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Computers in Physics


Index to Volume 9, 1995


Carts-Powell, Yvonne
Dealing with the Devil: SATAN Is Loose on the Internet: 9 (3), 251

Chinnock, Chris
Speech Recognition Is Finding Its Way into Personal Computing: 9 (4), 355
Telemedicine Is Becoming a Reality: 9 (1), 13

Daukantas, Patricia
Computer Show Targets Plasma Physicists: 9 (5), 478
'Reversed Shear' Heats Up Plasma Physics: 9 (6), 575
SC '95 Highlights Web, Applications: 9 (5), 475
Supercomputer Centers Face Uncertain Future: 9 (6), 578

Holmes, Lewis M.
PC '95 Offers Computational Perspective: 9 (5), 477
SC'94 Spotlights High-Performance Computing: 9 (1), 11
Teachers Learn about Computers in Physics Education: 9 (2), 131
Klimenko, Stanislav V., Russians Form Center of Computing for Physics and Technology:
9 (1), 16

Shearin, Rhonda
Forest Researchers Look for Computer Solutions: 9 (1), 16
Submission Deadline for PC '95 Nears: 9 (1), 17
Educational Programs Take Advantage of Computing Techniques: 9 (2), 133

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Creutz, Michael
How Computational Physics is Uniting Science and Revolutionizing Society: 9 (3), 247

Preppernau, Bryan L.
Keeping Our Scientific Voice in the Computer Industry: 9 (5), 471

Ricart, Glenn
Scholarly Publishing Faces Cultural Challenge: 9 (4), 351

Sabelli, Nora H.
For Our Children's Sake, Take Full Advantage of Technology: 9 (1), 7

Sinervo, Pekka K.
Remember That the Internet Is a Science Resource!: 9 (2), 127

Sipson, Roger, and Ronald Thornton
Computers Bring New Opportunity to Science Education: 9 (6), 571

Thornton, Ronald
See Sipson, Roger


Frances E. Allen
Mathematician Compiles Enviable Record in Industrial R&D, by David I. Lewin: 9 (2), 128

Donald Knuth
Computer Scientist Addresses Grand Themes, by David I. Lewin: 9 (3), 248

Cleve Moler
Math Professor Turns Classroom Program into Successful Business, by David I. Lewin: 9 (1), 8

Nathan Myhrvold
Physicist Oversees Research for Software Giant, by David I. Lewin: 9 (5), 472

Clifford Stoll
Born-Again Internet Gadfly Takes on Computational Physics, by David I. Lewin: 9 (4), 352

Kenneth Wilson
Nobel Laureate Espouses Physics, Education, and Breadth of Knowledge: 9 (6), 572


Schoch, Peter K.
Chemistry Workshop Helps Physics Teachers: 9 (6), 579

Williams, John Michael
Should We Be Collecting Garbage?: 9 (5), 479


Barnes, Joseph
See Wilkinson, Ladye Kathryn

Carts-Powell, Yvonne
Software Products Enrich Web Options for Scientists: 9 (4),364
Conference Program: Physics Computing '95: 9 (3), 289

Gastineau, John E.
See Wilkinson, Ladye Kathryn

Gjertsen, Margaret H.
See Wilkinson, Ladye Kathryn

Hunt, J. C. R.
Developments in Forecasting the Atmospheric Environment: 9 (5), 483

Kalnay, Eugenia
Numerical Weather Prediction: 9 (5), 488

Risley, John S.
See Wilkinson, Ladye Kathryn

Wilkinson, Ladye Kathryn, John E. Gastineau, Margaret H. Gjertsen, and John S. Risley
A Buyers' Guide to Microcomputer-Based Laboratory Equipment in Physics Education:
9 (2), 185
1995 Directory of Physics Courseware: 9 (1), 65


Ricart, Glenn
A Night at the Movies: 9 (1), 19
Prevention and Prudent Precautions: Computing Security on the Internet: 9 (3), 254
The Scholarly Information Web: 9 (4), 360
Using Up the Internet: 9 (6), 581
What's in a Name?: 9 (2), 135


Johnson, F. Scott
See Judd, Peggy

Judd, Peggy, and F. Scott Johnson
SGML Enables Full-Text Scientific Publishing on the Web: 9 (4), 369

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Alexis, Dominique
Calendar Section and Issue Previews Go on Our Web Page: 9 (1), 22
CIP's Home Page Gets a Facelift: 9 (4), 371
CIP's Web Site Now Lets You Search Interactively: 9 (3), 259
More Offered from CIP's Home Page: 9 (5), 481
More Product Information by Telnet and the World Wide Web: 9 (2), 138
Web Site Update: 9 (6), 583


Balluder, Karsten
See Scales, John A.

