House Science Committee

An informal briefing this week by the House Science, Space, and
Technology Committee staff provided a good overview of high
priority energy research and other science issues.   The committee
will revisit some issues as well as consider new matters of
interest to the physics community this year.

5 Feb 1993

Following new House rules for the 103rd Congress designed to reduce
the proliferation of subcommittees, the House Science, Space and
Technology Committee has been reorganized.  Its six subcommittees
have been reduced to five.  It retains unchanged its subcommittees
on Science, Space, Energy, and Investigations and Oversight.  The
Environment subcommittee was eliminated, and most of its
jurisdiction taken over by the Technology and Competitiveness
subcommittee, now renamed the Subcommittee on Technology,
Environment, and Aviation.

20 Jan 1993

Wednesday afternoon, the incoming chairman of the newly-renamed
House Committee on Science held a briefing to explain his
committee's agenda for 1995.  At the end of the hour-long
presentation, it was clearly evident that Robert Walker (R-PA) has
a clear view of where he wants to take his committee.

16 Dec 1994

Republicans meeting in Washington on Wednesday selected Rep. Robert
Walker (Pennsylvania) as the new chairman of the House science
committee.  Rep. Jerry Lewis (California) was named chairman of the
House VA, HUD, Independent Agencies Appropriations Subcommittee.
Rep. John Myers (Indiana) will chair the House Energy and Water
Development Appropriations Subcommittee.  The full House
Appropriations Committee chairman is Rep. Bob Livingston
(Louisiana.)   Under new House rules, all will be limited to six
years as chairmen.

9 Dec 1994

With the election almost one week old, and control of the incoming
Congress firmly in the hands of the Republican Party, attention is
focusing on the Members likely to chair congressional committees
and subcommittees.  They will become some of the most important
people in Washington.

14 Nov 1994

Below are selected quotes from the House of Representatives' floor
debate on H.R. 4908, the Hydrogen, Fusion, and High Energy and
Nuclear Physics Act of 1994 (see FYI #131):

8 Sep 1994

An August 4 hearing of the House science subcommittee examined the
strengths and weaknesses of the Administration's just-released
report, "Science in the National Interest."  The report (see FYIs
#120 and 121) represents the first articulation of U.S. science
policy in the post-Cold War era.  One of the main voices for
science on Capitol Hill, full committee chairman George Brown
(D-California), opened the hearing by calling the report "a
thoughtful re-examination of the nation's science policy" that

5 Aug 1994

House science committee chairman George Brown (D-Cal.) is forcing
his colleagues to the brink over funding for NASA and the space
station.  How successful Brown's latest strategy is may become
evident by the end of the month -- although this will be only the
start of a long struggle for station funding.

6 May 1994

Legislation redefining the missions of the Department of Energy's
national laboratories is working its way to the floor of the House
of Representatives.  Two House committees - Science, Space, and
Technology, and Armed Services -have completed work on H.R. 1432.
There are now reports that the House Energy and Commerce Committee
may also want a hand in shaping the bill, injecting uncertainty
into the schedule.

5 May 1994

The House Subcommittee on Space has generally been regarded as
friendly territory for the space station -- much more so than the
House floor.  It is thus an ominous sign that both station
supporters and opponents have harshly criticized the Clinton
Administration's proposal to use Russian technology in the project.

29 Apr 1994


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