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HIGHLIGHTS OF DEVELOPMENTS IN WASHINGTON IMPACTING THE PHYSICS COMMUNITY FROM FYI, THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS BULLETIN OF SCIENCE POLICY NEWS Richard M. Jones, Audrey T. Leath CLINTON ADMINISTRATION SENDS "HISTORIC" S&T REQUEST TO CONGRESS: White House Science Adviser Neal Lane called it "an historic science and technology budget," which, if enacted, would increase the 21st Century Research Fund by 7%, or close to $3 billion. In introducing the FY 2001 budget request he described the importance of a balanced federal research portfolio and promised close cooperation with Congress. /fyi/2000/fyi00.013.htm

FY 2001 PHYSICS-RELATED BUDGET REQUESTS ARE MIXED: Department of Energy: Basic Energy Sciences up 30% (much of the increase for the Spallation Neutron Source), Nuclear Physics up 4%, High Energy Physics up 2%, Fusion Energy Sciences flat, Biological and Environmental Research up 3%
National Science Foundation: Physics up18%, Materials Research up 15%, Astronomical Sciences up14%, Engineering up 20%, Geosciences up 20%, Major Research Equipment up 48%, Polar Programs up13%, Education and Human Resources up 5%
NASA: Space Science up 9%, Life & Microgravity up 10%, Earth Science down 3%, Human Space Flight up 1%
DOD: 6.1 down 5%, 6.2 down 8%, 6.3 down 17%
NIST: Measurement and Standards Laboratories up 20%, Advanced Technology Program up 23%, Manufacturing Extension Partnership up 10%
For further information on these budgets, see

CONGRESSIONAL RESPONSE TO NSF AND NASA REQUESTS HAS BEEN FAVORABLE: Two House Science subcommittees held hearings on the FY 2001 requests. The National Science Foundation hearing was described as a "love-in" by one subcommittee member. Other subcommittee members were pleased that the NASA request is up for first time in seven years, but there continues to be concern about the space station. /fyi/2000/fyi00.027.htm

SECRETARY OF STATE MADELEINE ALBRIGHT DESCRIBES LINKAGES BETWEEN SCIENCE AND DIPLOMACY: Albright said "there can be no question about the integral role science and technology must play in our diplomacy and more generally in world affairs." /fyi/2000/fyi00.028.htm

DEPUTY UNDER SECRETARY OF DEFENSE (SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY) DELORES ETTER CRITICIZES DOD S&T SPENDING: Addressing an NRC committee looking at defense spending, Etter was highly critical of past and projected cuts in spending. /fyi/2000/fyi00.012.htm