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FYI Number 45: April 12, 2001

NASA Request: Earth Science, Biol. & Physical Research, Human Space Flight

As reported in FYI #44, President Bush's FY 2002 budget request would boost NASA funding by 1.8 percent, to $14,511.4 million. The requests for Space Science and Academic Programs were shown in FYI #44; the requests for Earth Science, Biological and Physical Research, and Human Space Flight are provided below. Due to the fact that NASA is reorganizing its accounts, this year the request is presented in two versions, one that reflects the reorganized accounts, and another that shows funding for programs as organized in the current fiscal year, to enable comparisons. Both forms of request will be shown below.

EARTH SCIENCE REQUEST: Down 13.9 percent in direct comparison

"After one year of operation of the EOS satellites launched thus far," Goldin said at the budget press briefing, "we have collected more data than in all the years before last year. We add about one terabyte of information to the archives each day." He added, "You may recall in Earth Science, last year's budget proposals showed we would be seeing a downturn in funding. Taking a pause, as we absorb the wealth of data being returned from the first set of EOS satellites. This year, the President is proposing more funds for the follow-on generation of spacecraft. And...there is a significant level of funding [proposed for future years] - $1.4 billion dollars - to get the follow-on missions going."

EARTH SCIENCE         FY 2001   FY 2002 Req.        FY 2002 Req.
REQUEST               Budget   (direct comparison) (Reorganized)
     (In millions)
Earth Science Total    $1484.6     1278.0               1515.0
Earth Observing Syst.    414.3      371.9                371.9
EOSDIS                   281.4      252.7                252.7
Earth Explorers          141.2       84.5                 84.5
Earth Sci. Program
    Science              350.6      357.4                357.4
Applics., Commercializ.
    & Education          114.1       63.2                 63.2
Technology Infusion      114.9       96.0                 96.0
OPERATING MISSIONS        57.8       52.3                 52.3
    ACADEMIC PROGS.       10.3        *                    *
R&PM                       ---        ---                220.1
Construct. of Facilities   ---        ---                 16.9

*Funding transferred to Academic Programs

BIOLOGICAL & PHYSICAL RESEARCH: Down 6.9 percent in direct comparison

This office was created early in FY 2001 to establish the core of physical and biological science needed to support NASA's strategic objectives.


BIOL.& PHYS.       FY 2001    FY 2002 Req.          FY 2002 Req.
    RES. REQUEST   Budget    (direct comparison)   (Reorganized)
     (In millions)
B&PR Total          $312.9     291.3                 360.9
Adv. Human Supt.
    Technology        30.8      31.1                  31.1
Biomed. Research &
    Countermeasures   69.2      66.8                  66.8
Fundamental Space 
    Biology           40.6      39.2                  39.2
Physical Sciences 
    Research         130.7     130.1                 130.1
Space Products 
    Development       13.7      14.5                  14.5
Health Research       11.7       9.4                   9.4
Mission Integration   15.2       0.2                   0.2
Additional Funding for
    Academic Programs  1.0        *                     *
R&PM                    ---       ---                  63.8
Construction of Facils. ---       ---                   5.8

*Funding transferred to Academic Programs

HUMAN SPACE FLIGHT: Up 2.5 percent in direct comparison

Goldin stated, "We continue our commitment to Space Station commercialization, with significant rack space available to support worthy commercial payloads. We are continuing to plan for alternative Non-government Organization, or N-G-O, concepts for Space Station, non-utilization opportunities that result in reduced cost to the Government and new launch services for Space Station cargo and crew needs. And we will implement planned and new Space Shuttle privatization efforts."

HUMAN SPACE FY 2001 FY 2002 Req. FY 2002 Req. FLIGHT REQUEST Budget (direct comparison) (Reorganized) (In millions) HSF Total $5450.9 5584.5 7296.0 Space Station 2112.9 2087.4 2087.4 Space Shuttle 3118.8 3283.8 3283.8 Payload & ELV Supt. 90.0 91.3 91.3 Investments & Supt. 129.2 122.0 1303.5 Space Operations --- --- 482.2 Safety, Mission Assurance & Engineering --- --- 47.8

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