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Computers in Physics


Index to Volume 11, 1997



Carts-Powell, Yvonne
Internet 2 to Implement Next-Generation Technology: 11 (1), 8

Daukantas, Patricia
ACM97 Forecasts the Next 50 Years of 'Paleotechnic Human' : 11 (3), 217
ASCI Clocks Its 'Red' Computer at 1 Teraflops: 11 (2), 129
Dome Design Brings Numerical Astrophysics Down to Earth: 11 (3), 220
Gordon Bell Prize: Finalists Chalk up Gains in Parallel-Processing Speeds, 11 (5), 410
PC '97 Meeting to Highlight Variety of Applications and Methods: 11 (4), 312
Physics Computing Conference Heads to California's Coast:  11 (1), 10
San Diego, Illinois Sites to Lead NSF's New Supercomputing Partnerships: 11 (3), 216
SC97 to Examine Interdisciplinary Applications: 11 (5), 408
Ten Years Ago: Nov/Dec 1987: 11 (6), 532
Tokyo Meeting to Examine 'New Horizon of Computational Science': 11(4), 314
Update: Computations Help to (Sort of) Settle a Bet: 11 (4), 315

Daukantas, Patricia, and Lewis M. Holmes
Physics Computing Moves Out of the Ivory Tower: 11 (6), 528
Supercomputing Exhibits Diversity in Pittsburgh:  11 (1), 11

Holmes, Lewis M.: See Daukantas, Patricia.

Huergo, Jennifer
Physics Teachers Warm Up to Computers in Phoenix: 11 (2), 130

Makino, Junichiro
Supercomputing Symposium Addresses Astrophysics and Related Topics: 11 (6), 531


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 Brodsky, Marc
Ten Years of Computers and Physics: 11 (6), 525

Holmes, Lewis M.
Celebrating CIP's Tenth Anniversary Year: 11 (1), 5

Kennedy, Ken
The Case for a Next Generation Internet: 11 (5), 405

Klein, Barry M.
Computational and Industrial Physics at PC '97: A Marriage Made in Heaven: 11 (4), 309

Kuck, David J.
Facing Up to Software's Greatest Challenge: Practical Parallel Processing: 11 (3), 213

Levine, Judah
Why Experimentalists Mistrust Computer Modeling--and Why They Rely on It: 11 (2), 125



Gene Amdahl
Still Pumping Heavy Iron, by David I. Lewin: 11 (6), 526

Robert Axtell
Growing a Tree of Knowledge in an Object-Oriented Eden, by David I. Lewin: 11 (1), 6

Kim Molvig
Advising Fluid Dynamicists to Be Discrete, by David I. Lewin: 11 (2), 126

Patricia Reggio
Getting Students High on Quantum Chemistry, by David I. Lewin: 11 (4), 310

Richard Stallman
Mr. GNU's Who, by David I. Lewin: 11 (5), 406

Paul Woodward
How to Be an Experimental Theorist, by David I. Lewin: 11 (3), 214



Beazley, David M., and Peter S. Lomdahl
Controlling the Data Glut in Large-Scale Molecular-Dynamics Simulations: 11 (3), 230

Borchers, Robert R.
1987, When the Computin' Was Easy: Some Reflections on the State of the Art in High-Speed
Computation: 11 (6), 564

Christian, Wolfgang
The CIP Library of Classics: A Call for Nominations:  11 (1), 48
The CIP Library of Classics: 11 (4), 348

Gjertsen, Margaret H., and John S. Risley
Tenth Anniversary CIP Educational Software Directory:  11 (1), 49

Lomdahl, Peter S.: See Beazley, David M.

Messina, Paul
High-Performance Computers: The Next Generation (Part I): 11 (5), 454
High-Performance Computers: The Next Generation (Part II): 11 (6), 598

Press, William H., and Saul A. Teukolsky
Numerical Recipes: Does This Paradigm Have a Future?: 11 (5), 416

Risley, John S.: See Gjertsen, Margaret H.

Tenth Anniversary Roundtable Discussion
The Future of Scientific Computing : 11 (6), 542

Teukolsky, Saul A.: See Press, William H.


Arielli, Rami: See DeHaven, William.

DeHaven, William, and Rami Arielli
"Laser Adventure": Converting Print Material to a Web Site: 11(5), 411

Rebello, N. Sanjay
Using DemoShield to Create Interactive Demos on the Web: 11 (6), 537

Rebello, N. Sanjay, and Konstantin Sushenko
Designing Interactive Web Pages Using ActiveX: 11 (4), 317

Sushenko, Konstantin: See Rebello, N. Sanjay.

