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Computers in Physics

Index to Volume 7, 1993



Bajwa, Param D.
Physics Computing '93 looks at methodologies for fundamental research: 7 (2), 126
First Rahman prize winner focuses on educational reform: 7 (5), 488
Companies exhibit resources for computational physicists: 7 (5), 490
Submission Deadline is Approaching for PC '94: 7 (6), 614

Borchers, Robert R.
SC '93 brings high-performance computing to Portland: 7 (5), 491

Bryson, Steve
Symposium considers applications of virtual reality: 7 (5), 495

Duke, Dennis
Computing Finalists focus on Gigabit Networking: 7 (6), 618

Gjertsen, Margaret
EDUCOM exhibitors unveil educational products: 7 (1), 7

Holmes, Lewis M.
Supercomputing specialists try out clusters and networks: 7 (1), 6

Lewin, David I.
HPCC grandly challenges physics community: 7 (2), 118
NREN seen as a forerunner of national information infrastructure: 7 (3), 254
NASA Goddard strives to make data-mining easier: 7 (4), 383
NIST gives America the time of day: 7 (5), 492
Supercomputing '93 Showcases Parallel Computing Finalists: 7 (6), 614
Physics Computing '93 Program: 7 (3), 319

Stauffer, Dietrich
Computers and dinosuars on Route 66: 7 (5), 489

Voss, Howard G.
Computers abound at AAPT winter meeting: 7 (2), 124

Zehyer, Allen
Cray enters MPP world with T3D: 7 (2), 120
Adaptive mesh yields discoveries in black hole studies: 7 (2), 122
Numerical tokamaks illuminate plasma physics: 7 (3), 256
Simulated materials reveal microfractures: 7 (4), 382
CFD tools expand flow analysis horizons: 7 (5), 486


Boris, Jay P.
See Oran, Elaine S.

Dongarra, Jack, G. A. Geist, Robert Manchek, and V. S. Sunderam
Integrated PVM Framework Supports Heterogeneous Network Computing: 7 (2), 166

Duke, Dennis W.
Cluster Computing Exploits Performance and Cost Advantages: 7 (2), 176

Franta, W. R., Joe Halpern and James Huges
Mix and Match Technologies Boost Communication Speed in Today's Data-Networking
Environment: 7 (6), 666

Geist, G. A.
See Dongarra, Jack

Gunter, Berton H.
How Statistical Design Concepts Can Improve Experimentation in the Physical Sciences:
7 (3), 262

Halpern, Joe
See Franta, W. R.

He, G.
See Landau, R. H.

Hughes, James
See Franta, W. R.

Landau, R. H., T. Mefford, and G. He
Visualizations in Few-body Physics: 7 (3), 296

Manchek, Robert
See Dongarra, Jack

Mefford, T.
See Landau, R. H.

Oran, Elaine S. and Jay P. Boris
Computing Turbulent Shear Flows--a Convenient Conspiracy: 7 (5), 523

Rinaldo, Frank and Steve Wolbers
Loosely Coupled Parallel Processing at Fermilab: 7 (2), 184

Sunderam, V.S.
See Dongarra, Jack

Wolbers, Steve
See Rinaldo, Frank

Wolff, Robert S.
Multimedia in the Classroom and the Laboratory: 7 (4), 426


Anderson, Ronald K.
See Pickett, Robert C.

Arizpe, Humberto
See Morales-Acevedo, A.

Backstrom, G.
Curve fitting by Lagrange interpolation: 7 (2), 213

Bartolo, R.
See Esaulov, V. E.

Brommer, Karl D., B. E. Larson, M. Needels and J. D. Joannopoulos
Implementation of the Car-Parinello algorithm for ab initio total energy calculations on a
massively parallel computer: 7 (3), 350

Brunini, A. and P. E. Zadunaisky
Estimation of global errors in the numerical solution of ordinary differential equations: 7 (1), 81

Caprari, Robert S.
Least-squares orthogonal polynomial approximation in several independent variables: 7 (3), 336

Cote, P. J.
See Meisel, L. V.

Cunningham, Robert W.
Comparison of three methods for determining fit parameter uncertainties for the Marquardt
Compromise: 7 (5), 570

De Boeck, W.
See Wegener, W.

D'Hooghe, P.
See Wegener, W.

Ding, Hong Q.
Monte Carlo simulations of quantum systems on massively parallel supercomputers: 7 (6), 687

Dye, Judy
See Visscher, P. B.

Edwards, Mark
See Payne, M. G.

