AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXVII, No. 2, Fall 1995


Recent Publications on the History of Physics

A supplement to the Newsletter of The Center for History of Physics/Niels Bohr Library and The Forum for History of Physics, American Physical Society
Compiled by Stephen G. Brush, University of Maryland, and the staff of the Niels Bohr Library


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This list is the second of an annual series. It includes books on the history of modern physics and related topics (including astronomy, geophysics, and physics in medicine) published in 1997 or later. (See earlier lists for details on how the list is prepared.)

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Achinstein, Peter; Snyder, Laura J. (eds.) Scientific methods: Conceptual and historical problems. viii + 157 pp., index. Malabar, FL: Krieger Pub. Co., 1994. ISBN 0-89464-822-5 (pb) $19.50.

"Inference to the unobservable: Newton's experimental philosophy" by Barbara L. Horan, 1-19; "Conceptual change in science: The Newton-Hooke controversy" by Michael Bishop, 21-43; "Experimental skills and experiment appraisal" [optics in the 1830s] by Xiang Chen, 45-65; "Stochastic electrodynamics and counterrevolutionary physics" [on T. H. Boyer's theory] by Niall Shanks, 67-93; "Is evidence historical?" [prediction vs. explanation in physics] by L. J. Snyder, 95-117; "Art and science: the method of Ruskin's Modern Painters" [his criticism of John Tyndall] by Jonathan Smith, 119-136; "Narrative justification in philosophy of science: a role for history" [historiography of Aristotle, Copernicus] by D. Lynn Holt, 137-157.

Cushing, James T. Quantum mechanics: Historical contingency and the Copenhagen hegemony. xvi + 317 pp., notes, bibl., index. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1994. ISBN 0-226-13202-1 (hc) $65.00. ISBN 0-226-13204-8 (pb) $27.00.

Argues that David Bohm's causal interpretation of QM is as valid as the Copenhagen Interpretation and that it could have been accepted by physicists if certain historical events had been different or in a different sequence. On J. Bell, N. Bohr, M. Born, L. de Broglie, A. Einstein, W. Heisenberg, W. Pauli, E. Schrödinger.

Pitt, Joseph (ed.) Experiments and scientific change. Synthese, vol. 99, no. 1 (April 1994) 135 pp. Boston: Kluwer, 1994. ISSN 0039-7857.

"Science and certainty" [with remarks on early quantum theory] by John D. Norton, 3-22; "Demonstrative induction, old and new evidence and the accuracy of the electrostatic inverse square law" [Maxwell on the Cavendish experiment] by Ronald Laymon, 23-58; "The rule of reproducibility and its applications in experiment appraisal" [on David Brewster, George Airy and the analysis of sunlight in the 1840s] by Xiang Chen, 87-109; "More heat than light: Rumford's experiments on the materiality of light" by Morton L. Schagrin, 111-121 .

Plotnitsky, Arkady. Complementarity: Anti-epistemology after Bohr and Derrida. ix + 324 pp., notes, bibl., index. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 1994. ISBN 0-8223-1433-9 (hc) $49.95. ISBN 0-8223-1437-1 (pb) $17.95.

Sklar, Lawrence. Physics and chance: Philosophical issues in the foundations of statistical mechanics. xi + 437 pp., bibl., index. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1993. ISBN 0-521-44055-6 (hc) $64.95.

"Historical Sketch," 14-89.

[see also [Bohr] Faye; Folse under BIOGRAPHIES OF SCIENTISTS]


Appleby, Joyce; Hunt, Lynn; Jacob, Margaret. Telling the truth about history. 322 pp., index. New York: Norton, 1994. ISBN 0-393-03615-4 (hc) $25.

"We ... present a new way of thinking about objectivity, one that argues for the centrality of science to Western culture and to the search for truth." Ch. 1 sketches the "heroic model of science" based on Newton's achievement, and its impact on Western culture. Chs. 2-4 recount the attempt to make history scientific and the history of American historiography. Ch. 5 describes changes in the historiography of science since the 1960s. Ch. 6 confronts the postmodernist attack on reason. Chs. 7 & 8 attempt to reive a modified objectivity for historical scholarship through "pragmatic realism."

