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Computers in Physics


Index to Volume 12, 1998


Abelson, Harold, and Nancy Forbes
Amorphous-Computing Techniques May Lead to Intelligent Materials: 12 (6), 520

Becker, Mark
XML Structures Data for the Web: 12 (4), 310

Boghosian, Bruce M.
See Yeomans, Julia M.: 12 (6), 522

Daukantas, Patricia
Collective Phenomena, Educational Software Top CCP 1998 Program: 12 (4), 306
Federal Initiative Could Improve Civilian Access to Terascale Computing: 12 (6), 527
Large-Scale Computing Still a Big Part of Annual Conference: 12 (1), 12
SC98 Conference Looks to the Future Back in Disneytown: 12 (5), 408
Southern Spain Sets Scene for Computational-Physics Conference: 12 (1), 14
Supercomputing Partnerships Acquire Data and User Accounts: 12 (3), 218
Ten Years Ago: Jan/Feb 1988: 12(1), 11
Ten Years Ago: Jul/Aug 1988: 12 (4), 311
Ten Years Ago: Mar/Apr 1988: 12 (2), 113
Ten Years Ago: May/Jun 1988: 12 (3), 217
Ten Years Ago: Nov/Dec 1988: 12 (6), 524
Ten Years Ago: Sep/Oct 1988: 12 (5), 410
Update: Asteroids Make Waves . . . Scientists Compute . . . New E-Journal Surfaces:
12 (2), 114

Donnelly, Denis
Educators Focus on the Web in New Orleans: 12 (2), 112

Forbes, Nancy
See Abelson, Harold: 12 (6), 520

Forbes, Nancy, and Seth Lloyd
Quantum Computing: Stepping Closer to Reality: 12 (1), 8

Forbes, Nancy, and Richard J. Lipton
DNA Computing: A Possible Efficiency Boost for Specialized Problems: 12 (4), 304

Holmes, Lewis M.
Condensed Phases Crack Under Computational Assault: A Report on the APS March Meeting:
12 (3), 216
Talking Computational Shop in the Penumbra of the Alhambra: 12 (6), 525

Lipton, Richard J.
See Forbes, Nancy

Lloyd, Seth
See Forbes, Nancy

Yeomans, Julia M., and Bruce M. Boghosian
Conference Spotlights Advanced Fluid-Simulation Techniques: 12 (6), 522

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Cybenko, George, and Holmes, Lewis M.
New Magazine Expands AIP's Computers in Physics and IEEE Computational Science & Engineering: 12 (6), 516

Foster, Ian, and Carl Kesselman
Computational Grids: On-Demand Computing in Science and Engineering: 12 (2), 109

Borcherds, P. H., J. Marro, and J. Nadrchal
Granada Hosts a World Venture in Computational Science: 12 (4), 301

Duke, Dennis
Moore for Your Money at SC98: 12 (5), 405

Holmes, Lewis M.
See Cybenko, George: 12 (6), 516

Kesselman, Carl
See Foster, Ian

Marro, J.
See Borcherds, P. H.

Nadrchal, J.
See Borcherds, P. H.

Sargent, Murray III
Making the Switch from Physics to Software: A First-Order Phase Transition: 12 (3), 213

Truchard, James
Instrumentation Joins the PC Revolution: 12 (1), 6


Kunz, Michelle
Bravo on Ada 95 Coverage: 12 (4), 312

Neill, Greg
Reader studies chaotic-pendulum problem: 12 (5), 411

Rapkin, Marwin
Ada's Attractions: 12 (4), 312

Sherwood, Bruce
Plato Was a Medium, Not the Message: 12 (6), 528


Roscoe Giles
From Theory to Practice, by David I. Lewin: 12 (2), 110

Herbert Hauptmann
Making Molecular Structures Crystal Clear, by David I. Lewin: 12 (1), 6

Sidney Karin
Supercomputing Survivor, by David I. Lewin: 12 (4), 302

Steven Louie
From Nanocomputers to the Earth's Core: 12 (5), 406

Gordon Moore
The Accidental Entrepreneur: 12 (6), 518

Jeremiah Ostriker
Computing the Universe, by David I. Lewin: 12 (3), 214


Abraham, Farid F., Jeremy Q. Broughton, Noam Bernstein, and Efthimios Kaxiras
Spanning the Length Scales in Dynamic Simulation: 12 (6), 538

Koplik, Joel, and Jayanth R. Banavar
See Koplik, Joel

Barnes, D.
See Casper, T. A.