Forrest, Gary, Scott McKinney, and James R. Matey
Catching the Right Bus, Part VI: Some Options for Real-Time Image Acquisition: 9 (5), 496

Jones, Eric D., Bryan L. Preppernau, P. G. Stein, and James R. Matey
Catching the Right Bus, Part IV: IEEE-488 Programming: 9 (1), 24

Jones, Eric D., and Bryan L. Preppernau
Catching the Right Bus V: A Beginners' Guide to Programming the IEEE-488 Bus: 9 (2), 140

Matey, James R.
See Forrest, Gary, and Jones, Eric D.

McKinney, Scott
See Forrest, Gary

Preppernau, Bryan L.
See Jones, Eric D.

Redman, James M., and Richard R. Silbar
Selecting an Operating System, Part II: NEXTSTEP: 9 (3), 261

Scales, John A., Martin L. Smith, and Karsten Balluder
Selecting an Operating System, Part III: Unix in a Laboratory Environment: 9 (6), 584

Silbar, Richard R.
See Redman, James M.

Smith, Martin L.
See Scales, John A.

Stein, P. G.
See Jones, Eric D.


Ala-Nissila, T.
See Vattulainen, I.

Bracewell, Ronald N.
Computing with the Hartley Transform: 9 (4), 373

Hindmarsh, Alan C., and Linda R. Petzold
Algorithms and Software for Ordinary Differential Equations and DifferentialAlgebraic
Equations, Part I: Euler Methods and Error Estimation: 9 (1), 34
Algorithms and Software for Ordinary Differential Equations and DifferentialAlgebraic
Equations, Part II: HigherOrder Methods and Software Packages: 9 (2), 148

Ji, Chueng-Ryong
See Pang, Alex

Pang, Alex, and Chueng-Ryong Ji
Symbolic Feynman-Diagram Calculation: 9 (6), 589

Petzold, Linda R.
See Hindmarsh, Alan C.

Sidhu, Satinder S.
Elliptic Integrals and Functions: 9 (3), 268

Vattulainen, I., and Ala-Nissila, T.
Mission Impossible: Find a Random Pseudorandom Number Generator: 9 (5), 500


Acacio de Barros, J.
See Ravaglia, Raymond

Ambrosini, Roberto
See Caporaloni, Marina

Byrne, John, and Eric Kincanon
Undergraduates Do Chaotic Research: 9 (3),277

Caporaloni, Marina, and Roberto Ambrosini
Student Project Checks Leonardo da Vinci's Map Work: 9 (5), 505

Donnelly, Denis
CIP's Sixth Annual Software Contest: The Winners: 9 (6), 594

Johnston, I. D.
See Walker, P. J.

Kincanon, Eric
See Byrne, John

McClellan, James H.
See Winograd, Joseph M.

Ravaglia, Raymond, J. Acacio de Barros, and Patrick Suppes
Computer-Based Instruction Brings Advanced-Placement Physics to Gifted Students: 9 (4), 380

Suppes, Patrick
See Ravaglia, Raymond

Walker, P. J. and I. D. Johnston
Computer Model Clarifies Spontaneous Charge Redistribution in Conductors: 9 (1), 42

Winograd, Joseph M. and James H. McClellan
How to Use a Computer-Algebra System for Reconstruction of Functions from Parallel-Line
Projections: 9 (2),156


Bell, Stephen C.
A Numerical Solution of the Relavistic Kepler Problem: 9 (3), 281

Cipra, Barry
See Kolan, Amy

Grinstein, G., and C. Jayaprakash
Simple Models of Self-Organized Criticality: 9 (2), 164

Jayaprakash, C.
See Grinstein, G.