Bromley, D. Allan The president's scientists. Reminiscences of a White House Science Advisor. xiv + 273 pp.. illus., index. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1994. ISBN 0-300-06006-8 (hc) $30.00.

Includes comments on Samuel Skinner's role in the demise of the SSC.

Chaisson, Eric J. The Hubble wars. Astrophysics meets astropolitics in the two-billion-dollar struggle over the Hubble Space Telescope. xi + 387 pp., illus., index. New York: HarperCollins, 1994. ISBN 0-06-017114-6 (hc) $27.50.

Foerstel, Herbert N. Secret science: Federal control of American science and technology. 227 pp., notes, index. Westport, CT: Praeger, 1993. ISBN 0-275-94447-6 (hc) $24.95.

Chapter 3, "Atomic Secrets"

Shapin, Steven. A social history of truth. Civility and science in seventeenth-century England. xxxi + 483 pp., illus., notes, bibl., index. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1994. ISBN 0-226-75018-3 (hc) $29.95.

Connections among acceptance of scientific knowledge, social status, and testimony of observers are illustrated using the case of Robert Boyle. Also discusses Francis Bacon, Johannes Hevelius, Thomas Hobbes, Robert Hook, Christiaan Huygens, John Wallis.

Solingen, Etel (ed.) Scientists and the state: Domestic structures and the international context. xii + 259 pp., Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press, 1994. ISBN 0-472-10486-1 (hc) $49.50.

"Japan: The political economy of Japanese science: Nakasone, physicists, and the state" by Morris F. Low, 93-125; "India: The nuclear scientists and the state, the Nehru and post-Nehru years" by Ashok Kapur, 209-229. Physicists discussed include Homi Bhabha, Ryokichi Sagane, M. N. Saha, Shoichi Sakata, Sin-itiro Tomonaga, Hideki Yukawa.


Badash, Lawrence. Scientists and the development of nuclear weapons: From fission to the limited test ban treaty, 1939-1963. ix + 129 pp., bibl., index. Atlantic Highlands, NJ: Humanities Press, 1995. ISBN 0-391-03873-7 (hc) $39.95. ISBN 0-391-03874-5 (pb) $12.50.

Hacker, Barton C. Elements of controversy. The Atomic Energy Commission and radiation safety in nuclear weapons testing, 1947- 1974. xxiv + 614 pp., illus., bibl., indexes. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1994. ISBN 0-520-08323-7 (hc) $55

Holloway, David. Stalin and the bomb. The Soviet Union and atomic energy 1939- 1956. xvi + 464 pp., illus., notes, index. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1994. ISBN 0-300-06056-4 (hc) $30.00.

Includes remarks on A. I. Alikhanov, L. A. Artsimovich, E. Fermi, Klaus Fuchs, A. F. Ioffe, P. L. Kapitsa, Iu. B. Khariton, I. V. Kurchatov, R. E. Peierls, N. N. Semenov, D. V Skobel'tsyn, I. E. Tamm, Ia. B. Zel'dovich.

Johnson, Leland; Schaffer, Daniel. Oak Ridge National Laboratory: The first fifty years. xii + 270 pp., illus., bibl., index. Knoxville, TN: University of Tennessee Press, 1994. ISBN 0-87049-854-1 (pb) $15.00.

Refers frequently to Alvin Weinberg.

Leslie, Stuart W. The cold war and American science: The military-industrial-academic complex at MIT and Stanford. xiii + 332 pp, illus., notes, index. New York: Columbia University Press, 1993. ISBN 0-231-07958-3 (hc) $42.00 Reprint, 1994: ISBN 0-231-07959- 1 (pb) $ 19.50.

"... the Department of Defense became the biggest single patron of American science, predominantly in the physical sciences and engineering." Comments on Charles Stark Draper, Edward Ginzton, William Hansen, Robert Huggins, John Slater, Julius Stratton, Frederick Terman, Jerrold Zacharias. Conclusion: "Postwar events largely proved the fears of ... Philip Morrison and others that the military would end up buying American science and engineering on the 'installment plan.'"

Lindee, M. Susan. Suffering made real: American science and the survivors at Hiroshima. xi + 287 pp., illus., bibl., index. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1994. ISBN 0-226-48237-5 (hc) $29.95.

