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FYI Number 7: January 18, 2002

Comparison of Selected Appropriations: FY 2001 - 2002

Now that the FY 2002 appropriations process is completed, it can be informative to look at the changes from FY 2001 funding in the budgets of selected programs tracked by FYI. The programs are ranked according to their increases over last year, but please keep in mind that the comparison below does not take into account inflation, or changes to program content.

Program Name Percent Change FY 2001 - 2002
NASA Biological & Physical Research


NIST Advanced Technology Program +26.9
NASA Human Space Flight +26.8
NASA Space Science +22.7*
NIST Total +13.0
DOD Applied Research (6.2) +12.5
DOD Advanced Technol. Devel. (6.3) +11.4
NSF Education & Human Resources +11.4
DOD Total (6.1, 6.2 & 6.3) +11.0
NSF Total +8.4
NSF Research & Related Activities +7.4
NASA Earth Science +6.0*
DOD Basic Research (6.1) +5.5
NASA Total +3.8
USGS +3.5
NIST Scientific & Technical Research & Services +2.9
NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnerships +2.2
DOE Office of Science +2.1**
DOE Basic Energy Sciences +1.2
DOE High Energy Physics +0.6
DOE Nuclear Physics 0
DOE Fusion Energy Sciences 0

* Years not directly comparable due to changes in NASA accounting procedure.

** Does not include a general reduction of $12.8 million and a $4.9 million security charge to be applied to the Office of Science budget.

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Media and Government Relations Division
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