Bernstein, Noam
See Abraham, Farid F.

Broughton, Jeremy Q.
See Abraham, Farid F.

Casper, T. A., B. Howard, R. Hunt, W. H. Meyer, J. M. Moller, B. McHarg, P. Henline, K. Keith, K. Greene, S. Davis, D. Barnes, T. Gibney, P. Roney, & D. Greenwood
Remote Experimental Environment: Building a Collaboratory for Fusion Scientific Research:
12 (3), 220

Davis, S.
See Casper, T. A.

Gibney, T.
See Casper, T. A.

Greene, K.
See Casper, T. A.

Greenwood, D.
See Casper, T. A.

Henline, P.
See Casper, T. A.

Howard, B.
See Casper, T. A.

Hunt, R.
See Casper, T. A.

Kaxiras, Efthimios
See Abraham, Farid F.

Keith, K.
See Casper, T. A.

Koplik, Joel, and Jayanth R. Banavar
Physics of Fluids at Low Reynolds Numbers--A Molecular Approach: 12 (5), 424

Mcharg, B.
See Casper, T. A.

Meyer, W. H.
See Casper, T. A.

Moller, J. M.
See Casper, T. A.

Roney, T.
See Casper, T. A.


Agosto, F. J.
See Esteban, E. P.

Alexander, David J.
See Cary, John R.

Beichner, Robert J.
See Titus, Aaron P.

Cary, John R., and David A. Alexander
Reusable Java Components for Physics Education: 12 (4), 314

Christian, Wolfgang
Developing Web-Based Curricula Using Java Physlets: 12 (3), 227

Cumaranatunge, Chandima
Creating Interactive Multimedia Simulations Without Programming: 12 (5), 413

Esteban, E. P., and F. J. Agosto
Using Web Technology in Undergraduate Research: 12 (6), 530

Martin, L. W.
See Titus, Aaron P.

Takats, Martha
Creating and Displaying Animated GIFs for Physics Instruction: 12 (1), 16

Titus, Aaron
See Christian, Wolfgang

Titus, Aaron P., L. W. Martin, and Robert J. Beichner
Web-Based Testing in Physics Education: Methods and Opportunities: 12 (2), 117


Becker, Mark
CIP Website Supports CiSE: 12 (6), 535
CIP's Ninth Annual Educational Software Contest: 12 (1), 20
Complete Online Index of CIP: 12 (5), 422
Online Archival Edition of CIP: 12 (4), 319
Online Version Enhances Article on Computational-Physics Course: 12 (3), 233
Virtual Bookshelf: 12 (2), 124


Becker, Mark
The Center for Research on Parallel Computation: 12 (6), 536
Hypatia and the Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies:
12 (2), 125
Parallel Processing Using Linux: 12 (5), 423
PhysLINK: 12 (3), 234
The Structure, Stability, and Dynamics of Complex Systems: 12 (4), 320
Virtual Laboratory (University of Oregon) : 12 (1), 20


Matey, James R.
New Directions and Old A Farewell to Computers in Physics: 12 (6), 547
Also see Paavola, Stephen

Paavola, Stephen, and James R. Matey
Catching the Right Bus, Part VIII: Packet Switching for Very-High-Performance
Data-Acquisition and Analysis Systems: 12 (3), 235


Bonomi, Ernesto, Leesa Brieger, Carlo Nardone, and Enrico Pieroni
Phase Shift Plus Interpolation: A Scheme for High-Performance Echo-Reconstructive Imaging:
12 (2), 126

Brieger, Leesa
See Bonomi, Ernesto

Descloux, J., J.-L. Fattebert, and F. Gygi
Rayleigh Quotient Iteration, An Old Recipe for Solving Modern Large-Scale Eigenvalue
Problems: 12 (1), 22

Fattebert, J.-L.
See Descloux, J.

Goedecker, Stefan, and Oleg Ivanov
Solution of Multiscale Partial Differential Equations Using Wavelets: 12 (6), 548

Gygi, F.
See Descloux, J.

