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FYI Number 13: February 7, 2002

Overview of FY 2003 Budget Request for Selected Programs

President Bush submitted his FY 2003 budget request to Congress on February 4. Based on the information available so far, below is a calculation of how funding for selected programs would change, from the FY 2002 appropriated level to the FY 2003 requested level. These calculations do not take into account inflation, nor changes in program content from one year to the next.

Further details on the requests for specific programs will be provided in subsequent FYIs. Keep in mind that proposed FY 2003 funding levels are likely to change throughout the appropriations process. It is now up to the House and Senate to take the request, and draft their own funding bills for these programs.

Program % change
NIST S&T Research & Services +25.3
NASA Space Science +19.1
DOE Nuclear Physics +6.5
NSF Research & Related Activities +5.1
NSF Total +5.0
DOE Fusion Energy Sciences +4.0
NSF Education & Human Resources +3.8
DOD Advanced Technol. Development +2.7
NASA Biological & Physical Research +2.7
DOE Basic Energy Sciences +2.0
DOE High Energy Physics +1.7
NASA Total* +0.7
NASA Earth Science +0.2
DOE Office of Science +0.1
DOD Basic Research (6.1) -0.7
DOD Total (6.1 + 6.2 + 6.3) -2.0
USGS** -5.1
DOD Applied Research (6.2) -7.5
NSF Major Res. Equip. & Facilities Constr. -9.0
NASA Human Space Flight -10.2
NIST Total -15.2
NIST Advanced Technology Program -41.5
NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnerships -87.9
*Does not include federal retirees funding.
**Does not include Civil Service retirement and health benefits proposal.


Audrey T. Leath
Public Information Division
American Institute of Physics
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