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FY 2011 National Institute of Standards and Technology Request

Richard M. Jones
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Funding for the National Institute of Standards and Technology would increase by 7.3 percent or $62.3 million under the Obama Administration’s request sent to Congress on Monday. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke explained that "While the President's budget request freezes most domestic spending, NIST needs this increase to ensure we’re making the kind of future-oriented science and technology investments that ultimately create high-wage jobs and jump-start the economy."

There are three major components of the NIST budget: Scientific and Technical Research and Services, Industrial Technology Services, and Construction of Research Facilities. Descriptions of NIST’s programs may be viewed at here, with additional information in the FY 2011 Budget in Brief.

Scientific and Technical Research and Services:

Up 13.5 percent or $69.5 million, from $515.0 million to $584.5 million.

In commenting on this increase, NIST Director Patrick Gallagher said "The President's request for NIST recognizes the critical role that measurement science and standards play in fostering innovation and economic growth. The budget also maintains the President's commitment to double the NIST laboratory budget by 2017 to support and enhance our world leadership in the physical sciences and technology." Other agencies slated for a doubling of their budgets include the Department of Energy Office of Science and the National Science Foundation.

Industrial Technology Services:

Up 7.7 percent or $15.0 million from $194.6 million to $209.6 million.

ITS has two components:

  • Technology Innovation Program: Up 14.3 percent or $10.0 million from $69.9 million to $79.9 million.
  • Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership: Up 4.0 percent or $5.0 million from $124.7 million to $129.7 million.

Construction of Research Facilities:

Down 15.1 percent or $22.2 million from $147.0 million to $124.8 million.

Note that funding for NIST Construction and Major Renovations at NIST facilities would increase from $22.0 million to $52.3 million. The budget for Safety, Capacity, Maintenance, and Major Repairs would also increase. NIST is not requesting funding for the Competitive Construction Grants Program or Congressionally Designated Projects.

Richard M. Jones
Media and Government Relations Division
American Institute of Physics