Ivanov, Oleg
See Goedecker, Stefan

Nardone, Carlo
See Bonomi, Ernesto

Pieroni, Enrico
See Bonomi, Ernesto


Cumaranatunge, Chandima
See Rebello, N. Sanjay

Donnelly, Denis
CIP's Ninth Annual Software Contest: The Winners: 12 (6), 556

Escalada, Lawrence T.
See Rebello, N. Sanjay

Fadner, Willard
See Sung, Ruwang

Kowallik, Hans
See Landau, Rubin H.

Landau, Rubin H., Hans Kowallik, & Manuel J. Páez
Web-Enhanced Undergraduate Course and Book for Computational Physics: 12 (3), 240

Mallory, Kendall
See Sung, Ruwang

Páez, Manuel J.
See Landau, Rubin H.

Rebello, N. Sanjay, Chandima Cumaranatunge, Lawrence T. Escalada, and Dean A. Zollman
Simulating the Spectra of Light Sources: 12 (1), 28

Sung, Ruwang, Willard Fadner, Courtney Willis, and Kendall Mallory
Computer-Enhanced Physics Laboratories: 12 (2), 133

Wallin, John F.
Distance Learning and the World Wide Web: 12 (4), 322

Willis, Courtney
See Sung, Ruwang

Young, Richard
Electric-Field Mapping Revisited: 12 (5), 432

Zollman, Dean A.
See Rebello, N. Sanjay


Billeter, Jeffrey, and Robert Pelcovits
Simulations of Liquid Crystals: 12 (5), 440

Di Ventra, M. and C. J. Fall
General Solution Scheme for Second-Order Differential Equations: Application to Quantum
Transport: 12 (3), 248

Fall, C. J.
See Di Ventra, M.

Ferguson, Charles D., W. Klein, and John B. Rundle
Long-Range Earthquake Fault Models: 12 (1), 34

Giordano, Nicholas
The Physics of Vibrating Strings: 12 (2), 138

Jakobsson, Eric
See Scott, H. Larry

Karbach, Michael, Kun Hu, and Gerhard Müller
Introduction to the Bethe Ansatz II: 12 (6), 565

Hu, Kun
See Karbach, Michael

Klein, W.
See Ferguson, Charles D.

Müller, Gerhard
See Karbach, Michael

Pelcovits, Robert
See Billeter, Jeffrey

Rundle, John B.
See Ferguson, Charles D.

Scott, H. Larry, Eric Jakobsson, and Shankar Subramaniam
Simulations of Lipid Membranes with Atomic Resolution: 12 (4), 328

Subramaniam, Shankar
See Scott, H. Larry


Bennett, Charles A.
A Physicist's Guide to Mathematica, Patrick Tam: 12 (1), 41

Garcia, Alejandro
Scientific Computing: An Introductory Survey, Michael T. Heath: 12 (3), 256

Luzar, Alenka
Molecular Modeling, Basic Principles and Applications, H. D. Holtje and G. Folkers:
12 (1), 42

Matey , James R.
Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative, Edward R. Tufte:
12 (2), 146

McKay, Susan
Dynamics of Complex Systems (Studies in Nonlinearity), Yaneer Bar-Yam: 12 (4), 335

Natarajan, Lakshmi
Computation of Atomic Processes: A Handbook for the ATOM Programs, M. Ya Amusia
and L. V. Chernysheva: 12 (2), 148

Newton, Roger G.
Variational Principles and the Numerical Solution of Scattering Problems, Sadhan K.
Adhikari: 12 (4), 336

Novak, Gregor M.
HTML: The Definitive Guide (2nd ed.), Chuck Musciano and Bill Kennedy;
JavaScript: The Definitive Guide (2nd ed.), Davad Flanagan: 12 (1), 43

Powell, Adam IV
Lattice-Gas Cellular Automata: Simple Models of Complex Hydrodynamics, Daniel P.
Rothman and Stepane Zaleski: 12 (6), 576

Rollins, Roger W.
Simulations for Solid State Physics, Robert H. Silsbee and Jörg Dräger: 12 (5), 449

Snowman, Daniel P.
The Beginner's Guide to Mathematica Version 3, Jerry Glynn and Theodore Gray: 12 (5), 451

Strogatz, Steven H.
The Genesis of Simulation in Dynamics: Pursuing the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Problem,
Thomas P. Weissert: 12 (6), 574

Zachary, Joseph L.
Atlas for Computing Mathematical Functions, William J. Thompson: 12 (3), 254


Alley, W. Edward
See Still, Charles H.

