppernau and Isaac Shokair
Fortran PowerStation 4.0 Ports Fortran Code Smoothly to the PC: 10 (3) 275

Michael R. Riedel
Origin 4.0 Delivers Graphing Functionality: 10 (2), 147

William J. Thompson
How to Make a PC Talk with a Mac: 10 (4), 371
Uninterruptible Power Supply Delivers: 10 (6), 567


Allodi, G., and R. Coïsson
Reflection and propagation of waves in one-dimensional quasi-periodic structures:
10 (4), 385

Abbott, Paul C.
See Wang, Jing B.

Bao, Min-Qi, and Anthony F. Starace
Using symbolic manipulation to evaluate Feynman's path integral for an interaction of the form
F(t)*r: 10 (1), 89

Beliën, A. J. C., S. Poedts, H. J. W. Spoelder, R. Leenders, and J. P. Goedbloed
Visualization of resonant absorption in solar coronal loops by simulation of soft x-ray
images: 10 (6), 573

Bellamonte, L., and R. M. Sperandeo-Mineo
Computer simulation of electric conductivity in a solid using classical mechanics:
10 (4), 376

Bischof, Christian H., Gordon D. Pusch, and Ralf Knoesel
Sensitivity analysis of the MM5 weather model using automatic differentiation: 10 (6), 605

Camarda, H.S.
Determing the eigenvalues of a quaternion matrix with a band structure: 10 (2), 180

Clark, M. M., L. M. Raff, and H. L. Scott
Hybrid Monte Carlo method for off-lattice simulation of processes involving steps with
widely varying rates: 10 (6), 584

Coïsson, R.
See Allodi, G.

Current, David H.
See Hessler, Jan P.

Dauger, Dean E.
Simulation and study of Fresnel diffraction for arbitrary two-dimensional apertures:
10 (6), 591

De Boer, Aient
See Decyk, Viktor K.

Decyk, Viktor K., Steve Roy Karmesin, Aient de Boer, and Paulett C. Liewer
Optimization of particle-in-cell codes on reduced instruction set computer processors:
10 (3), 290

Fernández, Julio F., and Juan Rivero
Fast algorithms for random numbers with exponential and normal distributions: 10 (1), 83

Goedbloed, J. P.
See Beliën, A. J. C.

Goloskie, R., T. Thio, and L. R. Ram-Mohan
Boundary elements and surface plasmons: 10 (5), 477

Heddle, D.P.
Hv: A graphical user interface library for scientific and engineering applications:
10 (2), 174

Hessler, Jan P., David H. Current, and Paul J. Ogren
A new scheme for calculating weights and describing correlations in nonlinear
least-squares fits: 10 (2), 186

Jaric, Marko Vukobrat
See Qui, Shi-Yue

Karmesin, Steve Roy
See Decyk, Viktor K.

Knoesel, Ralf
See Beliën, A. J. C.

Leenders, R.
See Beliën, A. J. C.

Liewer, Paulett C.
See Decyk, Viktor K.

Ogren, Paul J.
See Hessler, Jan P.

O'Shea, Donald C.
Generation of mask patterns for diffractive optical elements using Mathematica:
10 (4), 391

Poedts, S.
See Beliën, A. J. C.

Pusch, Gordon D.
See Bischof, Christian H.

Qui, Shi-Yue, Corbett R. Rowell, and Marko Vukobrat Jaric
Visualization and analysis of quasicrystal densities: 10 (2), 186

Raff, L. M.
See Clark, M. M.

Ram-Mohan, L. R.
See Goloskie, R.

Rivero, Juan
See Fernández, Julio F.

Rowell, Corbett R.
See Qui, Shi-Yue

Scott, H. L.
See Clark, M. M.

Sperandeo-Mineo, R. M.
See Bellamonte, L.

Spoelder, H. J. W.
See Beliën, A. J. C.

Starace, Anthony F.
See Bao, Min-Qi

Thio, T.
See Goloskie, R.

Tyler, David W.
A Green's function for the calculation of density response in rare-gas volumetric thermal
gratings: 10 (3), 299

Wang, Jing B., Paul C. Abbott, and Jim F. Williams
Visualizing atomic orbitals: 10 (1), 69

Wang, J. B.
Time evolution and decay of an excited atom in a weak field: 10 (4), 400

Weniger, Ernst Joachim
Computation of the Whittaker function of the second kind by summing its divergent
asymptotic series with the help of nonlinear sequence transformations: 10 (5), 496

Williams, Jim F.
See Wang, Jing B.

Yu, K. W.
Variational solution of electrostatic boundary-value problems of nonlinear media:
10 (3), 284

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