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Computers in Physics


Index to Volume 8, 1994


Bajwa, Param D.
what Commercializing the Internet Will Mean for Physicists: 8 (1), 12

Chinnock, Chris
Here Come the LCD Panels and Projectors: 8 (5), 499

Gjertsen, Margaret
Educom '93 Crafts New Communities: 8 (1), 14

Gruber, Ralf
PC '94 Exhibition Features Swiss HPC: 8 (4), 379

Holmes, Lewis M.
Exhibition Links Vendors with Research: 8 (6), 628
Supercomputing Conference Emphasizes Scalable Computing and Networks: 8 (1), 8

Shearin, Rhonda
Physics Computing '94 Explores Innovations in Computational Physics: 8 (3), 241
Government and Industry Get Together on the Superhighway: 8 (6), 630

Stauffer, Dietrich
Landslides Towards Teraflops? A Review of PC '94: 8 (6), 627

Zeyher, Allen
Gravitational Chaos May Suggest Cosmic Structure Formation: 8 (4), 377
Optical Packages Look for Global Minima: 8 (2), 137
Pattern Formation Studies Combine Computation and Experiment: 8 (1), 10
Weather Models Advance by Adding Physics: 8 (6), 627

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Duax, William L.
Crystallography: Send in the Computers: 8 (1), 5

Gruber, Ralf
What Can We Learn from Physics Computing '94?: 8 (4), 373

Haigh, Peter J.
ICN Equals NII Here and Now--Not "If" and "When": 8 (2), 133

Holmes, Lewis M.
Let the Readers Be Heard!: 8 (5), 495

Petti, Richard
Why Math-Software Development Counts: 8 (6), 623

Reitmeier, Glenn A.
Watch Out Computing--Here Comes HDTV!: 8 (3), 237


John Backus
Fortran's Developer Receives Top Engineering Award, by David I. Lewin: 8 (1), 6

James Blinn
Animator Chooses Physics over Movies, by David I. Lewin: 8 (6), 624

Robert R. Borchers
NSF Foresees Bright Future for Its Supercomputing Centers, by David I. Lewin: 8 (2), 134

Vinton Cerf
Meeting Future Internet Needs, by David I. Lewin:
8 (4), 374

Larry Smarr
NCSA's Director Champions Broad Access to Supercomputers, by David I. Lewin: 8 (5), 496

Stephen Wolfram
Mathematica's Developer Asks, "Can Algorithms Replace Equations?" by David I. Lewin:
8 (3), 238


Boyer, L. L.
Predicting New Materials: 8 (1), 27

Christensen, Steven M.
Resources for Computer Algebra: 8 (3), 308

Cohen, R. E.
Electrons, Phonons, and Electron-Phonon Interactions in High-Temperature Superconductors:
8(1), 34

Day, Steven M.
See McLaughlin, Keith L.

Ginsparg, Paul
First Steps Towards Electronic Research Communication: 8 (4), 390

McLaughlin, Keith L. and Steven M. Day
3D Elastic Finite-Difference Seismic-Wave Simulations: 8 (6), 656

Roskies, Ralph
Metacomputing--Pipedream or Practical Reality?: 8 (5), 540

Shafer, David
Global Optimization in Optical Design: 8 (2), 188

Treinish, Lloyd A.
Visualizations Illuminate Disparate Data Sets in the Earth Sciences: 8 (6), 664


Dworzecka, Maria
See MacDonald, William M.

Ehrlich, Robert
See MacDonald, William M.

Ekström, Göran
Rapid Earthquake Analysis Utilizes the Internet: 8 (6), 632

MacDonald, William M., Maria Dworzecka, Robert Ehrlich, and Jaroslaw Tuszynski
Authoring on the Internet--the CUPS Series: 8 (4), 386

Ricart, Glenn
Free the Internet!: 8 (5), 509
How to Transfer Files on the Internet: 8 (1), 20
The MOSAIC Internet Browser: 8 (3), 249
Speed Limits on the Internet: 8 (2), 146

Tuszynski, Jaroslaw
See MacDonald, William M.

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Alexis, Dominique
New Attractions: Spec Sheets for New Products and Internet Goldmines: 8 (6), 640
New This Issue: Advance Program, Author Guidelines, and 100 More New Products: 8(4), 397
New This Issue: Web Link to CIP Online & Reader Survey Report: 8 (5), 511

Holmes, Lewis M.
Expanded New-Products Section Goes On Line: 8 (2), 150
Find Hundreds of Physics Products Online: 8 (3), 254


Hamlin, Christopher B., and Peggy Judd
How AIP Handles Electronic Submissions of Articles: 8 (3), 255

Ingoldsby, Tim
AlP's Applied Physics Letters Online: Coming in January: 8 (4), 398

Judd, Peggy, and Frank Perugini
AlP's Online Information Service Helps Physicists Stay Up to Date: 8 (1), 24
See also Hamlin, Christopher B.

