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HIGHLIGHTS OF DEVELOPMENTS IN WASHINGTON IMPACTING THE PHYSICS COMMUNITY FROM FYI, THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS BULLETIN OF SCIENCE POLICY NEWS Richard M. Jones, Audrey T. Leath NEW FEDERAL SCIENCE BUDGETS PASSED: New federal science budgets did fairly well. The Department of Energy's physics program budgets generally increase, although construction money for the Spallation Neutron Source was much less than requested. e National Science Foundation's budget increases 6.5%. NASA received more than its request; most science program budgets did well. The Department of Defense S&T budget increased 7.3%. The National Institute of Standards and Technology budget was not completed. FYI #140 FYI #147 FYI #150 FYI #155

COMPREHENSIVE TEST BAN TREATY RATIFICATION FAILS: Senate opponents of the test ban treaty had the votes to prevent ratification, and after a hurried week of hearings and floor debate, the Senate voted decisively against ratification. FYI #142

NEW REGULATION OF PUBLIC ACCESS TO RESEARCH DATA: Congress passed a law last year requiring federal agencies to make research data available to the public. This month, the Office of Management and Budget issued the regulations implementing this law. The regulations affect federal grant research findings "that were used by the Federal Government in developing an agency action that has the force and effect of law." FYI #146

STATE DEPARTMENT URGED TO CONSIDER S&T: The National Research Council issued a long-awaited report calling for "greater attention" to science, technology, and health issues in formulating foreign policy. FYI #148

NEW DEFINITION OF RESEARCH MISCONDUCT: The public has until December 13 to comment on a new government-wide definition of research misconduct as "fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism in proposing, performing, or reviewing research, or in reporting research results," and on related guidelines. FYI #151

WEAPONS LAB MANAGEMENT: Upset over security lapses at the weapons laboratories, Congress passed legislation requiring a new semi-autonomous National Nuclear Security Administration within the Department of Energy. The President confounded Congress by designating responsibility for this agency to Energy Secretary Bill Richardson. FYI #152

FEDERAL EDUCATION BUDGET AND POLICY: The new budget for the Department of Education remains unfinished. Two bills were passed in the House that would affect how federal education programs work, while a new bill was under discussion in the Senate. FYI #156

CONGRESSIONAL SCIENCE FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMS ARE NOW SEEKING APPLICANTS: Several opportunities are available within AIP and its Member Societies.FYI #157

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