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Computers in Physics


Index to Volume 4, 1990


Bacon, Ben
APS TGCP and CIP Cosponsor Conference: 4 (3), 226
Government and Industry Jointly Fund Gigabit Network Research: 4 (4), 345
Improved On-line Services Available From AIP's PINET: 4 (3), 226
Micro to Macro Grand Challenges: 4 (5), 457

Gaylord, Richard
Report from the 1990 Mathematica Conference: 4 (3), 130

Karpf, Andreas
Caltech Introduces Computational Science Ph.D. Program: 4 (1), 12
Large-Scale Mapping of the Universe with IRAS Data: 4 (1), 9
Plasma Simulations Used to Design New Magnetic Fusion Devices: 4 (2), 121
Quantum Monte Carlo Applied to Matter Simulations: 4 (2), 127

Wolff, Robert S.
Report from NCGA Conference: 4 (3), 225


Baier, G.
See Rossler, O. E.

Bettge, Thomas W.
See Washington, Warren

Bitz, Francois J., and Norman J. Zabusky
David and "Visiometrics": Visualizing and Quantifying Evolving Amorphous Objects: 4 (6), 603

Boghosian, Bruce
Computational Physics on the Connection Machine: 4 (1), 14

Cahalan, Gabriel D.
See Cahalan, Robert F.

Cahalan, Robert F., Henning Leidecker, and Gabriel D. Cahalan
Chaotic Rhythms of a Dripping Faucet: 4 (4), 368

Chervin, Robert M.
High Performance Computing and the Grand Challenge of Climate Modeling: 4 (3), 234

Crandall, Richard E.
The NeXT Computer as Physics Machine: 4 (2), 132

Dozier, Jeff
Looking Ahead to EOS: The Earth Observing System: 4 (3), 248

Erdman, Lynne
See Frame, Michael

Field, Mike, and Martin Golubitsky
Symmetric Chaos: 4 (5), 470

Flanagan, J.L.
Computers in Speech Communications Research: 4 (6), 592

Frame, Michael, and Lynne Erdman
Coloring Schemes and the Dynamic Structure of Iterated Function Systems: 4 (5), 500

Golubitsky, Martin
See Field, Mike

Gottscho, Richard A.
See Graves, David B.

Graves, David B., and Richard A. Gottscho
Computer Applications in Plasma Materials Processing: 4 (6), 584

Greengard, Leslie
The Numerical Solution of the N-Body Problem: 4 (2), 142

Hudson J. L.
See Rossler, O. E.

Klein, M.
See Rossler, O. E.

Krug, M.
See Rossler, O. E.

Leidecker, Henning
See Cahalan, Robert F.

Markus, Mario
Chaos in Maps with Continuous and Discontinuous Maxima: 4 (5), 481

McRae, Gregory, and Armistead G. Russell
Smog, Supercomputers, and Society: 4 (3), 227

Morrison, Richard A.
Remote Monitoring of Electric Appliances with an Intelligent Monitor: 4 (4), 362

Parisi, J.
See Rossler, O. E.

Peinke, J.
See Rossler, O. E.

Petrig, Benno L., and Charles E. Riva
Measurement and Simulation of the Human Eye: 4 (1), 36

Pickover, Clifford A.
The World of Chaos: 4 (5), 460

Riva, Charles E.
See Petrig, Benno L.

Rossler, O. E., M. Klein, G. Baier, J. Parisi, M. Krug, and J. L. Hudson
Sierpinski Sponge in a Simple Generic Diffeomorphism: 4 (5), 494

Russell, Armistead G.
See McRae, Gregory

Washington, Warren, and Thomas W. Bettge
Computer Simulation of the Greenhouse Effect: 4 (3), 240

Wolff, Robert S.
The Macintosh Scientific Computing Environment: 4 (4), 348

Zabusky, Norman J.
See Bitz, Francois, J.


Aguirregabiria, J.M., A. Hernandez, M. Rivas, and M. A. Valle
On the equilibrium configuration of point charges placed on an ellipse: 4 (1), 60

Arnold, Clifford N.
Methods for performance evaluation of algorithms and computers: 4 (5), 514

Aronson, J. W.
CHAOS: A SUN-based program for analyzing chaotic systems: 4 (4), 408

Bishop, Marvin, Jordan D. Perel, and Victoria Swan
Investigation of sorting algorithms on a variety of computers: 4 (2), 179

Blackburn, James A., and H. J. T. Smith
Modeling superconducting networks containing Josephson junctions by means of PC-based
circuit simulation software: 4 (5), 526

Boyd, John P.
A Chebyshev/radiation function pseudospectral method for wave scattering: 4 (1), 83

Boyer, A. L.
See Wells, N. H.

Burrus, C. S.
See Wells, N. H.

