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Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Allison Macfarlane will be leaving her position on January 1 to become a professor of public policy at George Washington University where she will also direct its Center for International Science and Technology Policy.  In remarks delivered in Washington, D.C. this week Macfarlane discussed her tenure and offered her views on, among other topics, nuclear waste.  Excerpts from her address are below. 

21 Nov 2014

A new report by the Department of Energy (DOE) recommends a strategy for the permanent underground disposal of defense high-level radioactive waste and spent fuel.  Under this plan, waste material from atomic energy defense activities would be placed in a separate mined depository or deep boreholes. 

13 Nov 2014

On December 9, the Department of Energy's Energy Information
Administration (EIA) released a report on future international
nuclear energy capacity.  The report, entitled "World Nuclear
Capacity and Fuel Cycle Requirements 1993," projects an increase in
worldwide nuclear energy capacity to between 351 and 427 gigawatts
by the year 2010.  This represents an average annual increase of
0.4 to 1.5 percent.

27 Dec 1993

"By damn, we want it done now," said clearly frustrated Senator
Larry E. Craig (R-Idaho), referring to the long-running search for
a permanent solution to the Department of Energy's nuclear waste
storage problem.  The harsh criticism by the members of the Senate
Energy and Natural Resources Committee at a July 29 committee
hearing provides ample evidence that DOE's Environmental
Restoration and Waste Management Program is under the gun.

3 Aug 1993

At the inaugural symposium of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University, Senator Pete Domenici (R-NM) spoke on "A New Nuclear Paradigm." Excerpts from the text of his October 31 speech follow:

12 Dec 1997

Allison Macfarlane, Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, announced yesterday that she will resign from her position on January 1, 2015.  Macfarlane will become the Director of George Washington University’s Center for International Science and Technology Policy.

Macfarlane became NRC chairman on July 2012 when former chairman Gregory Jaczko left before completing the fifth year of his term.  She was renominated by President Obama and began her five year term in June 2013.

22 Oct 2014

At a hearing earlier this month, and during a speech this week, Senator Pete Domenici (R-NM) continued his mission to publicize and correct major problems at the nation's nuclear weapons facilities. Calling infrastructure deterioration "totally unacceptable," Domenici intends to press the Administration and his colleagues to add additional money to what he predicts will be an insufficient FY 2002 budget request.

30 Mar 2001

Energy" is likely to be a word much spoken during the next two weeks on the Senate floor as Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) strives to complete work on the long-delayed energy policy bill before the Senate goes on vacation. One of the provisions of this Senate legislation would provide federally-backed loan guarantees for up to half the construction costs of six or seven nuclear power plants. The workforce to build and operate nuclear facilities was the subject of a House hearing held last month on university nuclear research and engineering programs.

23 Jul 2003


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