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FYI Number 4: January 9, 2001

Increases, Decreases: A Comparison of Budgetary Outcomes for FY 2001

The current prediction is that President-elect George Bush will send his FY 2002 budget request to Congress in March. The Clinton Administration will be releasing a budget this month. Before looking ahead, a final look back at the changes in program budgets covered in FYI, starting with the budgets that increased by the greatest percentage over the previous year. These aggregate figures do not include the across-the-board 0.22% cut that was made by Congress in late December, other general reduction adjustments, changes in program content, or the ramping down or ramping up of major facilities or instruments.

Dept. of Education Eisenhower Professional Development Program +44.8%

DOE Basic Energy Sciences (including Spallation Neutron Source) +30.0%

NASA Life and Microgravity Sciences +15.4%
NASA Space Science +14.4%
DOD Basic Research (6.1) +14.3%
NSF Education and Human Resources +13.9%
National Science Foundation +13.6%
NSF Research and Related Activities +13.2%
NIST Scientific and Technical Research and Services +10.2%
DOD Applied Research (6.2) +9.0%
NSF Polar Programs +8.9%
Total DOD 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 programs +7.9%
NASA +5.0%
DOD Advanced Technology Development (6.3) +5.0%
DOE Nuclear Physics +4.0%
NASA Earth Science +3.8%
DOE High Energy Physics +3.2%
DOE Fusion Energy Sciences +2.9%
NIST Advanced Technology Program +2.0%

NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership +00.1%
NASA Human Space Flight -00.1%

NIST -06.3% 

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Public Information Division
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