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Volume XXVIII, No. 1, Spring 1996


Recent Publications of Interest
Compiled by Martha Keyes

This is our usual compilation of some (by no means all) recently published articles on the history of modern physics, astronomy, geophysics and allied fields. Note that these bibliographies have been posted on our Web site since 1994, and you can search the full text of all of them (along with our annual book bibliography, recent Catalog of Sources entries, exhibit materials, etc.) by using the “Search” icon on our site map ( To restrict your search to the bibliographies, enter in the box:
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Scholars interested in questions of access to archives in the Former Soviet Union and other whilom Communist Bloc nations, and particularly in matters relating to nuclear issues and the Cold War, should regularly scan the new Cold War International History Project Bulletin issued by the Smithsonian Institution's Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, DC.

Australian Journal of Physics, vol. 47, no.5 (1994) is a special issue devoted to John G. Bolton. Articles include Gordon J. Stanley, "Recollections of John G. Bolton at Dover Heights and Caltech," 507-516; Bruce Slee, "Some Memories of the Dover Heights Field Station, 1946-1954," 517-534; K.C. Westfold, "John Bolton--Some Early Memories," 535-539; Wayne Orchiston, "John Bolton, Discrete Sources, and the New Zealand Field-Trip of 1948," 541-547; D.K. Milne, "John Bolton and the Rainmakers," 549-553; Jesse L. Greenstein, "The Early Years of Radio Astronomy at Caltech," 555-560; J.A. Roberts, "Some Memories of John Bolton from Caltech and Early Years at Parkes," 561-567; R.D. Ekers, "John Bolton's Variable-Baseline Interferometer and the Structure of Radio Galaxies," 569-575; J.B. Whiteoak, "John Bolton as a Pioneer of OH Spectroscopy," 577-584; A.E. Wright, "From the Parkes Catalogue to COMRAD," 585-588; and Ann Savage, "Wild, Woolley and Savage--or How John Bolton and I Went Hunting for Quasars and QSOs," 589-597.

Beam Line, vol. 25, no.1 (Spring 1995) includes J. Ritchie Patterson, "Lepton Universality," 7-12; and Virginia Trimble, "COBE: How We Know that the Universe Went Through a Dense, Hot Phase," 25-33. Vol. 25, no.2 (Summer 1995) commemorates the 100 year anniversary of the discovery of X-rays. This special issue includes Philip Morrison, "How the Twentieth Century Started Ahead of Time," 4-9; Alexi Assmus, "Early History of X-Rays," 10-24; Arthur Bienenstock & Arthur L. Robinson, "The Impact of Synchrotron Radiation on Materials Research," 35-44; Wallace H. Tucker, "The X-Ray Universe," 45-50; and Virginia Trimble, "On Beyond X," 51-59.

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, vol. 51, no.4 (July/August 1995) includes Metta Spencer, "'Political' Scientists," 62-68. Vol. 51, no.6 (November/December 1995) features Viktor Adamskii, "Dear Mr. Khrushchev," 28-31. Vol. 52, no.1 (January/February 1996) includes Susan Landau, "Joseph Rotblat: The Road Less Traveled," 46-54.

Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars, vol. 27, no.2 (April-June 1995) is a special issue on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the atomic bombing of Japan. The controversy over the Enola Gay exhibit is also discussed.

CERN Courier, vol. 35, no.6 (September 1995) features Christine Sutton, "The Challenge of Neutrinos," 36-39. Vol. 35, no.9 (December 1995) includes "Saclay - 50 Years," 14-18.

Earth Sciences History, vol. 14, no.1 (1995) includes Carl-Henry Geschwind, "Becoming Interested in Experiments: American Igneous Petrologists and the Geophysical Laboratory, 1905-1965," 47-61; and Robert P. Newman, "American Intransigence: The Rejection of Continental Drift in the Great Debates of the 1920's," 62-83.

Health Physics, vol. 69, no.5 (November 1995) commemorates the centennial of the discovery of radioactivity. Articles include Edward W. Webster, "X-Rays in Diagnostic Radiology," 610-635; Paul J. Early, "Use of Diagnostic Radionucleotides in Medicine," 649-661; and Paul J. Early & Edward R. Landa, "Use of Therapeutic Radionucleotides in Medicine," 677-694.

Historia Scientiarum, vol. 5, no.2 (November 1995) is a special issue on the history of technology in Japan. Articles include Masakatsu Yamazaki, "The Mobilization of Science and Technology during the Second World War in Japan--A Historical Study of the Activities of the Technology Board Based upon the Files of Tadashiro Inoue," 167-181; and Ichikawa Hiroshi, "Technological Transformation of Occupied Japan: The Implications of the Policies and Activities of the Scientific and Technical Division of the Economic and Scientific Section of GHQ/SCAP," 183-197.

