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Richard M. Jones
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FY 2009 NNSA Budget:

The FY 2009 omnibus bill gave the National Nuclear Security Administration an increase of 3.6 percent. The Explanatory Statement had important language on a nuclear weapons strategy, Directed Stockpile Work, Campaigns, and other matters. (#26)

DOE: Looking Ahead:

A briefing by the Acting Director of the Department of Energy’s Office of Science stressed connecting basic and applied sciences, transformational science, re-energizing the national labs, and doubling the Office’s budget in seven to ten years. (#27)

Scientific Integrity:

President Obama issued a memorandum assigning the OSTP Director with the development of a plan guaranteeing the highest level of scientific integrity throughout the executive branch. (#28)

FY 2009 Budget Cycle Complete:

Almost six months late, the FY 2009 omnibus funding bill was enacting, providing significant increases in some S&T agency budgets. (#29)

Export Control Policy:

The House Science and Technology Committee held a hearing on U.S. export control policy and a recent report from the National Academies. (#30)

Energy Secretary Chu Testifies:

At two Senate hearings, the Secretary discussed funding, transformational technologies, ARPA-E, nuclear power, and carbon capture. (#31)

Stimulus Funding Plans:

NSF released an overview of how it will utilize $3.0 billion in stimulus funding; NIST launched a website with similar information. (#32) DOE outlined how it will spend the $1.2 billion provided for the Office of Science; Steven Koonin was nominated to be Under Secretary for Science. (#35) The Department of Defense announced how it would spend $300 million for near term energy efficiency technology demonstrations and research. (#36)

OSTP Director:

The Senate confirmed John Holdren as the new director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy. Earlier Senate testimony by Holdren outlined his views. (#33)

FY 2010 NSF, Office of Science Budgets:

A letter was circulated in the House of Representatives in support of the Obama Administration’s $7.0 billion request for the National Science Foundation. (#34) Another House letter asked appropriators to provide $5.2 billion for the Office of Science. (#37)

Nuclear Weapons Complex:

House appropriators explored difficult issues about the future size and cost of the nuclear weapons complex. (#38)

National Science and Technology Council:

The full House Science Committee will consider bills to establish committees under this Cabinet-level council to coordinate STEM education activities and international S&T efforts. (#39)

Richard M. Jones
Media and Government Relations Division
American Institute of Physics