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Computers in Physics


Index to Volume 3, 1989


Casasent, David
Optical Computing, by D.G. Feitelson: 3 (4), 102

Gould, Harvey
Fractal Growth Phenomena, by Tamas Vicsek: 3 (5), 108
The Numerical Solution of Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, by Granville Sewell:
3 (6), 98

Kohin, Roger P.
Theoretical Physics on the Personal Computer, by E.W. Schmid, G. Spitz, and W. Losch: 3 (3), 81

Martin, Jeanne T.
Fortran 8x Explained, by Michael Metcalf and John Reid: 3 (2), 82

Peters, Randall D.
Practical Computing for Experimental Scientists, by John D. Beasley. : 3 (2), 81

Skiff, Peter
Computational Philosophy of Science, by Paul Thagard: 3 (6), 96

Street, Robert L.
Numerical Modeling of Water Waves, by Charles L. Mader: 3 (4), 103

Thompson, W. J.
Computer Simulation and Computer Algebra: Lectures for Beginners, by D. Stauffer, F. W. Hehl,
V. Winkelmann, and J. G. Zabolitzky: 3 (3), 83

White, Richard L.
Solving Problems on Concurrent Processors Vol. 1: General Techniques and Regular Problems,
by G. Fox, M. Johnson, G. Lyzenga, S. Otto, J. Salmon, and D. Walker: 3 (1), 83

Wu-Wei Liu, Stanley
Concrete Mathematics: A Foundation for Computer Science, by Ronald L. Graham,
Donald E. Knuth, and Oren Patashnik: 3 (5), 106


Syed, M.Q., and M.A. Hastaoglu
The Use of HYPERCARD in Physics: 3 (6), 81

Hastaoglu, M. A.
See Syed, M. Q.


Ferrenberg, Alan, and Robert Swendsen
Optimized Monte Carlo Data Analysis: 3 (5), 101

Gould, Harvey, and Jan Tobochnik
Overcoming Critical Slowing Down: 3 (4), 82

Swendsen, Robert
See Ferrenberg, Alan

Tobochnik, Jan, and Harvey Gould
Quantifying Chaos: 3 (6), 86

Gould, Harvey
See Tobochnik, Jan

Tobochnik, Jan
See Gould, Harvey

ESSAYS Top of Page

Bacon, Ben
The Last Positivist: 3 (5), 112

Borchers, Robert R.
A Quieter Revolution: 3 (3), 96

Clark, Barry
Viewing the World Through a Computer: 3 (4), 112

Donnelly, Denis
A Means to an End: 3 (6), 112


Anderson, Dana Z.
Optical Systems That Imitate Human Memory: 3 (2), 19

Batican, Peter
New Computer Architectures For Lattice QCD: 3 (1), 17

Bording, R. Philip
See Myron, James R.

Campbell, William J., Nicholas M. Short, and Lloyd A. Treinish
Adding Intelligence to Scientific Data Management: 3 (3), 26

Carlson, Edward H.
Three Software Construction Methods: 3 (3), 17

Ewald, Robert H.
Perspectives From The Field: Cray Research: 3 (1), 33

Gawlinski, Edward
See Mihalisin, Ted

Goodman, Seymour E., William K. McHenry, and Peter Wolcott
Scientific Computing In The Soviet Union: 3 (1), 39

Hecht, Jeff
Physical Limits of Computing: 3 (4), 34

Jenkins, Richard A.
New Approaches In Parallel Computing: 3 (1), 24

Lines, Larry R.
See Myron, James R.

McHenry, William K.
See Goodman, Seymour E.

Middleditch, John
Adventures in Fourier Space: Hunting the Millisecond Pulsar: 3 (4), 19
Computer Detection of Pulsar 1987A: 3 (4), 14

Mihalisin, Ted, Edward Gawlinski, John Timlin, and John Schwegler
Multidimensional Graphing in Two-Dimensional Spaces: 3 (6), 33

Myron, James R., Larry R. Lines, and R. Philip Bording
Computers in Seismic Tomography: 3 (2), 26

Noble, Julian
Scientific Computation in Forth: 3 (5), 31

Phillpot, S., Sidney Yip, and Dieter Wolf
How Do Crystals Melt?: 3 (6), 20

Rapaport, Dennis
Visualizing Physics: 3 (5), 19

Schwegler, John
See Mihalisin, Ted

Short, Nicholas M.
See Campbell, William J.

Timlin, John
See Mihalisin, Ted

Treinish, Lloyd A.
See Campbell, William J.

Wolcott, Peter
See Goodman, Seymour E.

Wolf, Dieter
See Phillpot, S.

Yip, Sidney
See Phillpot, S.


Anderson, David V., Alan R. Fry, Ralf Gruber, and Alexandre Roy
Gigaflop speed algorithm for the direct solution of large block-tridiagonal systems in 3-D physics
applications: 3 (2), 33

Arndt, Richard A., and L. David Roper
Scattering in a spherical potential: Motion of complex-plane poles and zeros: 3 (2), 65

Balamuth, D. P.
See Kutt, P. H.