Kolan, Amy, Barry Cipra, and Bill Titus
Exploring Localization in Nonperiodic Systems: 9 (4), 387

Lai, Ying-Cheng
See Yalcinkaya, Tolga

Novotny, M. A.
A New Approach to an Old Algorithm for the Simulation of Isinglike Systems: 9 (1), 46

Pang, Tao
A Numerical Method for Quantum Tunneling: 9 (6), 602

Titus, Bill
See Kolan, Amy

Yalcinkaya, Tolga, and Ying-Cheng Lai
Chaotic Scattering: 9 (5), 511


MacKay, David J. C.
Qualitative Reasoning: Modeling and Simulation with Incomplete Knowledge, Benjamin
Kuipers: 9 (2), 172

McKay, Susan
Biology and Computation: A Physicist's Choice, ed. by H. Gutfreund and G. Toulouse
Computational Ocean Acoustics, F. B. Jensen, W. A. Kuperman, M. B. Porter, and H. Schmidt
Machines That Learn: Based on the Principles of Empirical Control, Robert Alan Brown
New Methods for Modelling Processes within Solids and at Their Surfaces, ed. by C. R. A.
Catlow, A. M. Stonehas, and Sir John Meurig Thomas
Numerical Methods and Scientific Computing: Using Software Libraries for Problem Solving,
Norbert Kockler
Oceanography and Acoustics: Prediction and Propagation Models, ed. by Allan R. Robinson and
Ding Lee: 9 (1), 54

Mallinckrodt, A. John
Cellular Automata and Complexity, Stephen Wolfram
Computational Geometry in C, Joseph O'Rourke
Everybody's Guide to the Internet, Adam Gaffin
Numerical Methods for Physics, Alejandro L. Garcia
Stereo Computer Graphics and Other True 3D Technologies, ed. by David F. McAIlister:
9(1), 54
Thinking in Complexity: The Complex Dynamics of Matter, Mind, and Mankind, Klaus Mainzer:
9 (4), 398

Matey, James
PC Hardware Configuration Guide for DOS and Solaris, Ron Ledesma: 9 (3), 287

Novotny, Mark
PVM--Parallel Virtual Machine: A Users' Guide and Tutorial for Networked Parallel Computing:
9 (6), 607

Stanley, H. Eugene
Statistical Physics of Macromolecules, Alexander Yu. Grosberg and Alexei R. Khokhlov:
9 (2), 171


Alexander, P., and L. F. Gladden
How to Create an X-Window Interface to Gnuplot and Fortran Programs Using the Tcl/Tk
Toolkit: 9 (1), 57

Boehm, Hans-J.
Dynamic Memory Allocation and Garbage Collection: 9 (3), 297

Brown, Stewart A., Paul F. Dubois, and David H. Munro
Creating and Using PDB Files: 9 (2), 173

Dubois, Paul F.
See Brown, Stewart A.

Gladden, L. F.
See Alexander, P.

Kennel, Matthew
See Stoutamire, David

Koniges, Alice E., and Kevin R. Lind
Parallelizing Code for Real Applications on the T3D: 9 (4), 399

Lind, Kevin R.
See Koniges, Alice E.

Munro, David H.
Using the Yorick Interpreted Language: 9 (6), 609; see also Brown, Stewart A.

Stoutamire, David, and Matthew Kennel
Sather Revisited: A High-Performance Free Alternative to C++: 9 (5), 519


Bryson, Steve
The Data Glut Revisited: 9 (5), 525
Exploratory Visualization I: Real-Time Interaction: 9 (6), 616
How Can We Make Visualization More Useful to the Working Scientist?: 9 (2),178

Delmarcelle, Thierry
See Hesselink, Lambertus

Helman, James L.
See Hesselink, Lambertus

Hesselink, Lambertus, Thierry Delmarcelle, and James L. Helman
Topology of Second-Order Tensor Fields: 9 (3), 304

Miceli, Kristina D.
An Automated Approach to Multidisciplinary Visualization: 9 (4), 406


Blondin, John M.
CUPS Astrophysics Simulations Will Fit Well in Upper-Level Courses: 9 (4), 413

Thompson, William J.
Mac Clones: Power Computing for Frugal Physicists: 9 (6), 622

Gastineau, John E.
Quantum Mechanics Simulations Excels as an Educational Tool: 9 (3), 312
Three Ray-Optics Programs Support Varied Instructional Uses: 9 (5), 531


Abbott, Paul C.
See Rowe, Alistair C. H.

Au, Yuklun
See Holmes, Mark H.

Baumgardner, John R.
See Bunge, HansPeter

Boyd, John P.
Multiple precision pseudospectral computations of the radiation coefficient for weakly nonlocal
solitary waves: Fifth-order Korteweg-DeVries equation: 9 (3), 324

Bunge, Hans-Peter, and John R. Baumgardner
Mantle convection modeling on parallel virtual machines: 9 (2), 207

Castellvi, P., X. Jaen, and E. Llanta
Symbolic tensor calculus using index notation: 9 (3), 335

Cole, James B., Rudolph A. Krutar, Susan K. Numrich, and Dennis B. Creamer
Finite-difference time-domain simulations of wave propagation and scattering as a research and
educational tool: 9 (2), 235

Creamer, Dennis B.
See Cole, James B.