On the studies of biological effects of radiation conducted in Japan by the U.S. Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission.

Rhodes, Richard. Dark sun: The making of the hydrogen bomb. 731 pp., illus., notes, bibl., index. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1995. ISBN 0-684-80400-x (hc) $32.50.

Weisgall, Jonathan M. Operation Crossroads: The atomic tests at Bikini Atoll. xx + 415 pp., illus., bibl., index. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1994. ISBN I -55750-919-0 (hc) $31.95.

Winkler, Allan M. Life under a cloud: American anxiety about the atom. 282 pp., notes, bibl. index. New York: Oxford University Press, 1993. ISBN 0- 19-507821 -7. $27.50.

[see also Treat under SCIENCE AND LITERATURE]

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Levenson, Thomas. Measure for measure: A musical history of science. 351 pp., bibl., index. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1994. ISBN 0-671 -78730-6 (hc) $25.00.

Includes sections on Galileo, Robert Hooke, Kepler, Newton, Poincaré, Pythagoras.


Levine, George (ed.) Realism and representation: Essays on the problem of realism in relation to science, literature, and culture. xiii + 330 pp., index. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1993. ISBN 0-299-13630-2 (hc) $50. ISBN 0-299- 13634-5 (pb) $23.50.

"Wave theory [writings of James Clerk Maxwell and John Tyndall] and the rise of literary postmodernism" by Gillian Beer, 193-213; "Augustan realities: Nature's representatives [disciples of Isaac Newton] and their cultural resources in the early eighteenth century" by Simon Schaffer, 279-318.

Treat, John Whittier. Writing ground zero. Japanese literature and the atomic bomb. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1995. xx + 487 pp., illus., notes, bibl., index. ISBN 0-226-8177-8 (hc) $29.95.


Polkinghorne, John The faith of a physicist: Reflections of a bottom-up thinker. x + 211 pp., bibl., index. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1994. ISBN 0-691-03620-9 (hc) $24.95.

Shale, Mark H.; Shields, George W. (eds.) Science, technology, and religious ideas. 244 pp. Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 1994. ISBN 0-8191 -9346- 1 (hc) $57. ISBN 0-8191-9347-x (pb) $24.

"The wider design argument and the new physics: Ruminations on the thought of P. C. W. Davies" by G. W. Shields, 77-96; "Fine-tuning the universe?" [the anthropic principle] by E. McMullin, 97-125; "A clash of wills: Voluntarism in the thought of Robert Boyle" by R. Levy, 157-176; "Galileo and the Church" by Edward Schoen, 177-189.

[see also [Galileo] Campanella under INDIVIDUAL BIOGRAPHIES]


Crease, Robert P. The play of nature: Experimentation as performance. ix + 207 pp. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 1994. ISBN 0-253-31474-7 (hc) $35.

Uses examples from the history of modern physics., e.g. Röntgen's discovery of X-rays.


Mirowski, Philip (ed.) Natural images in economic thought: "Markets read in tooth and claw." xiii + 618 pp., notes, bibl., index. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1994. ISBN 0-521-44321-0 (hc) $79.95. ISBN 0-521-47877-4 (pb) $29.95

"Newton and the social sciences, with special reference to economics, or, the case of the missing aradigm" by I. B. Cohen, 55-90; "From virtual velocities to economic action: the very slow arrivals of linear programming and locational equilibrium" by Ivor Grattan-Guinness, 91-108; "Rigor and practicality: rival ideals of quantification in nineteenth-century economics" by Theodore M. Porter, 128-170; "Fire, motion, and productivity: the proto-energetics of nature and economy in François Quesnay" by Paul B. Christensen, 249-288.


Kevles, Daniel J. The physicists: The history of a scientific community in modern America. xlv + 489 pp., notes, index. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1995. ISBN 0-674-66656-9 (pb) $17.95.

Reprint of the 1978 edition, with a new preface, "The death of the Superconducting Supercollider in the life of American physics," ix-xlii.


Berger, Joseph. The young scientists. America's future and the winning of the Westinghouse. xii + 243 pp. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley, 1994. ISBN 0-201-63255- 1 (hc) $21.95.