Perugini, Frank
See Judd, Peggy


Gadre, Dhananjay V., Pramod K. Upadhyay, and Vijaya S. Varma
Catching the Right Bus, Part 2: Using a Parallel Printer Adapter as an Inexpensive Interface:
8(1), 45

Matey, James R.
Good Housekeeping Part 1: Remaining Sane in the Face of Inevitable Disasters: 8 (6), 642
See also Newrock, Richard

Newrock, Richard, and James R. Matey
Catching the Right Bus, Part 3: IEEE-488.1: 8 (3), 259

Riedel, K. S., and A. Sidorenko
Function Estimation Using Data-Adaptive Kernel Smoothers--How Much Smoothing?:
8(4), 402

Sidorenko, A.
See Riedel, K S.

Upadhyay, Pramod K.
See Gadre, Dhananjay V.

Varma, Vijaya S.
See Gadre, Dhananjay V.

Zollner, Stefan
Selecting an Operating System, Part 1: OS/2 2.X: 8 (2), 152


Butcher, J. C.
Runge-Kutta Methods in Modern Computation, Part 1: Fundamental Concepts: 8 (4), 411
Runge-Kutta Methods in Modern Computation, Part 2: Implicit Methods and Related
Applications: 8 (5), 512

Craig, I. J. D., and A. M. Thompson
Why Laplace Transforms Are Difficult to Invert Numerically: 8 (6), 648

Silbar, R. R., and H. T. Williams
Symbolic Solutions: Angular Momentum on a PC: 8 (1), 52

Thompson, A. M.
See Craig, I. J. D.

Thompson, William J.
Chebyshev Polynomials: After the Spelling the Rest Is Easy: 8 (2), 161
Mathematica and Maple: Has Champaign Met Its Waterloo?: 8 (3), 269

Williams, H. T.
See Silbar, R. R.


Abbott, Hilton
Physics Homework Management: Using HyperCard to Generate Individualized Problem Sets:
8(2), 166

Aguirregabiria, J. M., A. Hernández, and M. Rivas
Are We Careful Enough When Using Computer Algebra?: 8 (1), 56

Chaudhury, S. Raj, and Dean Zollman
Image Processing Enhances the Value of Digital Video in Physics Instruction: 8 (5), 518

Donnelly, Denis
CIP's Fifth Annual Software Contest: The Winners: 8 (6), 672

Douglas, Solomon Castillo, David M. Harrison, and Theodore G. Shepherd
The Physical Pendulum in an Advanced Undergraduate Course in Mechanics: 8 (4), 416

Harrison, David M.
See Douglas, Solomon Castillo

Hernández, A.
See Aguirregabiria, J. M.

Ratajack, Mark T., and D. O. VanOstenburg
Computer Simulation Teaches Fourier Transform NMR: 8 (3), 279

Rivas, M.
See Aguirregabiria, J. M.

Shepherd, Theodore G.
See Douglas, Solomon Castillo

VanOstenburg, D. O.
See Ratajack, Mark

Zollman, Dean
See Chaudhury, S. Raj


Adler, Joan
Series Expansions: 8 (3), 287

Goloskie, R., J. W. Kramer, and L. R. Ram-Mohan
Quantum-Mechanical Tunneling and Finite Elements: 8 (6), 679

Hu, Yue
Simulations of the Motion of Colloidal Particles in Alternating Electric Fields: 8 (5), 524

Kramer, J. W.
See Goloskie, R.

Lai, Ying-Cheng
Controlling Chaos: 8 (1), 62

Potvin, Jean
Computational Quantum Field Theory, Part 2: Lattice Gauge Theory: 8 (2), 170

Ram-Mohan, L. R.
See Goloskie, R.

Sander, Evelyn, Leonard M. Sander, and Robert M. Ziff
Fractals and Fractal Correlations: 8 (4), 420

Sander, Leonard M.
See Sander, Evelyn

Ziff, Robert M.
See Sander, Evelyn


Christian, Wolfgang and G. Andrew Antonelli
Quantum Methods with Mathematica, by James M. Feagin: 8 (4), 427

Coppersmith, Susan
Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers,
by Robert C. Hilborn: 8 (6), 689

Dimitroyannis, Dimitri
World Wide Web, by T. Berners-Lee et al.: 8 (3), 298

Friedman, Mark
Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos: With Applications to Physics, Biology, Chemistry,
and Engineering, by Steven Strogatz: 8 (5), 532

Linsay, Paul S.
Chaotic and Fractal Dynamics: An Introduction for Applied Scientists and Engineers,
by Francis Moon: 8 (1), 69