Bhat, C. L.
See Sawhney, K. J. S.

Black, S. C. and A. D. Kennedy
Gaussian random number generators on a CYBER-205: 3 (3), 59

Boyd, Iain D.
Monte Carlo simulation of an expanding gas: 3 (3), 73

Branham, Richard L. Jr.
A program for total (orthogonal) least squares in compact storage mode: 3 (3), 42

Bribiesca, Adolfo
See Castano, Victor M.

Brown, Leslie I.
See Feibig, Peg L.

Butler, D. M., and M. H. Pendley
The visualization management system approach to visualization in scientific computing: 3 (5), 40
A visualization model based on the mathematics of fiber bundles: 3 (5), 45

Camarda, H. S.
Diagonalization of a complex Hermitian matrix with a band structure: 3 (5), 78

Castano, Victor M., and Adolfo Bribiesca
Computer-aided design and analysis of electronic circuits for instrumentation and control:
3 (4), 69

Chan, F. L., K. M. Lau, C. L. Li, H. M. Mok, D. J. Newman, and Betty Ng
Least-squares fitting of parametrized Hamiltonians to energy levels: An investigation into
alternative strategies: 3 (6), 47

Chen, G.
See Hardt, S. L.

Cook, Norman D.
Computing nuclear properties in the fcc model: 3 (2), 73

Corey, Ellen M., and David A. Young
Optimization of physical data tables by simulated annealing: 3 (3), 33

Dahiya, J. N., and R. W. Freeman
Computer interfacing of a microwave resonant cavity for temperature measurements during
dielectric relaxation: 3 (4), 49

Decyk, Viktor K., and Joan E. Slottow
Supercomputers in the classroom: 3 (2), 50

DeVries, Paul L.
See Sweeney, Christopher J.

Diamanti, R.
See Santucci, S.

Dickens, J. K.
Use of Monte Carlo techniques to derive yields for n + '2C multibody breakup reactions:
Programming the computer to simulate collisions by fast neutrons: 3 (6), 62

Enloe, C. L.
Solving coupled, nonlinear differential equations with commercial spreadsheets: 3 (1), 75

Etter, Delores M.
See Feibig, Peg L.

Feibig, Peg L., Leslie I. Brown, and Delores M. Etter
Digital waveform sampling rate converter: 3 (3), 38

Forinash, Kyle, and Ray Wisman
Constructive interaction between computer science and physics programs: 3 (3), 50

Freed, J. H.
See Vasavada, K. V.

Freeman, R. W.
See Dahiya, J. N.

Froese Fischer, Charlotte, and Muhammad Idrees
Spline algorithms for continuum functions: 3 (3), 53

Fry, Alan R.
See Anderson, David V.

Gettys, W. Edward
See Sebhatu, Mesgun

Gorbics, M. S.
See Meyer, W. T.

Gray, James
See Siedband, Melvin P.

Gray, K. J., B. G. Peterson, L. V. Knight, and J. M. Thorne
Simulated response of multilayer x-ray reflectors to damaging fluxes: 3 (4), 65

Gruber, Ralf
See Anderson, David V.

Hardt, S. L., and G. Chen
Semi-intuitive computations and artificial intelligence: Dimensional analysis as a case study:
3 (2), 55

Harrison, D. E. Jr.
See Smith, R.

Herrera, Eduardo
See Morales-Acevedo, Arturo

Hocking, W. K.
Performing Fourier transforms on extremely long data streams: 3 (1), 59

Kaul, I. K.
See Sawhney, K. J. S.

Kaul, S. K.
See Sawhney, K. J. S.

Koul, R.
See Sawhney, K. J. S.

Knight, L. V.
See Gray, K. J.

Idrees, Muhammad
See Froese Fischer, Charlotte

Inchiosa, Mario E., and Steven A. Janowsky
A parallel algorithm for determining the ground state of some ferromagnetic spin systems:
3 (1), 55

Janowsky, Steven A.
See Inchiosa, Mario E.

Johnson, T.K., and R. L. Vessella
On the application of parallel processing to the computation of dose arising from the internal
deposition of radionuclides: 3 (3), 69

Kennedy, A. D.
See Black, S. C.

Kutt, P. H., and D. P. Balamuth
Operating experience with a multiple-processor system for data acquisition and reduction
in nuclearphysics: 3 (5), 52

Lau, K. M.
See Chan, F. L.

Li, C. L.
See Chan, F. L.

Lozzi, L.
See Santucci, S.

Meyer, W. T., and M. S. Gorbics
A simple microprocessor for FASTBUS slave modules: 3 (4), 73

Mok, H. M.
See Chan, F. L.

Morales-Acevedo, Arturo, Eduardo Herrera, and Heriberto Valencia
Inexpensive microcomputerbased system for solar cell I-V characterization: 3 (2), 46

Newman, D. J.
See Chan, F. L.

Ng, Betty
See Chan, F. L.

Nicolas, David P.
See Taylor, Clayborne D.