Zollman, Dean, and Kevin Zollman
Creating a Simple, Searchable Database on the Web: 11 (3) 225
Interactive Forms on the Web:  11 (1), 17
Posting Physics Documents on the Web: 11 (2), 133

Zollman, Kevin: See Zollman, Dean.



Becker, Mark
Hyperimages lead to sample articles: 11 (6), 536

Daukantas, Patricia
Online Journal Gets There First: 11 (5), 415

Huergo, Jennifer
LogoLinks on the Rise: 11 (4), 323
New Secure Online Subscription Form: 11 (3), 229
See Our 1997 Editorial Calendar:  11 (1), 21
Software Contest Deadline Approaches: 11 (2), 139



 Matey, James R.
 Moore's Law and the PC Revolution: Actual and Anticipated Effects on Instrumentation
 and Measurement Science: 11 (2), 140
 Software Designs and Architectures, Part II: Representing Observations:  11 (1), 22
 A World Without Barriers: Editor's Report from NIWeek ë97: 11 (6), 570

Panigrahi, J.: See Singh, A. K.

Singh, A. K., and J. Panigrahi
Catching the Right Bus, Part VII: A CAMAC Example: 11 (5), 425



Bossy, Mireille, Marco Picasso, and Denis Talay
Probabilistic Numerical Methods for Physical and Financial Problems: 11 (4), 325

Gerteisen, Edgar, Ralf Gruber, and Silvio Merazzi
Domain Decomposition: Theory and Practice:  11 (1), 26

Gruber, Ralf: See Gerteisen, Edgar.

Merazzi, Silvio: See Gerteisen, Edgar.

Papageorgiou,  A., and J. F. Traub
Faster Evaluation of Multidimensional Integrals: 11 (6), 574

Paolucci, Samuel: See Vasilyev, Oleg V.

Picasso, Marco: See Bossy, Mireille.

Rappaz, J. and M. Swierkosz
Boundary-Element Method Yields External Vector Potentials in Complex Industrial
Applications: 11 (2), 145

M. Swierkosz: See Rappaz, J.

Talay, Denis: See Bossy, Mireille.

Vasilyev, Oleg V., David A. Yuen, and Samuel Paolucci
Solving PDEs Using Wavelets: 11 (5), 429

Yuen, David A.: See Vasilyev, Oleg V.


Boyce, William E., John B. Brunski, Michael M. Chen, Kevin Craig, James A. Fairweather,
Joseph W. Haus Jr., Joseph Porter Jr., and William L. Siegmann
Interactive Multimedia Modules in Mathematics, Engineering, and Science: 11 (2), 151

Brunski, John B.: See Boyce, William E.

Casado, E.: See Martínez-Jiménez, P.

Chen, Michael M.: See Boyce, William E.

Christian, Wolfgang
Developing a Computer-Rich Physics Curriculum at a Liberal-Arts College: 11 (5), 436

Cook, David M.
Computers in the Lawrence Physics CurriculumóPart I: 11 (3), 240
Computers in the Lawrence Physics CurriculumóPart II: 11 (4), 331

Craig, Kevin: See Boyce, William E.

Cuevas-Rubiño, M.: See Martínez-Jiménez, P.

Donnelly, Denis
CIPs Eighth Annual Software Contest: The Winners: 11 (6), 579

Fairweather, James A.: See Boyce, William E.

González-Caballero, D.: See Martínez-Jiménez, P.

Haus, Joseph W.: See Boyce, William E.

Martínez-Jiménez, J. M.: See Martínez-Jiménez, P.

Martínez-Jiménez, P., E. Casado, J. M.Martínez-Jiménez, M. Cuevas-Rubiño, D. González-Caballero, and F. Zafra-López
Interactive Physics Simulations Appeal to First-Year Students:  11 (1), 31

Porter, Joseph Jr.: See Boyce, William E.

Siegmann, William L.: See Boyce, William E.

Zafra-López, F.: See Martínez-Jiménez, P.


Alexander,  Francis J., and Alejandro L. Garcia
The Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method: 11 (6), 588

Colonna-Romano, Louis: See Gould, Harvey.

de Oliveira, P. M. C.
Computer Simulations of Neural Networks: 11 (5), 443

Frenkel, Daan, and Berend Smit
Simulation of Phase Coexistence for Complex Molecules: 11 (3), 246

Gould, Harvey, Jan Tobochnik, and Louis Colonna-Romano
Entropy-Driven Phase Transitions: 11 (2), 157

Karbach, Michael, and Gerhard Muller
Introduction to the Bethe Ansatz I:  11 (1), 36

Muller, Gerhard: See Karbach, Michael.

