The Pew Research Center, acting in collaboration with the American Association for the Advancement of Science, has released two important surveys on the American public’s and scientists’ views on a wide variety of science-related activities.

25 Feb 2015

As he has in his previous State of the Union addresses, President Obama discussed the importance of R&D and climate change.

21 Jan 2015

The agenda for the November 14 meeting of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) was wide-ranging, with upbeat briefings on NASA science, corporate investments in the BRAIN Initiative, DARPA, and the federal government’s response to Ebola.   PCAST is co-chaired by OSTP Director John Holdren and Eric Lander, President and Director of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

3 Dec 2014

Today, the Air Force S&T program is a shadow of what it once was," Rep. Tony P. Hall (D-Ohio) told his colleagues when he introduced H.R. 5490, the "Air Force Science and Technology for the 21st Century Act." Although it is too late in the session for the House Armed Services Committee to consider this legislation, Hall will reintroduce this bill when Congress convenes next year.

22 Nov 2000

The presidential race is not the only election in which the results are questioned and recounts considered. Results are not yet final in at least one Senate contest and several House races. Although it is certain that Republicans will hold onto the majority in both chambers - by slimmer margins than in the 106th Congress - the final numbers are still awaited. This FYI looks at possible changes in committee leadership that could impact R&D within federal departments and agencies tracked by FYI.

21 Nov 2000

A National Academies committee has identified obstacles to the appointment of federal senior level science and technology administrators, and has made recommendations for reducing these problems. One of their most important recommendations was that the next president appoint his Assistant to the President for Science and Technology as quickly as possible.

20 Oct 2000


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