Ogilvie, J. F.
Computer algebra in modern physics: 3 (1), 66

Pendley, M. H.
See Butler, D. M.

Peterson, B. G.
See Gray, K. J.

Pickover, Clifford A.
A note on computer experiments with chaotic shattering of level sets: 3 (6), 69
Markov aggregation on a sticky circle: 3 (4), 79

Picozzi, P.
See Santucci, S.

Rawat, H. S.
See Sawhney, K. J. S.

Roper, L. David
See Arndt, Richard A.

Rots, Arnold H.
Special purpose image display devices and techniques at the National Radio Astronomy
Observatory: 3 (6), 41

Roy, Alexandre
See Anderson, David V.

Santucci, S., P. Picozzi, L. Lozzi, and R. Diamanti
A simple and low-cost interface between an apparatus for Auger spectroscopy and a personal
computer: 3 (6), 57

Sawhney, K. J. S., I. K. Kaul, R. Koul, C. L. Bhat, H. S. Rawat, and S. K. Kaul
PC-based data acquisition system for the Gulmarg gamma-ray telescope: 3 (3), 47

Sebhatu, Mesgun, and W. Edward Gettys
A least-squares method for extracting phase shifts: 3 (5), 65

Siedband, Melvin P., Huilian Zhang, and James Gray
Block truncation image compression with bit-map compensation: 3 (6), 52

Slottow, Joan E.
See Decyk, Viktor K.

Smith, R., and D. E. Harrison Jr.
Algorithms for molecular dynamics simulations of keV particle bombardment: 3 (5), 68
Simulation of the dynamics of ion-bombarded surfaces on a desktop computer: 3 (4), 41

Sweeney, Christopher J., and Paul L. DeVries
Time-dependent quantum-mechanical scattering in two dimensions: 3 (1), 49

Taheri, Bahman
See Zammit, Ronald E.

Taylor, Clayborne D., and David P. Nicolas
An adaptive data-smoothing routine: 3 (2), 63

Thorne, J. M.
See Gray, K. J.

Treinish, Lloyd A.
An interactive, discipline-independent data visualization system: 3 (4), 55

Valencia, Heriberto
See Morales-Acevedo, Arturo

Vasavada, K. V., and J. H. Freed
Application of Lanczos and conjugate gradient methods to a class of computational problems
in physics: 3 (5), 61

Vessella, R. L.
See Johnson, T.K.

Visscher, P. B.
Discrete formulation of Maxwell equations: 3 (2), 42

Westerveld, W. B.
Plotting of closed field lines with an application to coherently excited atoms: 3 (5), 74

Wisman, Ray
See Forinash, Kyle

Young, David A.
See Corey, Ellen M.

Zhang, Huilian
See Siedband, Melvin P.

Zammit, Ronald E., and Bahman Taheri
A simple SCSI bus interface for 8 bit data transfers: 3 (1), 77

NEWS Top of Page

Bacon, Ben
A More Efficient Monte Carlo: 3 (2), 14
Alaska Satellite Imaging Center To Study Polar Ice Cap: 3 (1), 13
CERN Physicists Prepare To Handle L3 Data In Parallel: 3 (1), 15
IBM Physicist Developing Software To Generate 3-D Atomic-Level Holograms: 3 (1), 9
NCUBE 2 and Thinking Machines CM-2a Aimed at University Market: 3 (4), 9
NOAA Pits Expert Systems Against Weathermen: 3 (1), 11
Neural Network Scheduling for Hubble Space Telescope: 3 (3), 14
Relativity Back in the Realm of the Senses: The Null-Strut Calculus: 3 (2), 9
Trollius + Transputers = Processing Power: 3 (2), 12
Using Small Computers to Control Big Experiments: MTL and CEBAF: 3 (3), 11
Visualization at SIGGRAPH: 3 (5), 11

Karpf, Andreas
AIP Launches Academic Software Project: 3 (6), 81
SUPERNODE 2: 3 (6), 16
Voyager Scientists Have a Field Day With Neptune Data: 3 (6), 13


Cralle, R. K.
What if Gauss Had Had a Mouse? Mathematica 1.2: 3 (6), 92
NeXT Computer, NeXT Inc: 3 (5), 93

Dory, Robert A.
WingZ Spreadsheet Program, Informix Software Inc: 3 (4), 93

MacDonald, Joe
Where to Buy Scientific Programming Languages: 3 (1), 85


Press, William H., and Saul A. Teukolsky
Cyclic Redundancy Checks for Data Integrity or Identity: 3 (4), 88
Integrating Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations: 3 (3), 88
Quasi- (that is, Sub-) Random Numbers: 3 (6), 76
Computing Accurate Integrals With the FFT: 3 (1), 91
Fourier transforms of real data in two and three dimensions: 3 (5), 84

Rybicki, George B.
Dawson's Integral and The Sampling Theorem: 3 (2), 85

Teukolsky, Saul A.
See Press, William H.


Dory, Robert A.
Matrices and Contour Plots: 3 (3), 84
Ordinary differential equations: 3 (5), 88

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