ISEE Annals of the History of Computing, vol. 18, no.1 (Spring 1996) commemorates the ENIAC's fiftieth anniversary. This special issue includes Dilys Winegrad, "Celebrating the Birth of Modern Computing: The Fiftieth Anniversary of a Discovery at the Moore School of Engineering of the University of Pennsylvania," 5-9; H.H. Goldstine & A. Goldstine, "The Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC)," 10-16; Mitchell Marcus & Atsushi Akera, "Exploring the Architecture of an Early Machine: The Historical Significance of the ENIAC Machine Architecture," 7-24; Peter Eckstein, "J. Prosper Eckert," 25-44; John Costello, "As the Twig is Bent: The Early Life of John Mauchly," 45-50; and David Grier, "The ENIAC, the Verb 'to Program' and the Emergence of Digital Computers," 51-55.

Journal for the History of Astronomy, vol. 26, part 3 (August 1995) includes R.C. Ceragioli, "The Debate Concerning 'Red' Sirius," 187-226. Vol. 26, part 4 (November 1995) is a special issue on Soviet Astronomy. Articles include Ronald E. Doel & Robert A. McCutcheon, "Introduction," 279-296; A.I. Eremeeva, "Political Repression and Personality: The History of Political Repression Against Soviet Astronomers," 297-324; Vitali A. Bronshten & Robert A. McCutcheon, "V.T. Ter-Oganezov, Ideologist of Soviet Astronomy," 325-348; Vladimir S. Strelnitski, "The Early Post-War History of Soviet Radio Astronomy," 349-362; and Alexander A. Gurshtein & C.V. Ivanov, "Science Feasts While the Public Starves: A Note on the Reconstruction of the Pulkovo Observatory after World War II," 363-368. Vol. 27, part 1 (February 1996) features Thomas R. Williams, "The Development of Astronomy in the Southern United States, 1840-1914," 13-44; and Suzanne Débarbat, "An Unusual Use of an Astronomical Instrument: The Dreyfus Affair and the Paris 'Macro-micromètre'," 45-52.

The Journal of American History, vol. 82, no.3 (December 1995) features several articles on the Enola Gay controversy, including David Thelen, "History after the Enola Gay Controversy: An Introduction," 1029-1035; Richard H. Kohn, "History and the Culture Wars: The Case of the Smithsonian's Enola Gay Exhibition," 1036-1063.

Journal of Chemical Education, vol. 73, no.1 (January 1996) features a tribute to Linus Pauling. Articles include William B. Jensen, "Electronegativity from Avogadro to Pauling: Part I: Origins of the Electronegativity Concept," 11-20; Derek A. Davenport, "Letters to F.J. Allen: An Informal Portrait of Linus Pauling," 21-28; and George B. Kauffman & Laurie M. Kauffman, "An Interview with Linus Pauling," 29-32.

Minerva, vol. 33, no.2 (Summer 1995) includes Zuoyue Wang, "The First World War, Academic Science, and the 'Two Cultures': Educational Reforms at the University of Cambridge," 107-127. Vol. 33, no.4 (Winter 1995) features Sven Widmalm, "Science and Neutrality: The Nobel Prizes of 1919 and Scientific Internationalism in Sweden," 339-360.

Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London, vol. 49, no.2 (1995) includes A.R. Mackintosh, F.R.S., "The Third Man: Charles Drummond Ellis, 1895-1980," 277-293; H.C. Bolton & Alan Roberts, "On the Comparison of Literary and Scientific Styles: The Letters and Articles of Max Born," 295-302; and Janos Plesch & Peter H. Plesch, "Some Reminiscences of Albert Einstein," 303-325.

Perspectives on Science, vol. 3, no.3 (Fall 1995) features Timothy Lenoir & Christophe Lécuyer, "Instrument Makers and Discipline Builders: The Case of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance," 276-345; and Allan Franklin, "The Resolution of Discordant Results," 346-420.

Physics Today, vol. 48, no.10 (October 1995) includes Paul C. Martin & Sheldon L. Glashow, "Julian Schwinger: Prodigy, Problem Solver, Pioneering Physicist," 40-46. Vol. 48, no.11 (November 1995) includes Howard H. Seliger, "Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen and the Glimmer of Light," 25-31. Vol. 48, no.12 (December 1995) features Erich Vogt, "Eugene Paul Wigner: A Towering Figure of Modern Physics," 40-44; and David J. Gross, "Symmetry in Physics: Wigner's Legacy," 46-50. Vol. 49, no.1 (January 1996) includes John Lankford & Ricky L. Slavings, "The Industrialization of American Astronomy, 1880-1940," 34-40. Vol. 49, no.2 (February 1996) features Lawrence Badash, "The Discovery of Radioactivity," 21-26; and Roman Jackiw, "My Encounters--as a Physicist--with Mathematics," 28-31. Vol. 49, no.3 (March 1996) includes Robert J. Soulen, Jr., "James Dewar, His Flask and Other Achievements," 32-37.

Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, vol. 107, no.712 (June 1995) includes R.F. Garrison, "William Wilson Morgan (1906-1994)," 507-512. Vol. 107, no. 713 (July 1995) includes Arthur R. Upgren, "Willem Jacob Luyten (1899-1994)," 603-605. Vol. 107, no. 718 (December 1995) commemorates the 75th anniversary of the debate over gamma rays. Articles in this special issue include Virginia Trimble, "The 1920 Shapley-Curtis Discussion: Background, Issues, and Aftermath," 1133-1144; and Gerald J. Fishman, "Gamma-Ray Bursts: An Overview," 1145-1151. Vol. 108, no.719 (January 1996) includes Donald D. Clayton, "William Alfred Fowler (1911-1995)," 1-7.