Profiles of high schools and teachers that have produced several Science Talent Search winners; history and current operation of the contest. Nobel Laureates in Physics who were winners: Leon N. Cooper, Ben R. Mottelson, Sheldon L. Glashow.

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Hartman, Paul. A Memoir on The Physical Review. A History of the First Hundred Years. xiii + 212 pp.. illus. New York: American Institute of Physics, 1994. ISBN I -56396-282-9 (pb) $ 10.

Stroke, H. Henry (ed.) The Physical Review: The first Hundred Years. A selection of seminal papers and commentaries. xix + 1266 pp., illus., author index, CD-ROM. Woodbury, NY: AIP Press, 1995. ISBN I -56396- 188- 1 (hc) $75.

Reprints of more than 1000 articles from Physical Review and Physical Review Letters, all on the CD-ROM and about 200 of them in the book. "The Physical Review then and now" by Abraham Pais, l-10; "Atomic physics" by Edward Gerjuoy, 83-98; "Nuclear physics" by Herman Feshbach, 241-250; "Statistical Physics" by Joel L. Lebowitz, 369-383; "Cosmic radiation" by John A. Simpson, 573-585; "Elementary particle physics experiments" by Wolfgang K. H. Panofsky and George H. Trilling, 799-812; "Particle theory" by Sam Treiman, 933-945; articles on gravity physics and cosmology, condensed matter, plasma physics, quantum mechanics, science and technology.


Brooke, Christopher N. L. A history of the University of Cambridge. Vol. IV: 1870-1990. xxiii + 652 pp., illus., notes, index. Cambridge, Eng.: Cambridge University Press, 1993. ISBN 0-521-34350-X (hc) $89.95.

"The Cavendish," 173-193.

Putnam, William Lowell The Explorers of Mars Hill: A Centennial History of Lowell Observatory, 1894-1994. xix + 289 pp., illus., index. West Kennebunk, ME: Phoenix Pub., 1994. ISBN 0-914659-69-3 (hc) $30.

On H. L. Giclas, Percival Lowell, V. M. Slipher, S. Sykes.

[back to top] HISTORY OF SCIENCE

Cohen, H. Floris. The scientific revolution: A historiographical inquiry. xviii + 662 pp., notes, bibl., index. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1994. ISBN 0-226-11279-9 (hc) $75.00. ISBN 0-226-11280-2 (pb) $26.95.

Field, J. V.; James, Frank A. J. L. (eds.) Renaissance and revolution: Humanists, scholars, craftsmen, and natural philosophers in early modern Europe. xvi + 291 pp., illus., bibl., index. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1993. ISBN 0-521-43427-0 (hc) $49.95.

"Johannes Hevelius and the visual language of astronomy" by Mary G. Winkler and Albert Van Helden, 97-116; "Mathematical sciences and military technology: the Ordnance Office in the reign of Charles 11" by Frances Willmouth, 117-131; "Between ars and philosophia naturalis: reflections on the historiography of early modern mechanics" by Alan Gabbey, 133-145; "The conscience of Robert Boyle: functionalism, 'dysfunctionalism' and the task of historical understanding by Michael Hunter, 147-159; "Clandestine Stoic concepts in mechanical philosophy: the problem of electrical attraction" by Gad Freudenthal, 161-172; "Newton's subtle matter: the Opticks queries and the mechanical philosophy" by R. W. Home, 193-202; "Huygens's reaction to Newton's gravitational theory" by Roberto de A. Martins, 203-213; "The reception of Newton's Opticks in Italy" by Paolo Casini, 215-227; "Retrospection on the scientific revolution" by A. Rupert Hall, 239-249.

Gavroglu, Kostas; Christianidis, Jean; Nicolaidis, Efthymios (eds.) Trends in the historiography of science. (Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science, 151) xi + 451 pp., index. Boston: Kluwer, 1994. ISBN 0-7923-2255-x (hc) $ 138.00.

