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FYI Number 27: February 15, 2006

Administration Requests Cut in FY 2007 USGS Funding

Under the request that the Bush Administration sent to Congress, funding would be reduced by 2.1% or $20.6 million for the U.S. Geological Survey in FY 2007. All of the program budgets would be reduced in amounts ranging from 2.1% to 40.7%, with the exception of Enterprise Information funding which would increase substantially, and facilities funding.

In introducing the FY 2007 request, USGS Acting Director P. Patrick Leahy said: "Events during the past year, such as the hurricanes that devastated the Gulf Coast, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and the potential threat of highly pathogenic avian influenza, underscore the need for timely, relevant scientific information. Our 2007 budget expands USGS capabilities in these crucial areas by providing funding for a multi-hazards pilot initiative, development of Landsat 8, and energy research."

A USGS document explains that "The budget adds $40.1 million in new programs and fixed costs, which are offset by redirecting $50.7 million from lower priority activities and eliminating $10.0 million in earmarked funding." The following are requested changes for FY 2007 as compared to current funding:

TOTAL USGS FUNDING: Down 2.1% or $20.6 million from $965.4 million to $944.8 million.

GEOGRAPHIC RESEARCH, INVESTIGATIONS AND REMOTE SENSING: Down 40.7% or $52.7 million from $129.3 million to $76.6 million.

GEOLOGIC HAZARDS, RESOURCES, AND PROCESSES: Down 7.6% or $17.9 million from $235.3 million to $217.4 million.

WATER RESOURCES INVESTIGATIONS: Down 3.6% or $7.7 million from $211.8 million to $204.1 million.

BIOLOGICAL RESEARCH: Down 3.3% or $6.0 million from $178.5 million to $172.6 million.

ENTERPRISE INFORMATION: Up 71.6% or $64.8 million from $46.4 million to $111.2 million.

SCIENCE SUPPORT: Down 2.8% or $1.9 million from $69.3 million to $67.4 million.

FACILITIES: Up 0.7% or $0.7 million from $94.8 million to $95.5 million.

USGS has several budget documents that provide additional information on the FY 2007 which may be viewed at:

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