Markel, Scott
Visual Cues: Practical Data Visualization, by Peter R. Keller and Mary M. Keller: 8 (3), 297

Matey, James R.
The Image Processing Handbook, by John C. Russ: 8 (2), 177
Physics Experiments Using PCs, edited by H. M. Staudenmaier: 8 (2), 177

Pandey, Ras B.
Dynamic Modeling of Transport Process Systems, by C. A. Silebi and W. E. Schiesser:
8 (2), 178

Ulberg, Dima E.
The High Performance Fortran Handbook, by Charles H. Koelbel et al.: 8 (4), 428

Wenes, Geert
Projects in Scientific Computation, by Richard E. Crandall: 8 (5), 531
A Scientist's and Engineer's Guide to Workstations and Supercomputers,
by Rubin H. Landau and Paul J. Fink, Jr.: 8 (1), 68

Wolf, Robert P.
A First Course in Computational Physics, by Paul L. DeVries: 8 (2), 178


Amala, Paul A. K., and Garry H. Rodrigue
Programming Models for Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamics on the CM-5 (Part 1): 8 (2), 181

Amala, Paul A. K., and Garry H. Rodrigue
Programming Models for Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamics on the CM-5 (Part 2): 8 (3), 300

Dubois, Paul F.
Making Applications Programmable: 8 (1), 70

Haney, Scott
Is C++ Fast Enough for Scientific Computing?: 8 (6), 690

Peskin, Richard L., and Sandra S. Walther
SCENE--A Computational Interface System: 8 (4), 430

Rodrigue, Garry H.
See Amala, Paul A. K.

Still, Charles H.
Portable Parallel Computing via the MPII Message-Passing Standard: 8 (5), 533

Walther, Sandra S.
See Peskin, Richard L.


Backstrom, Gunnar
PDEase2 Solves Partial Differential Equations Flexibly Using Finite Elements Analysis: 8 (2), 185

Blass, William E. with Wade D. Humbard and Stephen L. Mahan
After Rough Start, Lantastic Gives Good Service in a Research Laboratory Network: 8 (3), 317

Blass, William E. with Stephen L. Mahan
IDL for Windows Impresses as a Computational System: 8 (1), 74

Blass, William E., Stephen L. Mahan, and Gordon Chin
IDL Shines on the Macintosh: 8 (4), 439

Wilkinson, Ladye Kathryn, John S. Risley, John E. Gastineau, Paula V. Engelhardt, and Scott F. Schultz
Graphs & Tracks Impresses as a Kinematic Teaching Tool: 8 (6), 696


Adams, Barry G., and Gustavo A. Arteca
Symbolic computation of energy perturbation expansions for spherically symmetric hydrogenic
systems: 8 (3), 343

Akyildiz, Yilmaz
Parametric curve fitting: an alternative to Lagrange interpolation and splines: 8 (6), 722

Arteca, Gustavo A.
See Adams, Barry G.

Ashktorab, K.
See Bajema, J.

Atkinson, J. Dudley, and David D. Cleary
A technique for modeling interference patterns from two-beam interferometers: 8 (4), 462

Bajema, J., K. Ashktorab, F. D. Becchetti, D. Hotz, and M. Shapiro
A Macintosh-based multiparameter pulse height analyzer and multichannel scaler system for
advanced teaching laboratories: 8 (5), 608

Barowy, William
See Horwitz, Paul

Becchetti, F. D.
See Bajema, J.

Biswas, Tarun
Nonlinear effects in a stretched string--a numerical computation: 8 (4), 446

Blackburn, James Kent
GRPP, a scientific programming language preprocessor designed using lex and yacc: 8 (1), 98

Boghosian, Bruce M.
See Germann, Timothy C.

Casados-Cruz, Gaspar, and Arturo Morales-Acevedo
A computer program for the characterization of solar cells: 8 (4), 451

Castellvi, P., X. Jaén, and E. Llanta
TCC: Symbolic tensor and exterior calculus: 8 (3), 360

Chang, Y. M., C. Rudowicz, and Y. Y. Yeung
Crystal field analysis of the 3dN ions at low symmetry sites including the "imaginary" terms:
8(5), 583

Cleary, David D.
See Atkinson, J. Dudley

Cole, James B.
A nearly exact second-order finite-difference time-domain wave propagation algorithm on a
coarse grid: 8 (6), 730

De Raedt, Hans, and Kristel Michielsen
Algorithm to solve the time-dependent Schrodinger equation for a charged particle in an
inhomogeneous magnetic field: Application to the Aharonov-Bohm effect: 8 (5), 600

Diercksen, Geerd H. F., and George G. Hall
Intelligent software: the OpenMol program: 8 (2), 215

Dodge, J.
See Hasler, A. F.