"Theory and practice in early modern physics" [on Galileo] by Stillman Drake, 15-30; "Types of discourse and the reading of the history of the physical sciences" [theory of chemical bond -- W. Heitler, F. London, R. S. Mulliken, L. Pauling] by K. Gavroglu, 65-86; "Scientists and the state: the legacy of World War II" [physicists in operations research] by Michael Fortun and Sylvan S. Schweber, 327-354; "Unification, geometry and ambivalence: Hilbert, Weyl and the Göttingen community" [on general relativity] by Skuli Sigurdsson, 355-367; "Reopening the texts of romantic science: the language of experience in J. W. Ritter's Bewis" by Stuart Walker Strickland, 385-396; "History of science and history of mathematization: the example [of] the science of motion at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries" [on P. Varignon] by Michel Blay, 405-420.

Hadden, Richard W. On the shoulders of merchants: Exchange and the mathematical conception of nature in early modern Europe. xviii + 191 pp., illus., bibl., index. Albany: State University of New York Press. 1994. ISBN 0-7914-2011-6 (hc) $49.50. ISBN 0-7914-2012-4 (pb) $ 16.95.

Jacob, Margaret C. (ed.) The politics of Western science, 1640-1990. 241 pp., index. Atlantic Highlands, NJ: Humanities Press International, 1994. ISBN 0-391-03834-6 (pb) $15. Reprinted from Social Research (Fall 1992) with a new essay by S. W. Leslie.

"Heisenberg, German science, and the Third Reich" by David C. Cassidy, 157-175; "Science and politics in cold war America" by Stuart W. Leslie, 199-233.

Lang, Harry G. Silence of the spheres: The deaf experience in the history of science. xxxiv + 187 pp., illus., index. Westport, CT: Bergin & Garvey, 1994. ISBN 0-89789-368-9 (hc) $49.95.

[back to top] HISTORY OF PHYSICS

Agassi, Joseph. Radiation theory and the quantum revolution. xvii + 178 pp., bibl., refs., index. Basel/Boston/Berlin: Birkhäuser Verlag, 1993. ISBN 3-7643-2905-X and 0-8176-2905-X. $59.

On Niels Bohr, Ludwig Boltzmann, Albert Einstein, Gustav Robert Kirchhoff, James Clerk Maxwell, Isaac Newton, Max Planck, Pierre Prevost, Wilhelm Wien, Thomas Young.

Brown, Laurie. Renormalization from Lorentz to Landau (and beyond). vii + 192 pp.. illus., index. New York: Springer-Verlag, 1995. ISBN 0-387-944401-X (pb) $29.95. Reprint of the 1994 edition.

Earman, John; Janssen, Michel; Norton, John D. (eds.) The attraction of gravitation: New studies in the history of general relativity. (Einstein Studies, vol. 5) xi + 432 pp., notes, index. Boston: Birkhäuser.1993. ISBN 0-8176-3624-2 (hc)$125.

"Einstein and [Gunnar] Nordström: Some less-known thought experiments in gravitation" by John D. Norton, 3-29; "Out of the labyrinth? Einstein, [Paul] Hertz, and the Göttingen answer to the hole argument" by Don Howard and John D. Norton, 30-6 2; "Conservation laws and gravitational waves in general relativity (1915-1918)" by Carlo Cattani and Michelangelo de Maria, 63-87; "The general-relativistic two-body problem and the Einstein-[Ludwik] Silberstein controversy" by Peter Havas, 88-125; "Einstein's explanation of the motion of Mercury's perihelion" by John Earman and Michel Janssen, 129-172; "Pieter Zeeman's experiments on the equality of inertial and gravitational mass" by A. J. Kox, 173-181; "Variational derivations of Einstein's equations" by S. Kirchenassamy, 185-205; "[Tullio] Levi-Civita's influence on [Attilio] Palatini's contribution to general relativity" by Carlo Cattani, 206-222; "The American contribution to the theory of differential invariants, 1900-1916" by Karin Reich, 225-247; "The reaction to relativity theory in Germany, III: 'A hundred authors against Einstein"' by Hubert Goenner, 248-273; "Attempts at unified field theories (1919-1955). Alleged failure and intrinsic validation/refutation criteria" by Silvio Bergia, 274-307; "Vladimir Fock: Philosophy of gravity and gravity of philosophy" by Gennady Gorelik, 308-331; "S. Chandrasekhar's contributions to general relativity" by Kameshwar C. Wali, 332-349; "[Georges] Lemaître and the [Karl] Schwarschild solution" by Jean Eisenstaedt, 353-389; "E. A. Milne and the origins of modern cosmology: An essential presence" by John Urani and George Gale, 390-419.