Esaulov, V. E., R. Bartolo and F. Penet
Hardware and software for a multiparametric concurrent data acquisition system: 7 (6), 696

Fang, Jen-Ho
See Visscher, P. B.

Groisman, G. And J. R. Parker
Computer-assisted photometry using simulated annealing: 7 (1), 87

Hassold, G.N. and Elizabeth A. Holm
A fast serial algorithm for the finite temperature quenched Potts model: 7 (1), 97

Holm, Elizabeth A.
See Hassold, G. N.

Joannopoulos, J. D.
See Brommer, K. D.

Johansen, G.A., J. E. Nordtvedt, and P. Vold
ElPed: An interactive PC-based learning program for basic electrical circuits: 7 (5), 577

Johnson, M. A. and L. V. Meisel
Quantifying symmetric chaos: 7 (5), 585

Jolivette, Peter L.
Least-squares fits when there are errors in X: 7 (2), 208

Kaiser, T. and G. Schweiger
Stable algorithm for the computation of Mie cofficients for scattered and transmitted fields of a
coated sphere: 7 (6), 682

Larson, B. E.
See Brommer, K. D.

Lee, W. L.
See Roy, S.

Li, Chihwen Chris and Chwan-Hwa John Wu
A particle-in-cell fluid model for radio frequency glow discharges: 7 (3), 363

Lindgren, Gordon E.
See Pickett, Robert C.

Meisel, L.V. and P. J. Cote
Exponents in lifetime and power spectral density forms in self-organized critical systems:
A Mathematica application: 7 (6) 710

Meisel, L.V.
See Johnson, M. A.

Mentele, James W.
See Roy, S.

Morales-Acevedo, A. and Humberto Arizpe
Simulating solar cells with a microcomputer: 7 (3), 343

Moriarty, K. J. M., S. Sanielevici, K. Sun, and T. Trappenberg
Object-oriented programming applied to lattice gauge theory: 7 (5), 560

Nau, Richard W.
See Roy, S.

Needels, M.
See Brommer, K. D.

Noels, Arlette, R. Papy and F. Remy
Visualizing the evolution of a star on a graphic workstation: 7 (2), 202

Nordtvedt, J. E.
See Johansen, G. A.

Pachner, J.
The nature of chaos in two systems of ordinary nonlinear differential equations: 7 (2), 226

Papy, Roland
See Noels, A.

Parker, J. R.
See Groisman, G.

Payne, M. G. and Mark Edwards
Approximate atomic structure calculations using a microcomputer: 7 (4), 465

Penet, F.
See Esaulov, V. E.

Pickett, Robert C., Gordon E. Lindgren, and Ronald K. Anderson
Power series solution of linear and nonlinear partial differential equations via symbolic
prograrnming: 7 (1), 108

Redondo, Antonio and Dipen N. Sinha
Vibrational mode analysis using maximum likelihood and maximum entropy: 7 (4), 476

Remy, Francois
See Noels, A.

Roberts, D. Aaron
An algorithm for finding spurious points in turbulent signals: 7 (5), 599

Roy, Swati, W. L. Lee, J. W. Mentele, and R. W. Nau
A comparative study of temperature extremes analysis by regression methods and by an artificial
neural network: 7 (3), 330

Sanielevici, S.
See Moriarty, K. J. M.

Schweiger, G.
See Kaiser, T.

Silbar, Richard R.
An interactive NeXTSTEP interface to Fortran code for solving coupled differential equations:
7 (5), 592

Simos, T. E.
A variable-step procedure for the numerical integration of the one-dimensional Schrödinger
equation: 7 (4), 460

Sinha, Dipen N.
See Redondo, Antonio

Sun, K.
See Moriarty, K. J. M.

Trappenberg, T.
See Moriarty, K. J. M.

van Haren, P. C.
The DOM4 Database System: 7 (6), 701

Visscher, P. B., J. Dye, and Jen-Ho Fang
A hierarchical approach to stochastic simulation of correlated systems: 7 (2), 217

Vold, P.
See Johansen, G. A.

Wegener, W., P. D'Hooghe and W. De Boeck
Data-acquisition and control system for the neutron time-of-flight spectrometer MIBEMOL:
7 (6), 714

Wu, Chwan-Hwa John
See Li, Chihwen Chris

Zadunaisky, P. E.
See Brunni, A.