Decyk, V. K.
See Lyster, P. M.

De Izarra, C., O. Vallee, J. Picart, and N. Tran Minh
Computation ofthe Whittaker functions Wk~l(z) with series expansions and Pade Approximants:
9 (3), 318

Doerschuk, Peter C.
See Zheng, Yibin

Ferraro, R. D.
See Lyster, P. M.

Firsov, K. M.
See Zuev, V. V.

Friedberg, J. P.
See Haney, S. W.

Haider, Niaz, Souheil A. Khaddaj, Mark R. Wilby, and Dimitri D. Vvedensky
Parallel Monte Carlo simulations of epitaxial growth: 9 (1), 85

Haney, S. W., J. P. Freidberg, and C. J. Solomon
A fast, user-friendly code for calculating magnetohydrodynamic equilibria: 9 (2), 216

Hollerbach, Rainer
Fast dynamo action in spherical geometry: Numerical calculations using parallel virtual
machines: 9 (4), 460

Holmes, Mark H., Yuklun Au, and J. W. Stayman
Symbolic and numerical computing for chemical kinetic reaction schemes: 9 (6), 629

Horowitz, C. J.
See Melendez, W.

Jaen, X.
See Castellvi, P.

Kataev, M. Yu.
See Zuev, V. V.

Khaddaj, Souheil A.
See Haider, Maz

Khan, Furrukh S.
See Yeh, Mei-Ling

Kim, Jeongnim
See Yeh, Mei-Ling

Krutar, Rudolph A.
See Cole, James B.

Liewer, P. C.
See Lyster, P. M.

Llanta, E.
See Castellvi, P.

Lyster, P. M., P. C. Liewer, V. K. Decyk, and R. D. Ferraro
Implementation and characterization of three-dimensional particle-in-cell codes on
multiple-instruction-multiple-data massively parallel supercomputers: 9 (4), 420

Macdonald, J. Ross
Solution of an "impossible" diffusion-inversion problem: 9 (5), 546

Margio, C.
See Moriarty, K J. M.

Melendez, W., and C. J. Horowitz
Semiclassical quark model of the nuclear matter response: 9 (4), 450

Mitsel, A. A.
See Zuev, V. V.

Moriarty, K. J. M., C. Margio, and T. Trappenberg
Object-oriented Monte Carlo simulations: 9 (5), 540

Numrich, Susan K.
See Cole, James B.

Penna, T. J. P.
Fitting curves by simulated annealing: 9 (3), 341

Petridis, Athanasios N. and Fred K. Wohn
Implementation of PHENIX trigger algorithms on massively parallel computers: 9 (4), 438

Phillies, George D. J., and Jonathan Stott
Mori-Zwanzig-Daubechies decomposition of Ising-model Monte Carlo dynamics: 9 (2), 225
Wavelet analysis of Ising model spin dynamics: 9 (1), 97

Picart, J.
See de Izarra, C.

Ptashnik, I. V.
See Zuev, V. V.

Rouhi, Ali, and Jon Wright
Spectral implementation of a new operator splitting method for solving partial differential
equations: 9 (5),554

Rowe, Alistair C. H., and Paul C. Abbott
Daubechies wavelets and Mathematica: 9 (6), 635

Solomon, C. J.
See Haney, S. W.

Stayman, J. W.
See Holmes, Mark H.

Stott, Jonathan
See Phillies, George D. J.

Tran Minh, N.
See de Izarra, C.

Trappenberg, T.
See Moriarty, K J. M.

Vallee, O.
See de Izar

Vvedensky, Dimitri D.
See Haider, Maz

Wilby, Mark R.
See Haider, Maz

Wohn, Fred K.
See Petridis, Athanasios N.

Wright, Jon
See Rouhi, Ali

Yeh, Mei-Ling, Jeongnim Kim, and Furrukh S. Khan
Parallel decomposition of the tight-binding fictitious Lagrangian algorithm for molecular
dynamics simulations of semiconductors: 9 (1), 108

Zheng, Yibin, and Peter C. Doerschuk
Symbolic symmetry verification for harmonic functions invariant under polyhedral symmetries:
9 (4), 433

Zuev, V. V., A. A. Mitsel, M. Yu. Kataev, I. V. Ptashnik, and K. M. Firsov
Computer code long path method for long path differential-absorption predictions using CO2
laser lines: 9 (6), 649

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