Cahill, Kevin
How to use MACSYMA to write long FORTRAN codes for noncompact simulations of gauge
theories: 4 (2), 159

Calitz, M. F., A. G. DuToit, and W. Drijfhout
Analysis of high-perveance electron guns: 4 (3), 280

Chia, T. T., and Y. K. Lai
Microcomputer-generated holograms--The programming aspects: 4 (1), 73

DeAcetis, Louis A., Oron Schmidt, and Kumar Krishen
Using ADA tasks to simulate operating equipment: 4 (5), 521

Desobry, G. E.
See Wells, N. H.

Dickof, Peter
See Mitchell, J. Ross

Dossa, Don
See Ram-Mohan, L. R.

Dreitlein, Joseph F., and Jon R. Sauer
Spinor software tools in C+ +: 4 (1), 64

Drijfhout, W.
See Calitz, M. F.

du Toit, A. G.
See Calitz, M. F.

Esteban, E. P., and E. Ramos
Algebraic computing and the Newman-Penrose formalism: 4 (3), 285

Farrar, Kelly A., and Adrian L. Melott
Gravity in twisted space: 4 (2), 185

Frazier, William G.
See Younan, Nicolas H.

Garner, J.
Numerical solution to the Schrödinger equation by constrained optimization: 4 (4), 395

Giles, Roscoe
See Mansuripur, Masud

Goldstein, Barry
See Sachar, Kenneth S.

Hernandez, A.
See Aguirregabiria, J. M.

Hertz, Paul
An algorithm for the fast Fourier transform on a Connection Machine: 4 (1), 86

Horowitz, E. J.
A general field-line plotting algorithm: 4 (4), 418

Jacobson, L. A.
A fast data smoothing algorithm: 4 (4), 400

Krishen, Kumar
See DeAcetis, Louis A.

Laeri, Franco
Some comments on maximum entropy spectral analysis of time series: 4 (6), 627

Lai, Y. K.
See Chia, T. T.

Law, Alan G.
See Mitchell, J. Ross

Leclerc, G., and L. Sanche
Spreadsheets for computing charged-particle trajectories in 3-D electrostatic fields: 4 (6), 617

Lentz, W. J.
Continued fraction calculation of spherical Bessel functions: 4 (4), 403

Mackie, T. R.
See Sinder, A.

Manner, R., and O. Stucky
The Polyp multiprocessor: Architecture and applications in nuclear physics: 4 (3), 267

Mansuripur, Masud, and Roscoe Giles
Simulation of the magnetization-reversal dynamics on the Connection Machine: 4 (3), 291

Melott, Adrian L.
See Farrar, Kelly A.

Mitchell, J. Ross, Peter Dickof, and Alan G. Law
A comparison of line integral algorithms: 4 (2), 166

Murai, Y.
See Yamazaki, M.

Ning, Xiaohui
Modeling saturable absorption using 3-D spreadsheets: 4 (5), 532

Perel, Jordan D.
See Bishop, Marvin

Ram-Mohan, L. R., Sunil Saigal, Don Dossa, and J. Shertzer
The finite-element method for energy eigenvalues of quantum mechanical systems: 4 (1), 50

Ramos, E.
See Esteban, E. P.

Rivas, M.
See Aguirregabiria, J. M.

Roomany, Hamzeh H.
A graph theoretic approach to the brachistochrone problem: 4 (3), 303

Sachar, Kenneth S., and Barry Goldstein
Optimization of the controlled separation of biologically active diagnostic magnetic probes: (6), 637

Saigal, Sunil
See Ram-Mohan, L. R.

Saleh, A. H. M.
Time domain analysis of the impulse response of physical systems using optimization methods:
4 (3), 275

Sanche, L.
See Leclerc, G.

Sauer, Jon R.
See Dreitlein, Joseph F.

Schmidt, Oron
See DeAcetis, Louis A.

Shertzer, J.
See Ram-Mohan, L R.

Smith, Jr., Frank A.
Animating the physics lecture with Amiga BASIC: 4 (2), 155

Smith, H. J. T.
See Blackburn, James A.

Snider, A., and T. R. Mackie
Continuous antialiased 2-D and 3-D transformations in discrete space: 4 (1), 78

Stucky, O.
See Maner, R.

Swan, Victoria
See Bishop, Marvin

Tobochnik, Jan
Efficient random walk algorithm for computing conductivity in continuum percolation systems:
4 (2), 181

Valle, M. A.
See Aguirregabiria, J. M.

Wampler, K. Dean
The object-oriented programming paradigm (OOPP) and FORTRAN programs: 4 (4), 385

Welch, Daniel W.
Imaging by convergent tiling: 4 (6), 645

Wells, N. H., C. S. Burrus, G. E. Desobry, and A. L. Boyer
Three-dimensional Fourier convolution with an array processor: 4 (5), 507

Yamazaki, M., and Y. Murai
Simulation of an antiferromagnet by microcomputer: 4 (2), 173

Younan, Nicolas H., and William G. Frazier
A statistic filter routine: 4 (6), 615

Yu, K. W.
Quantum transmission in periodic potentials: A transfer matrix approach: 4 (2), 176


Cook, David M.
Computational Exercises for the Upper-Division Undergraduate Physics Curriculum: 4 (3), 308
Introducing Computational Tools in the Upper-Division Undergraduate Physics Curriculum:
4 (2), 197

Donnelly, Denis
CIP's First Annual Software Contest: The Winners: 4 (5), 540
Solving Differential Equations Using MathCAD: 4 (1), 97

Horbatsch, Marko
Teaching Calculus and Linear Algebra with DERIVE: 4 (6), 656

Orr, B. G.
See Sears, R. K.

