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FYI Number 1: January 4, 2001

AIP's Science Policy Information Services and Products

The American Institute of Physics' Government and Institutional Relations program provides a broad range of services designed to assist the physics community in following budget and policy developments in Washington, and in communicating with Members of Congress. We invite you to take advantage of these free services and products and hope you will contact us if we can be of any assistance.


FYI is a free electronic bulletin that offers coverage and in-depth analysis of budget and policy developments significant to the physics community. FYI focuses on congressional and Administration activity related to federal R&D, primarily within the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, NASA, Department of Defense, and National Institute of Standards and Technology, as well as science and math education within the Department of Education. FYI is distributed electronically several times weekly.

Directions for subscribing and unsubscribing to FYI are available on AIP's Home Page at /fyi/. Current and back issues of FYI are also available at this site. Searchable archives are provided for issues after 1994.


For those wanting a brief summary of the topics covered in the more comprehensive FYI bulletins, FYI THIS MONTH provides highlights of major developments. This free electronic bulletin is distributed at the end of every month and contains links to relevant issues of FYI, the AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News.

Directions for subscribing and unsubscribing to FYI THIS MONTH are available on AIP's Home page at /ftm/. Current and back issues are also available at this site in a searchable archive.


Are you looking for details on how much funding the Administration requested for a specific program or what Congress's response was? Do you need information on what Member of Congress is on a certain committee, or guidance on setting up an appointment? The Science Policy site on AIP's Home Page will answer many of your questions about physics-related budget and policy matters. FYI issues are categorized by funding agencies, recent actions, and outcomes. This site also provides information on congressional committee rosters and jurisdictions, guidance on writing to and meeting with Members of Congress, and other useful information. Details on AIP's Congressional Science Fellowship Program can also be found at this site. Issues of FYI and the other products and services described here can be accessed from this site.


For those who want information at their fingertips, AIP has a brochure with guidance on writing to, and visiting with, Members of Congress. The brochure makes a useful handout at meetings. Copies are available without charge. Send your request and US mailing address to


Do your Members of Congress understand the value to the nation of federally-funded research? Could you use assistance in making the case for the importance of basic and applied physics R&D? AIP has produced 15 double-sided exhibits highlighting billion-dollar industries that are based on federally-funded physics. For each industry, they describe the initial federal investment and agencies involved, the time to development, and the economic impact of the resulting technology. The following topics are available: medical imaging, lasers, global positioning system, environment, new materials, telecommunications, computers, consumer goods, national defense, transportation, energy efficience, medical physics, liquid crystals, acoustics, and the Internet.

Physics Success Stories can be viewed on the AIP Home Page at We urge you to use the glossy hard copy versions when corresponding or meeting with your Members of Congress. To receive free hard copies of these exhibits, send us your US mailing address and specify the topics desired or ask for a complete set of 15.


We are here to help! Contact us for assistance on:

Members of Congress and Science-related Committees: Information on Members, committee rosters and jurisdictions, addresses, telephone numbers, home pages, names of legislative assistants and appointment schedulers, and scheduling information. To inquire about the name of your representative, please provide your zip code.

Legislation, Reports and Documents: Contact us for information on bill numbers, cosponsors, status, ordering information, and selected reports and hearing testimony.

General Information: We are here to answer your questions. Write, call or email if you need help with any question large or small. We welcome your inquiries on the difference between authorization and appropriations bills, the budget process, the name of a key person in a science department or agency, or information on your Members of Congress.


Email correspondence:
Science Policy web site
Phone Numbers: Richard Jones, 301-209-3095; Audrey Leath, 301-209-3094 Fax: 301-209-0846
Mailing Address: American Institute of Physics, Government and Institutional Relations, One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740-3843.

Richard M. Jones
Public Information Division
American Institute of Physics
(301) 209-3095

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