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Computers in Physics


Index to Volume 5, 1991


Anderson, David, and Elaine Oran
Highlights of Physics Computing '91: 5 (5), 455

Holmes, Lewis M.
Exhibitors Target Physics Users: 5 (6), 561

Noble, Julian V.
Highlights of the 1990 Rochester FORTH Conference: 5 (4), 367

Oran, Elaine
See Anderson, David

Zeyher, Allen
Chaos in the Classroom: 5 (1), 9
Cray Constructs Powerful Chemistry: 5 (4), 369
Simulating the Very Early Universe: 5 (2), 135
Solar Simulations Point to Sonic Shock Waves: 5 (6), 559


Bertschinger, Edmund, and James M. Gelb
Cosmological NBody Simulations: 5 (2), 164

Boghosian, Bruce M.
Lattice Gases Illustrate the Power of Cellular Automata in Physics: 5 (6), 585

Borchers, Robert R.
See Grubb, David P.

Clark, David A.
See Norman, Michael

Cline, Richard W.
Networking a Physics Department: A Case History: 5 (1), 22

Crandall, Richard E.
Symbolic Software Supports New Adventures in Physics: 5 (6), 576

Davidson, Arthur
Chaos Researchers Bring Diverse Phenomena Into Focus: 5 (6), 574

DeJong, Marvin, L.
Computers in Introductory Physics: 5 (1), 12

Dubois, Paul F.
Object-Oriented Programming Creates a "Software Revolution": 5 (6), 568

Gekelman, Walter, James Maggs, and Lingyu Xu
Real-Time Relativity: 5 (4), 372

Gelb, James M.
See Bertschinger, Edmund

Grubb, David P., and Robert R. Borchers
Workstations Emerge as Major Scientific Resource: 5 (6), 571

Harter, William G.
Nothing Going Nowhere Fast: Computer Graphics in Physics Courses: 5 (5), 466

Leuze, Michael R., and Robert C. Ward
Parallel Computers Take Lead in Complex Problem Solving: 5 (6), 582

Maggs, James
See Gekelman, Walter

Martin, Richard F. Jr., George Skadron, and Robert D. Young
Computers, Physics and the Undergraduate Experience: 5 (3), 302

Max, Claire E.
Computer Simulation of Astrophysical Plasmas: 5 (2), 152

Mazur, Eric
Can We Teach Computers to Teach?: 5 (1), 31

Noble, Julian V.
Avoid Decisions: 5 (4), 386

Norman, Michael, David Clarke, and James M. Stone
Computational Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics: 5 (2), 138

Pickover, Clifford A.
An Informal Survey of the Scientific and Social Impact of a Soda Can-Sized
Super-Supercomputer: 5 (3), 290

Press, William H.
See Smarr, Larry L.

Seel, Max
Modeling of Solid Rocket Fuel: From Quantum Chemistry to Fluid Dynamics Simulations:
5 (5), 460

Skadron, George
See Martin, Richard F. Jr.

Smarr, Larry L.
Visualization Captures the Imagination of Physicists: 5 (6), 564

Smarr, Larry L., and William H. Press
Astronomical Computing in the 1990s: The Bahcall Committee Report: 5 (2), 180

Stone, James M.
See Norman, Michael

Taylor, Cyrus
Mathematica in the Classroom: 5 (1), 16

Ward, Robert C.
See Leuze, Michael R.

Wilson, Jack M.
Computer Software Has Begun to Change Physics Education: 5 (6), 580

Wolff, Robert S.
Visualization as a Tool for Physics Education: 5 (3), 278

Xu, Lingyu
See Gekelman, Walter

Young, Robert D.
See Martin, Richard F. Jr.


Alex, Michael, and Jason Crain
Mean-field analysis on the Macintosh: 5 (2), 193

Andersen, David R.
See Regan, Jeffrey J.

Ayala, G. F.
See Migliore, M.

Barrett, H. H.
See R. L. Shoemaker

Belinfante, F. J.
Computing Dirac's atomic hydrogen wave functions of the continuum
using summation of mathematically divergent series: 5 (3), 319

Crain, Jason
See Alex, Michael

Creutz, Michael
Abelian sandpiles: 5 (2), 198

Deprit, Etienne
See Healy, Liam

Dill, Dan
Implementing matrix mechanics in Mathematica: Determination of Clebsch-Gordan
coefficients by matrix diagonalization: 5 (6), 616

Feldman, Albert
See McClain, Marjorie

Folland, N. O.
On accurate integration algorithms: 5 (5), 483

Fornili, S. L.
See Migliore, M.

Giles, Roscoe
See Mel'cuk, Andrew I.

Giles, Roscoe, and Masud Mansuripur
Possible sources of coercivity in thin films of amorphous rare earth-transition metal alloys:
5 (2), 204

Gould, Harvey
See Mel'cuk, Andrew I.

Hall, B. D.
A general purpose interactive programmable laboratory interface system
using the IEEE-488 Bus: 5 (3), 323

Hall, B. D., and R. Monot
Calculating the Debye-Scherrer diffraction pattern for large clusters: 5 (4), 414

Healy, Liam, and Etienne Deprit
Paint by number: Uncovering phase flows of an integrable dynamical system: 5 (5), 491

Herrmann, E. J.
See Spencer, C. D.

Hon, David
A new method for visualizing data on a sphere: 5 (5), 505

Kahaner, David
See McClain, Marjorie

Korsch, H. J., and A. Wagner
Fractal mirror images and chaotic scattering: 5 (5), 497

Krueger, Wolfgang
The application of transport theory to visualization of 3-D scalar data fields: 5 (4), 397

Landesman, A.
See Shoemaker, R. L.