Bik, Aart J. C., Fabian Breg, and Dennis B. Gannon
Compiler Support for Java Parallelization: 12 (1), 45

Breg, Fabian
See Bik, Aart J. C.

Cummings, Julian C.
See Reynders, John V. W. III

Furnish, Geoffrey
Container-Free Numerical Algorithms in C++: 12 (3), 258

Gannon, Dennis B.
See Bik, Aart J. C.

Langer, Steven H.
A Comparison of the Floating-Point Performance of Current Computers: 12 (4), 338
See Still, Charles H.

Reynders, John V. W. III, and Julian C. Cummings
The POOMA Framework: 12 (5), 453

Stift, Martin J.
Scientific Programming with Ada 95: Object-Oriented, Parallel, and Safe: 12 (2), 150

Still, Charles H., Steven H. Langer, W. Edward Alley, and George B. Zimmerman
Shared-Memory Programming with OpenMP: 12 (6), 577

Zimmerman, George B.
See Still, Charles H.


Armstrong, Daryl, Ian Llanas, Frank Russo, and Jeffrey R. Schmidt
Visualization of Electromagnetic Fields Using Awk: 12 (2), 159

Bryson, Steve
How Visualization Can Lead Us Astray: 12 (6), 585
Three-Dimensional Visualization for Everyone: 12 (4), 346
Visualization '97 Brings New Technical Developments: 12 (1), 53

Llanas, Ian
See Armstrong, Daryl

Russo, Frank
See Armstrong, Daryl

Schmidt, Jeffrey R.
See Armstrong, Daryl


Consularo, Luis Augusto, and Luciano da Fontoura Costa
MATCOM Integrates MATLAB Resources Into Standalone Applications: 12 (5), 460

Costa, Luciano da Fontoura
See Consularo, Luis Augusto

Lichten, William
Scientific and Graphing Calculators: 12 (6), 588

Shirer, Donald L.
BBEdit 4.5 Adds More HTML Tools: 12 (1), 60
Excel Add-Ons Improve Graphing and Statistical Analyses: 12 (4), 352
Fortran 90 Subsets Offer Simplified Environment for First-Time Users: 12 (2), 166
Maple V Turns Over a New Leaf: 12 (3), 267


Adler, Joan
See Kidan, T.

Alda, Witold, Witold Dzwinel, Jacek Kitowski, Jacek Moscinski, Marek Pogoda, and David A. Yuen
Complex fluid-dynamical phenomena modeled by large-scale molecular-dynamics simulations:
12 (6), 595

Balfagón, A. and X. Jaén
TTC: Symbolic tensor calculus with indices: 12 (3), 286

Baba, Mamoru
See Nishidate, Kazue

Beris, Antony N.
See Kulkarni, Jaydeep A.

Biswas, Tarun
Group theory (symmetries) in a computer game: 12 (5), 488

Burgess, Mark, Hårek Haugerud, and Are Strandlie
Object orientation and visualization of physics in two dimensions: 12 (3), 274

Chang, C. H.
See Hansen, G. A.

Cobut, D.
See Williams, S. A.

Cole, James B.
Erratum: "High accuracy solution of Maxwell's equations using nonstandard finite differences"
[Comput. Phys. 11, 287 (1997)]: 12 (2), 181
Generalized nonstandard finite differences and physical applications: 12 (1), 82

Córdoba-Torres, Pedro, Fernando Enriquez, and Víctor Fairén
Optimal start of a Taylor integrator by control of local error: 12 (2), 200

Devaney, Judith
See Fowler, Howland A.

Dzwinel, Witold
See Alda, Witold

Elisseev, V. V.
Parallelization of three-dimensional spectral laser-plasma interaction code using
High Performance Fortran: 12 (2), 173

Enriquez, Fernando
See Córdoba-Torres, Pedro

Fairén, Víctor
See Córdoba-Torres, Pedro

Ferrandiz, José M.
See Vigo-Aguiar, Jesús

Fleischmann, Frank
See Pruksch, Matthias

Fowler, Howland A., Judith E. Devaney, John G. Hagedorn, and Francis E. Sullivan
Dielectric breakdown in a simplified parallel model: 12 (5), 478

Fureby, C.
See Weller, H. G.

Gaylord, Richard J.
See Nishidate, Kazue

Gekelman, Walter
See Mitchell, Chris

Gorman, M.
See Robbins, K. A.