Rapaport, D. C.
An Introduction to Interactive Molecular-Dynamics Simulations: 11 (4), 337

Smit, Berend: See Frenkel, Daan.

Tobochnik, Jan: See Gould, Harvey.


Birnbaum, Dave
Real Computing Made Real: Preventing Errors in Scientific and Engineering Calculations,
Forman S. Acton: 11 (1), 45

Clendenning, Lester M. and Patrick T. Tam
Mathematica in Theoretical Physics: Selected Examples from Classical Mechanics to
Fractals, Gerd Baumann: 11 (6), 595

Daukantas, Patricia
Beyond Calculation: The Next Fifty Years of Computing, Peter J. Denning and Robert M.
Metcalfe: 11 (6), 597

De Jong, Marvin L.
Computational Physics, Nicholas J. Giordano: 11 (4), 351

Greene, Ronald L.
Nonlinear Physics with Maple for Scientists and Engineers, Richard H. Enns and George C.
McGuire: 11 (5), 451

Grest, Gary S.
High Performance Computing: Challenges for Future Systems, David J. Kuck: 11 (3), 259

Harrington, Randal
Being Digital, Nicholas Negroponte: 11 (3), 261

Hubisz, John L.
NetLearning: Why Teachers Use the Internet, Ferdi Serim and Melissa Koch: 11 (5), 451
Science on the Web: A Connoisseur's Guide to Over 500 of the Best, Most Useful, and
Most Fun Science Websites, Edward J. Renehan Jr.: 11 (5), 451

McKay, Susan R.
The Monte Carlo Method in Condensed Matter Physics: Second, Corrected and Updated
Edition, edited K. Binder: 11 (2), 166

Sipson, Roger
Exploring Java, Patrick Niemeyer and Joshua Peck: 11 (1), 46
Java in a Nutshell, David Flanagan: 11 (1), 46

Snowman, Daniel P.
Computer: A History of the Information Machine, Martin Campbell-Kelly and Wiliam
Aspray: 11 (3), 256

Styer, Daniel
Quantum Mechanics Using Maple, Marko Horbatsch: 11 (2), 165

Templon, J. A. and W. M. Dennis
Numerical Algorithms with C, Gisela Engeln-Müllges and Frank Uhlig: 11 (6), 594
Numerical Algorithms with Fortran, Gisela Engeln-Müllges and Frank Uhlig: 11 (6), 594

Tobochnik, Jan
Understanding Molecular Simulation, Daan Frenkel and Berend Smit: 11 (4), 351

Wolpert, Seth
Artificial Minds, Stan Franklin: 11 (3), 258


Dotzel, Günter, and Wojtek Skulski
Oberon-2, A High-Performance Alternative to C++:  11 (1), 81

Dubois, Paul
The Future of Scientific Programming: 11 (2), 168
Is Java for Scientific Programming?: 11 (6), 611

Furnish, Geoffrey
Disambiguated Glommable Expression Templates: 11 (3), 263

Gray, Mark G., and Randy M. Roberts
Object-Based Programming in Fortran 90: 11 (4), 355

Roberts, Randy M.: See Gray, Mark G.

Skulski, Wojtek: See Dotzel,Günter

Steiner, M. M., W. Wenzel, J. W. Wilkins, and Kenneth G. Wilson
Object-Oriented Techniques in Large Scientific Computing Projects: Experience with C++:
11(5), 467

Wenzel, W.: See Steiner, M. M.

Wilkins, J. W.: See Steiner, M. M.

Wilson, Kenneth G.: See Steiner, M. M.


 Bryson, Steve
 The Next Ten Years of Visualization: 11 (4), 362
 Time, Data-Time, and Real-Time Interactive Visualization: 11 (3), 270
 Visualization '96: Volume Rendering Shifts Into High Gear: 11(2), 174

Schmidt,  Jeffrey R.
Animation in the Unix Environment: A Primer: 11 (6), 618

Shen, Han-Wei
Using Line-Integral Convolution to Visualize Dense Vector Fields: 11 (5), 474


Burr, A. F.
Interactive Physics 3.0 Delights Windows Users Also: 11 (3), 275
Coïsson, R., and G. Allodi
Mathlab Compiler and C Math Library Simplify Programming Chores: 11 (1), 89

Mathews, Kirk A.
TK Solver 3.0 Organizes and Solves Physics Problems: 11 (2), 181

Shirer,  Donald L.
Symbolic I/O Leads List of New Mathematica 3.0.1 Features: 11 (6), 624

Thompson, William J.
Three Fortran Systems for Desktop Computers: 11 (4), 370


Bacon, Michael E.: See Baines, C. G. Stafford.