Reviews of Modern Physics, vol. 67, no.2 (April 1995) features Paul Forman, "'Swords into Ploughshares': Breaking New Ground with Radar Hardware and Technique in Physical Research after World War II," 397-455; and Allan Franklin, "The Appearance and Disappearance of the 7-keV Neutrino," 457-490.

Scientific American, vol. 273, no.4 (October 1995) includes Neil Baldwin, "The Laboratory Notebooks of Thomas Edison," 160-163. Vol. 273, no.5 (November 1995) features Graham Farmelo, "The Discovery of X-rays," 86-91.

Sky & Telescope, vol. 91, no.2 (February 1996) features William Sheehan & John W. Briggs, "E.E. Barnard and the 1889 Eclipse of Iapetus," 38-41. Vol. 91, no.3 (March 1996) includes Timothy Lyster, "New Life for an Old Telescope," 32-34.

Space Science Reviews, vol. 74, nos.3/4 (November 1995) features Artur D. Chernin, "George Gamow and the Big Bang," 447-454; and D.K. Nadyozhin, "Gamow and the Physics and Evolution of Stars," 455-461.

Technology and Culture, vol. 36, no.2 (April 1995) includes J.D. Hunley, "The Enigma of Robert H. Goddard," 327-350; and Leonard S. Reich, "From the Spirit of St. Louis to the SST: Charles Lindbergh, Technology, and Environment," 351-393. Vol. 36, no.3 (July 1995) features Paul R. Josephson, "'Projects of the Century' in Soviet History: Large-Scale Technologies from Lenin to Gorbachev," 519-559; and Philip L. Cantelon, "The Origins of Microwave Telephony--Waves of Change," 560-582.

Others: A. Basu, "Chemical Research in India (1876-1918)," Annals of Science, vol. 52, no.6 (November 1995): 591-600; Montague Cohen, "Rutherford's Curriculum Vitae, 1894-1907," Medical Physics, vol. 22, no.6 (June 1995): 841-859; Scott Frickel, "Engineering Heterogeneous Accounts: The Case of Submarine Thermal Reactor Mark-I," Science, Technology, & Human Values, vol. 21, no.1 (Winter 1996): 28-53; H.G. Hertz & M.G. Doncel, "Heinrich Hertz's Laboratory Notes of 1887," Archive for History of Exact Sciences, vol. 49, no.3 (1995): 197-270; Dieter Hoffmann, Horst Kant & Hubert Laitko, "Walther Bothe--Wissenschaftler in vier Reichen," Jahrbuch für Wissenschaftsforschung (1996); Dieter Hoffmann & Hubert Laitko, "Kompetenz, Autorität und Verantwortung: Helmholtz und die Wissenschaftspolitik im Wilhelminischen Deutschland," PTB-Mitteilungen, vol. 105 (April 1995): 255-262; Dieter Hoffmann & Thomas Stange, "DDR-Physik(er) im Spiegel der 'Physikalischen Blätter'," Deutschland Archiv, vol. 28 (July 1995): 752-758; Frank A.J.L. James, "Science as a Cultural Ornament: Bunsen, Kirchhoff and Helmholtz in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Baden," Ambix, vol. 42, no.1 (March 1995): 1-9; Ronald Kline, "Construing 'technology' as 'applied science': Public Rhetoric of Scientists and Engineers in the United States, 1880-1945," Isis, vol. 86, no.2 (June 1995): 194-221; Bruce V. Lewenstein, "From Fax to Facts: Communication in the Cold Fusion Saga," Social Studies of Science, vol. 25, no.3 (August 1995): 403-436; J.M. Lewis, "The Story behind the Bowen Ratio," Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, vol. 76, no.12 (December 1995): 2433-2443; Ruth P. Liebowitz, "The Air Force's Geophysics Directorate: A 50th Anniversary Retrospective," EOS, vol. 76, no.38 (September 19, 1995): 371, 381-382; Roy MacLeod, "'Kriegsgeologen and Practical Men': Military Geology and Modern Memory, 1914-1918," British Journal for the History of Science, vol. 28, no.99 (December 1995): 427-450; Sharon Bertsch McGrayne, "Maria Goeppert Mayer," The Physics Teacher, vol. 33, no.7 (October 1995): 424-429; Gerald N. Pellegrini, "Maxwell's Equations in a Rotating Medium: Is There a Problem?," American Journal of Physics, vol. 63, no.8 (August 1995): 694-705; Robert Serber with Robert P. Crease, "Eyewitness to the Bomb," The Sciences, vol. 35, no.4 (July/August 1995): 23-29; David P. Stern, "A Brief History of Magnetospheric Physics During the Space Age," Reviews of Geophysics, vol. 34, no.1 (February 1996):1-31; Brian Warner, "The Development of Astrophysics in South Africa," Astrophysics and Space Science, vol. 230, nos.1-2 (August 1995): 1-7.

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