Aubrecht, Gordon J.
The Excel Spreadsheet for Engineers and Scientists, by Irvin H. Kral: 7 (1), 35
Quattro Pro for Scientific and Engineering Spreadsheets, by Robert G. Parks: 7 (1), 35
Spreadsheet Physics, by Charles Misner and Patrick Cooney: 7 (1), 35

Blair, J. Morris
Data Reduction and Error Analysis for the Physical Sciences, by Philip R. Bevington
and D. Keith Robinson: 7 (4), 415

Bourzutschky, Marc
Computational Fluid Dynamics: An Introduction, edited by John Wendt: 7 (5), 542

Burr, A. F.
Introduction to Mathcad for Scientists and Engineers, by Sol Wieder: 7 (1), 36
Mathcad for Introductory Physics, by Denis Donnelly: 7 (1), 36

Gash, Philip
Computational Methods in Physics and Engineering, by Samuel S. M. Wong: 7 (6), 625

Mallinckrodt, A. John
Computing for Scientists and Engineers: A Workbook of Analysis, Numerics, and Applications,
by William J. Thompson: 7 (2), 155
Crossing the Internet Threshold: An Instructional Handbook, by Roy Tennant, John Ober, and
Anne G. Lipow: 7 (5), 543
The Internet Companion: A Beginner's Guide to Global Networking, by Tracy Laquey
and Jeanne C. Ryer: 7 (5), 543
Internet: Getting Started, by April Marine, Susan Kirkpatrick, Vivian Neou, and Carol Ward:
7 (5), 543
The Internet Passport: NorthWestNet's Guide to Our World Online (4th ed.),
by Jonathan Kochmer and NorthWestNet: 7 (5), 543
Internet Primer for Information Professionals: A Basic Guide to Internet Networking Technology,
by Elizabeth Lane and Craig Summerhill: 7 (5), 543
The Whole Internet User's Guide & Catalog, by Ed Krol: 7 (5), 543
Zen and the Art of the Internet: A Beginner's Guide (2nd ed.), by Brendan P. Kehoe: 7 (5), 543

McKay, Susan
Quattro Pro for Scientific and Engineering Spreadsheets, by Robert G. Parks: 7 (6), 624

Johnston, Ian
Molecular Dynamics Simulation: Elementary Methods, by J. M. Haile: 7 (6), 625

Roelofs, Lyle
Monte Carlo Simulation in Statistical Physics, by K. Binder and D. Heermann: 7 (2), 156

Siegel, Peter B.
A First Course in Chaotic Dynamical Systems: Theory and Experimentation,
by Robert L. Devaney: 7 (4), 416

Silbar, Richard R.
NeXTSTEP Programming, Step One: Object-oriented Applications, by Simson L. Garfinkel
and Michael K. Mahoney: 7 (3), 287

Wolpert, Seth
Neural Networks in Pattern Recognition and Their Applications, by C. H. Chen: 7 (3), 288

COMMENT Top of Page

Fuller, Robert G.
Multimedia--Hype or No?: 7 (1), 5

Giles, Roscoe
What Does Computation Have to Do with "Real" Physics?: 7 (5), 485

Irving, Larry Jr.
Why Physicists Should Care About the National Information Infrastructure: 7 (4), 381

Mirchandaney, Ravi
Cluster vs. Monolithic Parallel Machines: You May Need Both: 7 (2), 117

Negele, John W.
In Computational Physics, Change Brings Opportunities and Challenges: 7 (3), 253

Redish, Edward F.
Are Computers Appropriate for Teaching Physics?: 7 (6), 613


Lauterbach, M. J.
See Matey, James

Matey, James R.
General Principles for Application Computers in Experimental Physics: 7 (1), 12
UVR Mark 11: the History of an Automated Instrument: 7 (5), 498

Matey, James and M. J. Lauterbach
How to Control Errors in Analog-to-Digital Conversion: 7 (4), 408

Matey, James and Phillip Stein
Catching the Right Bus 1: an Overview of Architectures for Instrument Systems: 7 (2), 130

Stein, Phillip
See Matey, James

van Haren, P. C. and F. Wijnoltz
The TRAMP Data-Acquisition System: 7 (6), 638

Wijnoltz, F.
See van Haren, P. C.