Baines, C. G. Stafford, and Michael E. Bacon
Note on using computer simulations in teaching introductory digital electronics courses:
11 (1), 116

Barach, John Paul
Computational study of patterns in simple nonequilibrium systems: 11 (1), 96

Boyd, John P.
Padé approximant algorithm for solving nonlinear ODE boundary value problems on an unbounded
domain: 11(3), 299

Cole, James B.
High accuracy solution of Maxwell's equations using nonstandard finite differences: 11 (3), 287

Danese, G., I. De Lotto, D. Dotti, and F. Leporati
A parallel special-purpose computer dedicated to the simulation of interacting particle systems:
11 (6), 630

De Ronde, J. F.,  G. D. Van Albada, and P. M. A. Sloot
Simulation of gravitational wave detectors: 11 (5), 484

Gekelman, W.: See Mandrake, L.

Ghaousia, Syedah Fatima, Nasir M. Mirza, and Sikander M. Mirza
Development of PC-based nuclear instruments for gamma-ray spectroscopy using scintillation
detectors: 11 (5), 516

Hasbun, J. E.: See John, George.

He, Bohr: See Sigurdsson, Steinn.

He, Song
Stabilizing the Richardson eigenvector algorithm by controlling chaos: 11 (2), 194

Hernquist, Lars: See Sigurdsson, Steinn.

Hua, Xin-Min
Monte Carlo simulation of Comptonization in inhomogeneous media: 11 (6), 660

John, George C., J. E. Hasbun, and Vijay A. Singh
Simple scheme for the numerical evaluation of nearly singular integrals: 11 (3), 293

Lampton, Michael
Damping-undamping strategies for the Levenberg-Marquardt nonlinear least-squares method:
11 (1), 110

Lenstra, Daan: See Mirasso, Claudio R.

MacLeod, Allan J.
Accurate and efficient evaluation of the Bose-Einstein functions g3/2 and g5/2: 11 (4), 385

Mandrake, L., and W. Gekelman
Large-scale Windows 95-based data-acquisition system using LabVIEW: 11 (5), 498

Melhem, Rami: See Sigurdsson, Steinn.

Mirasso, Claudio R., Martijn Mulder, Hans J. W. Spoelder, and Daan Lenstra
Visualization of the "Sisyphus" attractor: 11 (3), 282

Mirza, Nasir M.: See Ghaousia, Syedah Fatima.

Mirza, Sikander M.: See Ghaousia, Syedah Fatima.

Mulder, Martijn: See Mirasso, Claudio R.

Nelson, Kirsten: See Takach, Stephen F.

Paul, S. R., See Spencer, C. D.

Quiroz González, J. L. M., and D. Thompson
Getting started with Numerov's method: 11 (5), 514

Reader, Joseph
Transition arrays in atomic spectroscopy with a commercial spreadsheet program: 11 (2), 190

Scales, John A.: See Villarreal, Alberto.

Schulz, Stefan, and Regina de Vivie-Riedle
A practical approach to multivariate interpolation: 11 (6), 647

Schweizer, W., and P. Fassbinder
The discrete variable method for non-integrable quantum systems: 11 (6), 641

Sigurdsson, Steinn, Bohr He, Rami Melhem, and Lars Hernquist
Implementing an efficient collisionless N-body code on the Cray T3D: 11 (4), 378

Singh, Vijay A.: See John, George.

Sloot, P. M. A.: See De Ronde, J. F.

Spencer, C. D., and S. R. Paul
Hardware and software for a pulse height analyzer linked to a personal computer:  11 (1), 101

Spoelder, Hans J. W.: See Mirasso, Claudio R.

Takach, Stephen F., and Kirsten Nelson
Design of the control software for the muon readout system in NA48: 11 (5), 508

Tao, Ping-Kee
Confronting students' alternative conceptions in mechanics with the Force and Motion
Microworld: 11 (2), 199

Thompson, D.: See Quiroz González, J. L. M.

Van Albada, G. D.: See De Ronde, J. F.

Villarreal, Alberto, and John A. Scales
Distributed three-dimensional finite-difference modeling of wave propagation in acoustic media:
11 (4), 388

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