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FYI Number 4: January 10, 2005

Congressional Calendar for 2005

The 109th Congress convened last week, participated in an electoral vote count, and now stands in recess until the Inauguration on January 20. Upon its return, Congress is expected to have a very full agenda, with a 2005 calendar for both chambers that is quite similar.

The Bush Administration is expected to send its FY 2006 budget request to Congress on February 7.

The following dates are useful in planning constituent appointments with representatives or senators. While in session, Members of Congress are generally in Washington on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. As expected, the schedule of most Members is very busy during these days. Consideration should be given to scheduling a meeting with Members when they are in their district or state offices. Appointments are likely to be easier to arrange, longer in duration, and not subject to interruption by committee hearings, floor votes, or other time conflicts. Planning information for meeting with a Member of Congress can be found on AIP's Government Relations site at

Inauguration Day: January 20

President's Day recess: February 21 - 25

Spring recess: March 21 - April 1

Senate-only recess: May 2 - 6

Memorial Day recess: May 30 - June 3

July 4 recess: July 4 - July 8

Summer recess: August 1 - September 5

Target adjournment date (rarely met): September 30

Start of FY 2006: October 1

Richard M. Jones
Media and Government Relations Division
American Institute of Physics

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