Fairén,Victor, Pablo Martin, and José Manuel Ferrándiz
Numerical tracking of small deviations from analytically known periodic orbits: 8 (4), 455

Ferrándiz, José Manuel
See Fairén, Victor

Frichter, George M.
See Piekarewicz, J.

Fu, Hong, R. Giles, and M. Mansuripur
Coercivity mechanisms in magneto-optical recording media: 8 (1), 80

Germann, Timothy C., Dudley R. Herschbach, and Bruce M. Boghosian
Dimensional perturbation theory on the connection machine: 8 (6), 712

Giles, R.
See Fu, Hong

Groen, F. C. A.
See Rijnders, Frank M.

Hailstone, R. K.
Transputer-based simulations of image recording in silver-halide materials: 8 (2), 205

Hall, George G.
See Diercksen, Geerd H. F.

Hasler, A. F., K. Palaniappan, M. Manyin, and J. Dodge
A high performance Interactive Image SpreadSheet (IISS): 8 (3), 325

Herschbach, Dudley R.
See Germann, Timothy C.

Hotz, D.
See Bajema, J.

Horwitz, Paul, Edwin F. Taylor, and William Barowy
Teaching special relativity with a computer: 8 (1), 92

Houlanhan, Padraig
Tracking artificial satellites with the Macintosh: 8 (1), 113

Houtman, H., F. W. Jones, and C. J. Kost
Laplace and Poisson equation solution by RELAX3D: 8 (4), 469

Jaén, X.
See Castellvi, P.

Jones, F. W.
See Houtman, H.

Kadanoff, Leo P.
See Rothman, Daniel H.

Kim, Eunsook
See Lea, Suzanne M.

Kost, C. J.
See Houtman, H.

Kristyan, Sandor
Equipotential surfaces of the model reaction H + H2: Struggling with three dimensions: 8 (5), 556

Krüger, Wolfgang
See Renz, Wolfgang

Lake, Kayll
See Musgrave, Peter

Lea, Suzanne M., Beth A. Thacker, Eunsook Kim, and Kathleen M. Miller
Computer-assisted assessment of student understanding in physics: 8 (1), 122

Llanta, E.
See Castellvi, P.

Mansuripur, M.
See Fu, Hong

Manyin, M.
See Hasler, A. F.

Marsaglia, George, and Arif Zaman
Some portable very-long-period random number generators: 8 (1), 117

Martin, Pablo
See Fairén, Victor

Massaioli, Federico
See Punzo, Giovanni

Michielsen, Kristel
See De Raedt, Hans

Miller, Kathleen M.
See Lea, Suzanne M.

Morales-Acevedo, Arturo
See Casados-Cruz, Gaspar

Musgrave, Peter, and Kayll Lake
Scalar invariants of the radiating Kerr-Newman metric: A simple application of the GRTensor:
8(5), 589

Onodera, Y.
Numerov integration for radial wave equations in cylindrical symmetry: 8 (3), 352

Palaniappan, K.
See Hasler, A. F.

Piekarewicz, J., and George M. Frichter
Quark-based description of nuclear matter with simulated annealing: 8 (2), 223

Punzo, Giovanni, Federico Massaioli, and Sauro Succi
High-resolution lattice-Boltzmann computing on the IBM SPI scalable parallel computer:
8(6), 705

Renz, Wolfgang, Rüdiger Westermann, and Wolfgang Krüger
Interactive visualization of three-dimensional cellular automata: 8 (5), 550

Rijnders, Frank M., H. J. W. Spoelder, and F. C. A. Groen
Distributed visual programming environment: Possibilities and limitations: 8 (5), 576

Roman, Thomas A.
The inflation wormhole: a Mathematica animation: 8 (4), 480

Rothman, Daniel H., and Leo P. Kadanoff
Bubble, bubble, boil, and trouble: 8 (2), 199

Rudowicz, C.
See Chang, Y. M.

Shapiro, M.
See Bajema, J.

Spoelder, H. J. W.
See Rijnders, Frank M.

Succi, Sauro
See Punzo, Giovanni

Taylor, Edwin F.
See Horwitz, Paul

Thacker, Beth A.
See Lea, Suzanne M.

Westermann, Rüdiger
See Renz, Wolfgang

Williams, H. T., and Colin J. Wynne
A new algorithm for computation of SU3 Clebsch-Gordon coefficients: 8 (3), 355

Wynne, Colin J.
See Williams, H. T.

Yeung, Y. Y.
See Chang, Y. M.

Yu, K. W.
Symbolic simulation of nonlinear random resistor networks by MATHEMATICA: 8 (6), 735

Zaman, Arif
See Marsaglia, George

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