Women in Physics, Astronomy, and Related Disciplines

This Guide is intended to increase knowledge of and generate discussion about women’s historical and contemporary experiences in physics, astronomy, and related disciplines. It is comprised of ready-to-use lesson plans, as well as other resources to assist educators and students as they design their own lessons and embark on independent research projects. The other resources include an annotated bibliography, a brief historiography, a slideshow of distinguished women physicists and astronomers, a timeline of historic “firsts,” as well as lists of video interviews, oral history transcripts, blogs, and websites relating to women in physics, astronomy, and allied fields.  AIP hopes this resource will raise awareness about the history of women in these disciplines while inspiring the next generation of physical scientists.

Lesson Plans

The Center for History of Physics has produced 22 lesson plans on a variety topics relating to women in physics, astronomy, and related fields.  Some are built around individual historical figures and scientific projects, while others address the challenges faced by women physicists present and past.  The lesson plans feature primary and secondary sources in a variety of formats.  They are intended for high school and college-aged audiences, but can easily be tailored to other age groups.

Other Resources

The other resources are meant to aid teachers and students as they learn more about women in astronomy and the physical sciences.  They include all of the elements necessary to design a lesson plan or complete an independent research project.