AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXXIII, No. 2, Fall 2001

Recent Publications on the History of Physics
A supplement to the Newsletter of the
Center for History of Physics/Niels Bohr Library
and the Forum of History of Physics, American Physical Society

Compiled by Per F. Dahl and Eleanor Dahl, Berkeley, California,
University of Maryland, and the staff of the Niels Bohr Library


For a complete list of published books and journals on the history of physics, visit

This list is the eighth of an annual series. It includes books on the history of modern physics and related topics (including astronomy, geophysics, and physics in medicine) published in 1997 or later. (See earlier lists for details on how the list is prepared.)

Permission is hereby granted to copy freely all or part of this list for any educational purpose. More extensive versions of this and the other previous lists are available on the Center's Web site at:


About this Bibliography


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SCIENCE AND ART (back to top)

Miller, Arthur I. Einstein, Picasso: Space, Time, and the Beauty That Causes Havoc. x + 357 pp., illus., notes, bibl., index. New York: Basic Books, 2001. ISBN 0-465-01859-8 (hc) $30.00.


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HISTORY OF SCIENCE (back to top)

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HISTORY OF PHYSICS (back to top)

Bartusiak, Marcia. Einstein's unfinished symphony: Listening to the sounds of space-time. 249 pp., illus. Washington: Joseph Henry Press, 2000. ISBN 0-309-06987-4 (hc) $24.95.

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Comparisons of explanatory power; explanatory power and classification, classification and use of instruments, the dispute over dispersion; the discovery of the `polarity of light'; the measurements of the intensity of light; instrumental traditions; the geometric tradition and the wave theory of light; the visual tradition and the closure of the Optical Revolution.

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ISBN 0-262-01172-7 (hc) $27.50.

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COLLECTED BIOGRAPHIES (3 or more Scientists) (back to top)

Pais, Abraham. The genius of science: A portrait gallery of 20th century physicists. 356 pp., illus., figs., index. New York: Oxford University Press, 2000. ISBN 0-19-850614-7 (hc) $30.00.

INDIVIDUAL BIOGRAPHIES & AUTOBIOGRAPHIES; analysis of scientist's work (back to top)

[Alpert, Yakov] Alpert, Yakov. Making Waves: Stories from My Life. 260 pp. New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Press, 2000. ISBN 0-300-07821-8 (hc) $30.00.

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[Blumlein, A. D.] Burns, Russell. The life and times of A. D. Blumlein. xxvi + 534 pp., illus., apps., index. London: Institution of Electrical Engineers, in assoc. with the Science Museum, 2000. ISBN 0- 85296-773-X (hc) $95.00.

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[Kraft, Chris] Kraft, Chris. Flight: My Life in Mission Control. viii + 371 pp., illus., index. New York: Dutton, 2001. ISBN 0-525-94571-7 (hc) $25.95.

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[Planck, Max] Heilbron, J. L. The dilemmas of an upright man: Max Planck and the fortunes of German science. xiii + 254 pp., afterword, 2000, bibl., index. Cambridge, MA & London: Harvard University Press, reprint 2000. ISBN 0-674-00439-6 (pb) $16.95.

[Swinger, Julian] Mehra, Jagdish; Milton, Kimball A. Climbing the mountain: The scientific biography of Julian Schwinger. xii + 677 pp., illus., apps., name index, subj. index. Oxford, New York: Oxford University Press, 2000. ISBN 0-19-850658-9 (hc) $75.00.

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[Van Hove, Léon] Giovannini, A. (ed.) The Legacy of Léon Van Hove. xvii + 570 pp. Singapore: World Scientific, 2000 ISBN: 98102243308 (hc) £55.00.

[See also Taylor, N. under HISTORY OF PHYSICS; Jackson, Myles W. under HISTORY OF INSTRUMENTS]

COLLECTED WORKS OF SCIENTISTS (including unpublished papers) (back to top)

[Feynman, Richard] Selected papers of Richard Feynman (with commentary). Edited by Laurie M. Brown. xii + 600 pp., illus., bibl., refs., index. Singapore: World Scientific. ISBN 981-02-4130-5 (hc) $96.00; ISBN 981-02-4131-3 (pb) $58.00.

[van Kampen, N.G.] Meijer, P.H.E. (ed.) Views of a Physicist: Selected Papers of N.G. van Kampen. x + 290 pp., illus., bibl., refs., index. River Edge, N.J.: World Scientific, 2000. ISBN 981-02-4357-X (hc) $74.00.


Bernstein, Jeremy. The Merely Personal: Observations on Science and Scientists. vii + 245 pp., index. Chicago: Ivan R. Dee, Publisher, 2001. ISBN 1-56663-344-3 (hc) $26.00.

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Sommerfeld, Arnold. Arnold Sommerfeld: Wissenschaftlicher Briefwechsel, edited by Michael Eckert and Karl Märker. 2 vols, 1 CD-ROM. Approx. 1400 pp. 2001. ISBN 3-928186-44-2 (hc) DM252.30.


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Zierdt-Warshaw, Linda; Winkler, Alan; Bernstein, Leonard. American women in technology: An encyclopedia. xviii + 384 pp., illus., tables, apps., bibl., index. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 2000. ISBN: 1576070727 (hc) $75.00.

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