Gutiérrez, José Manuel, and Andrés Iglesias
Mathematica package for analysis and control of chaos in nonlinear systems: 12 (6), 608

Hagedorn, John G.
See Fowler, Howland A.

Hansen , G. A. and C. H. Chang
Efficient visualization of a plasma spray simulation: 12 (1), 65

Haugerud, Hårek
See Burgess, Mark

Hendrikse, Jan
See Thijsse, Barend J.

Hollanders, Mark A.
See Thijsse, Barend J.

Iglesias, Andrés
See Gutiérrez, José Manuel

Jaén, X.
See Balfagón, A.

Jasek, H.
See Weller, H. G.

Karlen, Dean
Using projections and correlations to approximate probability distributions: 12 (4), 380

Kidan, T., Joan Adler, and A. Ron
Numerical simulations of an atomic beam focused by an optical potential: 12 (5), 471

Kitowski, Jacek
See Alda, Witold

Kulkarni, Jaydeep A., and Antony N. Beris
New approach for simulating chain conformations in dense polymers using fully populated lattice models: 12 (6), 641

Long, Lyle N.
See Martin, Jared

Martin, Jared, Lyle N. Long, and Kevin M. Morooney
Using Java for scientific programming and electromagnetics: 12 (6), 601

Mitchell, Chris, and Walter Gekelman
Real-time physics data-visualization system using Performer: 12 (4), 371

Morooney, Kevin M.
See Martin, Jared

Moscinski, Jacek
See Alda, Witold

Nishidate, Kazue, Mamoru Baba, and Richard J. Gaylord
ASECA: A cellular-automata simulation program for a silicon anisitropic super-micro-etching
process in aqueous KOH: 12 (1), 88

O'Meara, John M.
See Taylor, Edwin F.

Omelyan, Igor P.
On the numerical integration of motion for rigid polyatomics: The modified quaternion approach:
12 (1), 97

Pogoda, Marek
See Alda, Witold

Pruksch , Matthias and Frank Fleischmann
Positive iterative deconvolution with energy conservation: 12 (2), 182

Robbins, K. A. and M. Gorman
Using image processing and computer animation to analyze spatial and temporal dynamics
in a pattern-forming system: 12 (1), 73

Ron, A.
See Kidan, T.

Sawley, M. L.
See Williams, S. A.

Simos, T. E.
An explicit sixth-order Bessel and Neumann fitted method for the numerical solution of the
Schrödinger Equation: 12 (6), 635
Computer-algebra program for constructing exponentially fitted methods for solution of the
Schrödinger equation: 12 (3), 290

Strandlie, Are
See Burgess, Mark

Sullivan, Francis E.
See Fowler, Howland A.

Tabor, G.
See Weller, H. G.

Taylor, Edwin F., Stamatis Vokos, John M. O'Meara, and Nora S. Thornber
Teaching Feynman's sum-over-paths quantum theory: 12 (2), 190

Thijsse, Barend J., Mark A. Hollanders, and Jan Hendrikse
A practical algorithm for least-squares spline approximation of data containng noise: 12 (4), 393

Thompson, William J.
Principal-value integrals by a simple and accurate finite-interval method: 12 (1), 94

Thornber, Nora S.
See Taylor, Edwin F.

Trefry, M. G., and Townley, L. R.
Laplace flow near an ellipsoidal conductor: 12 (5), 503

Trefry, M. G.
See Townley, L. R.

Vigo-Aguiar, Jesús, and José M. Ferrandíz
Higher-order variable-step algorithms adapted to the accurate numerical integration of
perturbed oscillators: 12 (5), 467

Vokos, Stamatis
See Taylor, Edwin F.

Wei, Liqiang
A new formula for 9-j symbols and their direct calculation: 12 (6), 632

Weller, H. G. , G. Tabor, H. Jasak, and C. Fureby
A tensorial approach to computational continuum mechanics using object-oriented techniques:
12 (6), 620

Williams, S. A., M. L. Sawley, and D. Cobut
Distributed run-time visualization and solution steering of parallel flow simulations: 12 (5), 493

Windt, David L.
IMD--Software for modeling the optical properties of multilayer films: 12 (4), 360

Yuen, David A.
See Alda, Witold

Ziff, Robert M
Four-tap shift-register-seuence random-number generators: 12 (4), 385

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