Hakfoort, Casper Optics in the age of Euler. Conceptions of the nature of light, l 700- 1795. vi + 243 pp., illus., notes, bibl., index. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1994. ISBN 0-521-40471-1 (hc) $61.95. Originally published in Dutch, 1986.

Harman, P.M. After Newton: Essays on natural philosophy. xii+ 315 pp., index. Aldershot, Eng.: Variorum, 1993. ISBN 0-86078-348-0 (hc) $87.95.

Includes articles on Newtonian physics, ether, forces, energy, Johann Bernoulli, Leonhard Euler, Michael Faraday, H. v. Helmholtz, Immanuel Kant, G. W. Leibniz, Colin MacLaurin, J. R. Mayer.

Heilbron, John L. Weighing imponderables and other quantitative Science around 1800. ix + 337 pp., illus., notes, index. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1993. ISBN 0-98102-17-0 (pb) $20. Also published as vol. 24, pt. 1, Supplement, Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences.

On J. B. Biot, C. Borda, C. A. Coulomb, J.-B.-J. Delambre, P. S. de Laplace, A. L. Lavoisier, I. Newton and others.

Holton, Gerald. Einstein, History and other Passions. xiii + 312 pp. New York: AIP Press, 1995. ISBN I-56396-33-7 (hc) $29.95.

Also discusses P. W. Bridgman, Richard P. Feynman, Mileva Maric, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Michael Polanyi, I. I. Rabi.

Jammer, Max. Concepts of Space: The History of Theories of Space in Physics. Foreword by Albert Einstein. Third, enlarged edition. xvii + 261 pp., notes, index. New York: Dover. 1993. ISBN 0-486-27119-6 (pb) $7.95.

New chapter, "Recent developments in the philosophy of physical space," 215-251.

Pellegrini, Claudio; Sessler, Andrew M. (eds.) The development of colliders. xi + 275 pp., author index. Woodbury, NY: AIP Press, 1995. ISBN l-56396-349-3 (hc) $48.00.

Reprint of papers published (mostly in the 1950s and l960s) by E. D. Courant, K. R. Symon, D. W. Kerst and others.

Ryutova-Kemoklidze, Margarita. The quantum generation: Highlights and tragedies of the golden age of physics. Translated from Russian by John Hine. xxii + 327 pp., illus. New York: Springer-Verlag, 1994. ISBN 0-387-53298-6 (hc) $39.50.

On the career of Yuri Borisovich Rumer (1901-1985).

Schröder, Wilfried; Treder, Hans-Jürgen (eds) Reflections on physics and geophysics. 193 pp., tables, illus. Bremen-Ronnebeck, Germany: Interdivisional Commission on History of the International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy/Science Edition, 1994. ISSN 0179-5658 (pb) $ 16.

On Einstein's cosmology; the Einstein-Bohr box experiment; correspondence with Banesh Hoffmann, L. Rosenfeld, M. Jammer; geophysics; Hans Ertel; Emil Weichert; reprints of previously-published papers by Treder, and a paper by Herbert Hörz on Heisenberg's epistemology.

Thorne, Kip S. Black holes and time warps: Einstein's outrageous legacy. 619 pp. New York: Norton, 1994. ISBN 0-393-03305 (hc) $30.

[see also Kevles under THE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY]


Mauskopf, Seymour H. Chemical sciences in the modern world. xxii + 417 pp., index. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1993. ISBN 0-8122-3156-2 (hc) $39.95.

Essays on the history of chemistry in the 19th and 20th centuries. Connections with atomic theory and thermodynamics are discussed in articles by Mary Jo Nye and Alan J. Rocks. Pertinent remarks on the relations between scientists and historians are presented in the article by William B. Jensen.

Nye, Mary Jo. From chemical philosophy to theoretical chemistry: Dynamics of matter and dynamics of disciplines, 1800-1950. xvii + 328 pp., illus., index. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1993. ISBN 0-520-08210-9 (hc) $48.00.