Sanders, Jr., T. M.
See Sears, R. K.

Sears, R. K., B. G. Orr, and T. M. Sanders Jr.
A Scanning Tunneling Microscope for Undergraduate Laboratories: 4 (4), 427


Family, Fereydoon, and Tamas Vicsek
Simulating Fractal Aggregation: 4 (1), 44

Gould, Harvey, and Jan Tobochnik
More on Fractals and Chaos: Multifractals: 4 (2), 202
See Reynolds, Peter J.
See Tobochnik, Jan

Harris, R.
Demons at Work: 4 (3), 314

Kaufman, Charles
See Srivastava, Niraj

Mulder, Keith
See Tobochnik, Jan

Muller, Gerhard
See Srivastava, Niraj

Reynolds, Peter J., Jan Tobochnik, and Harvey Gould
Diffusion Quantum Monte Carlo: 4 (6), 662

Srivastava, Niraj, Charles Kaufman, and Gerhard Muller
Hamiltonian Chaos: 4 (5), 549

Tobochnik, Jan, Harvey Gould, and Keith Mulder
An Introduction to Quantum Monte Carlo: 4 (4), 431
See Gould, Harvey
See Reynolds, Peter J.

Vicsek, Tamas
See Family, Fereydoon


Farrar, Glennys R.
See Press, William H.

Press, William H., and Glennys R. Farrar
Recursive Stratified Sampling for Multidimensional Monte Carlo Integration: 4 (2), 190

Press, William H., and Saul A. Teukolsky
Elliptic Integrals: 4 (1), 92
Fredholm and Volterra Integral Equations of the Second Kind: 4 (5), 554
Hypergeometric Functions by Direct Path Integration: 4 (3), 320
Orthogonal Polynomials and Gaussian Quadrature with Nonclassical Weight
Functions: 4 (4), 423
Savitzky-Golay Smoothing Filters: 4 (6), 669

Teukolsky, Saul A.
See Press, William H


Dory, Robert A.
Macros in a Spreadsheet: 4 (5), 558
Neural Networks: 4 (3), 324

Orvis, William J.
Fitting Data to Equations with Spreadsheet Programs: 4 (1), 99


Kohin, Roger P.
Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos, by J. M. T. Thompson, and H. B. Stewart: 4 (3), 329

Macomber, Hilliard K.
Fields and Electrodynamics--A Computer-Compatible Introduction, by Pieter B. Visschler:
4 (4), 441

Mazel, David S.
Introduction to Applied Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Chaos, by Stephen Wiggins:
4 (5), 563

Nosenchuck, Daniel M.
Neural Computing Architectures: The Design of Brain-Like Machines, by Igor Aleksander:
4 (2), 212

Simon, Michal
Electronic and Computer-Aided Astronomy, by Ian S. McClean: 4 (1), 104

Turner, Rick
Chaotic Dynamics--An Introduction, by G. L. Baker, and J. P. Gollub: 4 (5), 562
Quantum Mechanics on the Personal Computer, by Seigmund Brandt, and Hans Dieter
Dahmen: 4 (5), 562


Tietz, Jim
The Analog Connection Workbench 3.0, Strawberry Tree, Inc.: 4 (1), 106

Maier, W.L.
Derive Version 1.58, Soft Warehouse, Inc.: 4 (2), 210

Duffy, Philip B.
Igor Version 1.2, WaveMetrics: 4 (6), 674


Watson, Val
The Change in Critical Technologies for Computational Physics: 4 (4), 436

Wolff, Robert S.
Engineering Paradigm Shifts: 4 (2), 208
Exploratory Visualization--The "War" on Data Glut: 4 (5), 536
Navigating Through Multi-Dimensional Data Sets: Dynamical User Interface Issues: 4 (6), 650
Visualization 101: A Tour Guide of Basic Concepts: 4 (3), 260

ESSAYS Top of Page

Bacon, Ben
The Electronic Journal?: 4 (4), 448
In Defense of the Turing Test: 4 (2), 216

Borchers, Robert R.
Computers, Physics and Our World: 4 (3), 336
The Dog Ate the Manuscript: 4 (6), 680

Fox, Geoffrey
The Teraflop Supercomputer: 4 (1), 112

Pickover, Clifford A.
The Twenty-Fourth Annual Meeting of the Chaos Society: 4 (5), 568

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