Mahonen, Petri
Parallel signal processing workstation environment: 5 (6), 611

Mansuripur, Masud
See Giles, Roscoe

McClain, Marjorie, Albert Feldman, David Kahaner, and Xuantong Ying
An algorithm and computer program for the calculation of envelope curves: 5 (1), 45

Mel'cuk, Andrew I., Roscoe Giles, and Harvey Gould
Molecular dynamics simulation of liquids on the Connection Machine: 5 (3), 311

Metcalf, Michael
A derived-data type for data analysis: 5 (6), 599

Migliore, M., G. F. Ayala, and S. L. Fornili
Concurrent simulation of neurons on multi-Transputer systems: 5 (6), 605

Monot, R.
See Hall, B. D.

Regan, Jeffrey J., and David R. Anderson
Reflection and refraction of optical beams at dielectric interfaces: 5 (1), 49

Pawley, G. S.
A simple model for the molecular dynamics of condensed phases: 5 (5), 479

Sanchez, Hector Jorge
A new peak search routine for fast evaluation on small computers: 5 (4), 407

Seacat, R. H. III
See Shoemaker, R. L.

Shoemaker, R. L., H. H. Barrett, A. Landesman, R. H. Seacat III, and B. B. Taylor
The Trimm parallel processor: 5 (4), 418

Spencer, C. D., and E. J. Hermann
Parallel I/O ports for the IBM microchannel: 5 (5), 488

Taylor, B. B.
See Shoemaker, R. L.

Visscher, P. B.
A fast explicit algorithm for the time-dependent Schrodinger equation: 5 (6), 596

Wagner, A.
See Korsch, H. J.

Weiszmann, A. N.
Computer modeling in nonlinear optics: 4W-mixing theory: 5 (6), 591

Ying, Xuantong
See McClain, Marjorie


Donnelly, Denis
CIP Announces Winners of Second Annual Software Contest: 5 (6), 636

Dunleavy, Keith
See Huggins, Elisha

Gupta, Anuj
See Huggins, Elisha

Huggins, Elisha, Samuel Velez, Keith Dunleavy, and Anuj Gupta
Use of the Macintosh Oscilloscope in Undergraduate Science Education: 5 (2), 220

Parker, G. W.
What is the Capacitance of Parallel Plates?: 5 (5), 534

Tam, Patrick
Physics and Mathematica: 5 (3), 342
Physics and Mathematica: 5 (4), 438

Velez, Samuel
See Huggins, Elisha


Bak, Per
Catastrophes and Self-Organized Criticality: 5(4),430

Gould, Harvey
See Slanic, Zoran

Kaufman, Charles
See Srivastava, Niraj

Muller, Gerhard
See Srivastava, Niraj

Potvin, Jean
Computation of the Surface Tension: 5 (3), 333

Slanic, Zoran, Harvey Gould, and Jan Tobochnik
Dynamics of the Classical Heisenberg Chain: 5 (6), 630

Srivastava, Niraj, Charles Kauffman, and Gerhard Muller
Hamiltonian Chaos II: 5 (3), 239

Stauffer, Dietrich
Programming Cellular Automata: 5 (1), 62

Strandburg, Katherine J.
Quasicrystals and Aperiodic Tilings: 5 (5), 520

Tobochnik, Jan
See Slanic, Zoran


Press, William H., and Saul A. Teukolsky
Bessel Functions of Fractional Order: 5 (2), 244
Modified Bessel Functions of Fractional Order: 5 (3), 330
Multigrid Methods for Boundary Value Problems. I.: 5 (5), 514
Multigrid Methods for Boundary Value Problems. II.: 5 (6), 626
Numerical Calculation of Derivatives: 5 (1), 68
Simulated Annealing Optimization Over Continuous Spaces: 5 (4), 426

Teukolsky, Saul A.
See Press, William H.


Dory, Robert A.
Contour Plots for Spreadsheets: 5 (5), 529

Poshusta, R. D.
Spreadsheet Error Analysis of Least Squares Fitted Models Using Monte Carlo Simulation:
5 (2), 248


Stauffer, Dietrich
Complex System Dynamics--An Introduction to Automata Networks, by Gerard Weisbuch:
5 (3), 329


Gatland, Ian R.
The Daedalon Ultrasonic Measurement System: 5 (5), 541

A. John Mallinckrodt
Interactive Physics Version 1.2: 5 (3), 349

Kenneth R. Foster
Mathematica Version 2.0: 5 (6), 643

John E. Gastineau
Spacetime: 5 (4), 443

1991 Directory of Physics Courseware: 5 (1), 71


Hughes, Peter
Building a Terrain Renderer: 5 (4), 434

Whitton, Mary
Visualization for Sun Users: 5 (1), 40

Wolff, Robert S.
Visualization of Floating Point Data: You Don't Always Get What You See: 5 (3), 339

ESSAYS Top of Page

Bacon, Ben
An Answer to Eric's Question: 5 (1), 128
Physics Computing '91: 5 (2), 256

Borchers, Robert R.
Physicists Take Stock of Computing Advances: 5 (6), 648

Laws, Priscilla
The Role of Computers in Introductory Physics Courses: 5 (5), 552

Rigden, John S.
Cold Fusion With Computers?: 5 (4) ,448
Physics: Ideas and Devices? Or, Devices and Ideas?: 5(3), 360

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