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FYI This Month: June 2009

Highlights of developments in Washington impacting the physics communbity from FYI, The American Institute of Physics Bulletin of Science Policy News

Richard M. Jones
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Worries About NASA’s Budget:

House and Senate authorizers and appropriators worry that the agency receives insufficient funding.

Obama and STEM Education:

The American Institute of Physics (AIP), four of its Member Societies, and 63 other scientific and education organizations urged President Obama to increase federal investment in science education. (#71)

Senate Appropriators Unhappy With National Nuclear Security Administration Request:

"It's hard to imagine so little is truly in need of change over the coming year," said Byron Dorgan (D-ND), reflecting the views of many of his committee colleagues. (#72)

Energy Secretary Stephen Chu:

When appearing before House appropriators, Chu testified about DOE's science programs. Appropriators' questions centered on economic stimulus money, Yucca Mountain and waste recycling, hydrogen fuel cells, and carbon sequestration. (#73)

DOE Office of Science Developments:

Updates on new director, senators supporting FY 2010 request, and state funding. (#74)

FY 2010 Appropriations Bills:

National Science Foundation (#75, #81, #84), National Institute of Standards and Technology (#76, #81), NASA (#77, #81), USGS (#82), House passage (#79), White House Views. (#81)


AIP, five of its Member Societies, and 25 other organizations urged the Administration to make visa reforms. (#78)

Augustine Space Flight Committee:

The first public meeting was held in Washington, with the much-anticipated final report on the future of NASA's manned space flight program due by August. (#80)

Richard M. Jones
Media and Government Relations Division
American Institute of Physics