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Richard M. Jones

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A Last Look at 2008:

Highlights of Science and Technology Policy Developments (#1) and Selected Quotations from 2008 (#2)

Democratic Leadership and Obama on S&T and the Economy:

A key House leadership committee held a policy forum to examine the important relationship between science and technology, and the American economy. Then President-Elect Obama offered similar views in a speech calling for investments in science, research and technology. (#3)

Stimulus Legislation - House:

The House Appropriations Committee recommended billions of dollars for science and technology programs in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, declaring "We need to put scientists to work looking for the next great discovery, creating jobs in cutting-edge technologies and making smart investments that will help businesses in every community succeed in a global economy." The House passed the bill by a largely party line vote. (#4, #7, #10)

Confirmation Hearing for Energy Secretary:

Senators praised the nomination of Steven Chu to be the next secretary of the Department of Energy. When asked about the future role of coal, nuclear, solar, and bioenergy, Chu stressed the need to consider every option, and told senators "we have to evolve . . . the nurturing of renewable energy resources." (#5)

Stimulus Legislation - Senate:

Saying that it will "lay the foundation for economic growth in the long term," the Senate Appropriations Committee released its version of the economic
stimulus bill, recommending billions of dollars for science and technology programs, allocated in a different way than the House bill. (#8, #10)

2009 Congressional and Budget Calendar:

FYI #9

Export and Visa Controls:

A National Academy of Sciences committee characterized the U.S. export and visa control systems as "broken" and offered three major recommendations. The panel found "the best scientific talent from outside the U.S. has been and remains critical to the U.S. research and development enterprise." (#11)

Richard M. Jones
Media and Government Relations Division
American Institute of Physics