Andersen, David M.
See Sherwood, Bruce Arne

Ceperley, Peter H.
Low-cost System Plots Fields and Waves in Color: 7 (3), 274

Dengler, Roman, Karl Luchner, and Dean Zollman
Computer-Video Method Evaluates Real Motion Data in Real Time for Students: 7 (4), 393

Donnelly, Denis
ClP's Fourth Annual Software Contest: The Winners: 7 (6), 647

Dworzecka, Maria
See Ehrlich, Robert

Ehrlich, Robert, Maria Dworzecka, William MacDonald, and Jaroslaw Tuszynski
Text Materials to Accompany Simulations for the CUPS Project: 7 (5), 508

Luchner, Karl
See Dengler, Roman

MacDonald, William
See Ehrlich, Robert

Sherwood, Bruce Arne and David M. Anderson
cT Creates Prize-winning Portable Physics Programs: 7 (2), 136

Tuszynski, Jaroslaw
See Ehrlich, Robert

Zollman, Dean
See Dengler, Roman

Zypman, Fredy R.
Symbolic Programming Helps to Teach Debye-Sherrer Diffraction: 7 (1), 22


Chen, Hudong
Discrete Boltzmann Systems and Fluid Flows: 7 (6), 632

Elder, Ken
Langevin Simulations of Nonequilibrium Phenomena: 7 (1), 27

Gubernatis, J. E.
See Lin, H. Q.

Lam, Lui and Rocco Pochy
Active-Walker Models: Growth and Form in Nonequilibrium Systems: 7 (5), 534

Lin, H. Q. and J. E. Gubernatis
Exact Diagonalization Methods for Quantum Systems: 7 (4), 400

Pochy, Rocco
See Lam, Lui

Potvin, Jean
Computational Quantum-Field Theory: 7 (2), 149


Davidson, Ernest R.
Monster Matrices: Their Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors: 7 (5), 519

Shriner, John F. and William J. Thompson
Angular-Momentum Coupling Coefficients: New and Improved Algorithms: 7 (2), 144

Gatland, Ian R.
A Weight-watcher's Guide to Least-Squares Fitting: 7 (3), 280

Singh, Prabhakar P. and William J. Thompson
Exploring the Complex Plane: Green's Functions, Hilbert Transforms, Analytic Continuation:
7 (4), 388

Thompson, William J.
Cutting Corners: Quick Square Roots and Trig Functions: 7 (1), 18
Numerous Neat Algorithms for the Voigt Profile Function: 7 (6), 627
See Shriner, John, F.
See Singh, Prabhakar P.


Balick, Bruce
Voyager 11 Takes Students on Joy Rides Through the Universe: 7 (5), 551

Bridges, David and Terry J. Deveau
Equation Editing with Ami Pro, Word, and Wordperfect: 7 (4), 444

Christian, Wolfgang
NeXTSTEP Has Lived up to its Promise in an Educational Environment: 7 (3), 309
Pascal Utilities Provide Programming Assistance: Comparison of M.U.P.P.E.T. and Scientific
Programmers Toolkit: 7 (2), 191

Deveau, Terry J.
See Bridges, David

Gjertsen, Margaret and John S. Risley
1993 Directory of Physics Courseware: 7 (1), 45

Mallinckrodt, A. John
Interactive Physics II: A Physics Simulation Laboratory for the Macintosh: 7 (3), 312

Risley, John S.
See Gjertsen, Margaret


Brown, Stewart A., Mike Folk, Gregory Goucher, and Russ Rew
Software for Portable Scientific Data Management: 7 (3), 304

Budge, Kent G.
See Wong, Michael K. W.

Busby, Lee
See Dubois, Paul

Decyk, Viktor K.
How to Write (Nearly) Portable Fortran Programs for Parallel Computers: 7 (4), 418

Dubois, Paul F.
Perl by Example: 7 (5), 545

Dubois, Paul and Lee Busby
Portability and the Fortran Standard: 7 (2), 162
Portable, Powerful Fortran Programs: 7 (1), 38

Folk, Mike
See Brown, Stewart A.

Goucher, Gregory
See Brown, Stewart A.

Peery, James S.
See Wong, Michael K. W.

Rew, Russ
See Brown, Stewart A.

Robinson, Allen C.
See Wong, Michael K. W.

Wong, Michael, K. W., Kent G. Budge, James S. Peery, and Allen C. Robinson
Object-Oriented Numerics: A Paradigm for Numerical Object-Oriented Programming:
7 (6), 655


Janhunen, Pekka and Douglas Stein
MathHDF: Mathlink-Based Distributed Visualization Between Mathematica and HDF Files:
7 (3), 290

Stein, Douglas
See Janhunen, Pekka

Wolff, Robert S.
Volume Visualization III: Polygonally Based Volume Rendering: 7 (2), 158
Different Techniques Visualize a Data Set: 7 (6), 644

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