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Richard M. Jones
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Short Term Funding Compromise at Hand; Long Term Conflict Unresolved

A short-term funding bill continued federal funding through March 18, following House passage of a FY 2011 appropriations measure that included dramatic cuts in most S&T funding.

Corporations, Associations, and Universities Warn of “Devastating Impact” of Funding Cuts

AIP and several of its Member Societies signed a letter to the Senate leadership regarding deep cuts to NSF, DOE Office of Science, and NIST research program budgets in a House bill.

Upbeat House Appropriations Hearing on FY 2012 NASA Request

A key hearing revealed strong bipartisan support for the space agency, although doubt that milestones in the NASA Authorization Act will be met.

House Considers Science-Related Amendments to FY 2011 Funding Measure

The House took up several amendments, one of which was passed that would prohibit U.S. funding of the International Panel on Climate Change.

House Science Committee Looks Ahead

A fifteen-page oversight plan provides insight into the committee’s future agenda.

House Subcommittee Debates Merits of Climate Science

A hearing highlighted sharp differences in views between the new Republican majority and the Democratic minority.

Important Budget Hearing for the National Science Foundation

Members spoke of their high regard for the foundation, but also expressed consternation that a requested K-6 academic “best practices” report had not been completed.

President’s Science Advisor Testifies Before House Science, Space and Technology Committee

Committee members expressed bipartisan support for S&T, while expressing concern about overall spending, climate change research, STEM education, Yucca Mountain, and DOE science programs. 

House Appropriators Review FY 2012 Department of Energy Request

A key appropriator predicted that the subcommittee would not have any additional funding for FY 2012 during a hearing where many questions centered on troubled Japanese nuclear plants.  

Good Hearing Before House Appropriators on FY 2012 DOE Science Programs

House appropriators expressed support for the DOE Office of Science at a hearing that highlighted the importance of explaining the value of basic research.

The American Astronomical Society Testifies Before House Appropriators

AAS, an AIP Member Society, supports the FY 2012 NASA, NSF, and DOE Office of Science requests, while warning that proposed funding cuts could shortchange the future for the U.S.

House Questions FY 2012 USGS Budget Priorities

Expressing concerns that proposed cuts would undermine important programs of the U.S. Geological Survey, representatives questioned spending on climate change research. 

Comments Requested on Important Review of DOE Energy Technology Activities

The public has until April 15 to comment on a new review of DOE’s energy technology activities.

Skeptical House Science Committee Reviews FY 2012 NASA Budget Request

Many committee members are not convinced that the Administration’s plan to use commercial services to fly American astronauts to the space station will work.

House Science Committee Split on FY 2012 NSF and NIST Budget Requests

Members were supportive of both science agencies, but wanted to know about grants for climate change, the impact of federal funding on job creation, and the effect of proposed budget cuts.

House Appropriations Hearing on FY 2012 Request for DOE Nuclear Weapons Activities

Members pressed National Nuclear Security Administration officials for a clear understanding of the agency’s programs, cautioning that the subcommittee is facing stringent funding in FY 2012.

DOE Advisory Committee Briefed on Budget Outlook

The director of the DOE Office of Science discussed the outlook on FY 2011 and 2012 appropriations and updated an advisory committee on several DOE programs and decisions.

Richard M. Jones
Government Relations Division
American Institute of Physics