Bahcall, John N.; Davis, Raymond, Jr.; Parker, Peter; Smirnov, Alexei; Ulrich, Roger (eds.) Solar neutrinos: The first thirty years. xxiii + 440 pp. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., 1994. ISBN 0-201-40791-4 (hc) $59.95. Reprints of scientific papers.

Blaauw, Adriaan. History of the IAU: The birth and first half-century of the International Astronomical Union. xix + 296 pp., notes, index. Boston: Kluwer, 1994. ISBN 0-7923-2979-1 (hc) $90. ISBN 0-7923-2980-5 (pb) $49.

Includes comments on G. Abetti, W. S. Adams, V. A. Ambartsumian, A. S. Eddington, G. E. Hale, B. Lindblad, J. H. Oort, P. Th. Oosterhoff, J. C. Pecker, D. H. Sadler, A. Schuster, H. Shapley, H. Spencer Jones, F. J. M. Stratton, B. G. D. Strömgren, E. Strömgren, O. Struve. A review by Owen Gingerich in Science 266 (1994): 2027-28 gives additional information the roles of L. Goldberg and W. Brode in the dispute about Chinese participation in the 1961 meeting.

Crowe, Michael J. Modern theories of the universe, from Herschel to Hubble. xi + 435 pp., illus., notes, bibl., index. New York: Dover, 1994. ISBN 0-486-27880-8 (pb) $9.95.

Hoffleit, Dorrit Women in the history of variable star astronomy. 62 pp, illus. Cambridge, MA: American Association of Variable Star Observers, 1993. $ 14.

Levin, Aleksey E.; Brush, Stephen G. (eds.) The origin of the solar system: Soviet research 1925-1991. xiii + 415 pp., illus., bibl., index. New York: AIP Press, 1995. ISBN 1-56396-281-0 (hc) $60.00.

English translations of papers by B. Yu. Levin, A. B. Makalkin, G.V. Pechernikova, E. L. Ruskol, T. V. Ruzmaikina, V. S. Safronov, Otto Schmidt and others.

North, John D. The Norton history of astronomy and cosmology. xxvii + 657 pp., illus., bibl. essay, index. New York: Norton, 1995 ISBN 0-393-03656-1 (hc)$35. ISBN 0-393-31193-7 (pb) $18.95. Published in UK as The Fontana history of astronomy and cosmology.

Parker, Barry. Stairway to the stars: The story of the world's largest observatory. 350 pp., illus., maps., bibl. refs., index. New York: Plenum Press, 1994. ISBN 0-306-44763-0 (hc) $27.95.

About Mauna Kea Observatory in Hawaii; John Jefferies, Kevin Krisciunas, Gerard Kuiper.

[see also Chaisson under SCIENCE AND SOCIETY; Florence under HISTORY OF INSTRUMENTS]


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[see also Chaisson under SCIENCE AND SOCIETY]


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[back to top] COLLECTED BIOGRAPHIES OF SCIENTISTS (3 or more scientists)

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[See also Holton under HISTORY OF PHYSICS]


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[back to top] COLLECTED WORKS OF SCIENTISTS (including unpublished papers)

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[Rumer, Yuri Borisovich, see Ryutova-Kemoklidze under HISTORY OF PHYSICS]

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[see also Polkinghorne under SCIENCE AND RELIGION]


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Biographees are "primarily in the physical and natural sciences in the 19th and early 20th century.


Harper, Peter. Guide to the manuscript papers of British scientists catalogued by the CSAC [Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre] and the NCU [National Cataloguing Unit] for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, 1973-1993. xv + 110 pp. Bath, UK: National Cataloguing Unit, Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath. ISBN 0-9522009-0-2 (pb) $20.

Niels Bohr Library. A guide to the archival collections of the Niels Bohr Library at the American Institute of Physics. (International Catalog of Sources for History of Physics and Allied Sciences, Report No.7) xix + 574 pp., index. College Park, MD: AIP Press, 1994. ISBN 1-56396-379-5 (hc) $145. ISBN 1-56396-435-X (pb) $75.

"Introduction" by Joan Warnow-Blewett. Contents: Archives; Collections on Microform; Miscellaneous Physics Collection; Manuscript Biographies; Institutional Histories; Oral History Interviews; Audio Visual Materials; Finding Aids.

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