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Richard M. Jones
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House Science Committee Acts on Legislation:

Bills to coordinate STEM education and international S&T cooperation that would alter the structure of the Cabinet-level National Science and Technology Council advanced. (#39)

FY2010 Appropriations Cycle Underway:

A key subcommittee started the FY 2010 budget cycle with a series of hearings featuring private witnesses discussing appropriate levels of science funding. Said the chairman, “We don’t want to create a baseline and a commitment to a percentage increase that we can’t sustain.”(#40) The Executive Officer of the America Physical Society cautioned against “the ‘boom and bust’ cycle for science funding that has been seen in the past,” warning of disproportionate impacts on students and young faculty members. (#41) The House Science and Technology Committee chairman voiced support for the “robust funding levels” for various science agencies in the FY 2010 overview request. (#42) Seventy-three representatives signed a letter supporting the $7 billion NSF request. (#43) Seventy representatives urged an 8 percent budget increase for the DOE Office of Science. (#44) A “sense of the House” statement in the House Budget Resolution promoted American innovation and economic competitiveness. (#45) More than 200 organizations signed a letter to the President commending his support for physical sciences and engineering research and the preliminary S&T budget request. (#45) Appropriators received testimony from the Commerce Secretary on his department’s science and technology programs. (#51)

Looking Back on Three Mile Island:

A common theme during a hearing on the most serious nuclear accident in the history of the U.S. commercial nuclear power industry was the need to guard against the danger of complacency. (#46)

Sustaible Energy Future:

The National Science Board asked for public comment on a report outlining the actions the federal government must take to move to a sustainable energy economy. (#47)

U.S. and China S&T Cooperation:

A senior Chinese official discussed collaboration on issues such as energy conservation, environment, joint R&D, and intellectual property rights. (#48)

Obama Sets Goal of 3% of GDP for R&D:

President Obama set a goal of devoting more than 3 percent of U.S. GDP to research and development, a level that would exceed that of the Space Race era. (#49)

Chu on Climate Change:

Energy Secretary Steven Chu told a House subcommittee that the United States “must get off the sidelines of the clean energy race and play to win.” (#50)

Richard M. Jones
Media and Government Relations Division
American Institute of Physics