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FYI Number 2: January 3, 2007

Congressional Calendar for 2007

The 110th Congress convenes tomorrow. House and Senate leaders have announced the congressional calendar for the year.

Use the following calendar to plan visits with Members of Congress. Members and staff emphasize the importance of constituent meetings. Such meetings are an important part of the daily routine in both the Member’s Washington and local offices.

In a dramatic change from previous years, the House Democratic leadership has announced that votes will be held on all week days while the House is in session.

Consider scheduling a meeting with a representative or senator when they are in their local office. These appointments will not be interrupted by roll call votes, hearings, and meetings, and are likely to be longer.

The AIP Government Relations web site has guidance on planning a meeting with a Member of Congress:

The following are the dates when Congress will be in recess:

January 15: Martin Luther King Day

January 25-26: House Republican Conference retreat

February 1-2: House Democratic Caucus retreat

February 19-23: President’s Day Recess

April 2-9: Easter Recess for the Senate

April 2-13: Easter Recess for the House

May 28 - June 1: Memorial Day Recess

July 2 - July 6: Fourth of July Recess

August 6 - September 3: August Recess

October 26: Target Adjournment for the House (Senate not known)

Richard M. Jones
Media and Government Relations Division
American Institute of Physics

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