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Volume XXX, No. 1, Spring 1998


Recent Publications of Interest
Compiled by Martha Keyes

This is our usual compilation of some (by no means all) recently published articles on the history of modern physics, astronomy, geophysics and allied fields. Note that these bibliographies have been posted on our Web site since 1994, and you can search the full text of all of them (along with our annual book bibliography, recent Catalog of Sources entries, exhibit materials, etc.) by using the “Search” icon on our site map ( To restrict your search to the bibliographies, enter in the box:
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American Journal of Physics, vol. 65, no.10 (October 1997) features Joseph F. Mulligan, "The Personal and Professional Interactions of J. J. Thomson and Arthur Schuster," 954-963. Vol. 65, no.11 (November 1997) includes F. Rohrlich, "The Dynamics of a Charged Sphere and the Electron," 1051-1056; and Don S. Lemons & Anthony Gythiel, "Paul Langevin's 1908 paper 'On the Theory of Brownian Motion' ['Sur la théorie du mouvement brownien,' C. R. Acad. Sci. (Paris) 146, 530-533 (1908)]," 1079-1081.

l'Astronomie, vol. 111 (March 1997) features G. Paturel, "L'expansion de l'Univers," 74-80. Vol. 111 (April 1997) includes Françoise Launay, "Autour de l'éclipse totale de Soleil visible en Inde le 12 décembre 1871," 111-115. Vol. 111 (October 1997) features Thierry Wattez, "Clyde Tombaugh a rejoint Pluton," 262-266; and Patrick Fuentès, "La Commission d'Histoire de l'Astronomie: l'affaire Porro," 270-272.

Astronomy, vol. 26, no.1 (January 1998) features Tony Ortega, "Celestial Navigator [Robert Burnham Jr.]," 50-55; and James Trefil, "How Stars Shine," 56-60.

British Journal for the History of Science, vol. 30, no.106 (September 1997) is a special issue of student papers. This issue includes Clinton Chaloner, "The Most Wonderful Experiment in the World: A History of the Cloud Chamber," 357-374; and Barbara K. Stepansky, "Ambiguity: Aspects of the Wave-Particle Duality," 375-385.

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, vol. 53, no.5 (September/October 1997) includes Sue Rabbitt Roff, "The Ghost of Christmas Past," 52-56. Vol. 53, no.6 (November/ December 1997) features Mike Moore, "Forty Years of Pugwash," 40-45; and Pat Ortmeyer & Arjun Makhijani, "Worse Than We Knew," 46-50. Vol. 54, no.1 (January/ February 1998) includes Joe Albright & Marcia Kunstel, "The Youngest Spy [Ted Hall]," 47-52.

Daedalus, vol. 127, no.1 (Winter 1998) features Gerald Holton, "Einstein and the Cultural Roots of Modern Science," 1-44; Peter Galison, "The Americanization of Unity," 45-71; Lorraine Daston, "Fear and Loathing of the Imagination in Science," 73-95; Steven Weinberg, "Physics and History," 151-164; and Bretislav Friedrich & Dudley Herschbach, "Space Quantization: Otto Stern's Lucky Star," 165-191.

EOS, vol. 78, no.26 (July 1, 1997) includes Baron Marcel Ackerman, "Baron Marcel Nicolet (1912-1996)," 267, 270. Vol. 78, no.32 (August 12, 1997) features David Goodstein, "The Big Crunch," 329, 334. Vol. 78, no.34 (August 26, 1997) includes R. Von Herzen, "Marcus G. Langseth (1932-1997)," 357, 359. Vol. 78, no.38 (September 23, 1997) features Carl-Henry Geschwind, "1920s Prediction Reveals Some Pitfalls of Earthquake Forecasting," 401, 410, 412. Vol. 78, no.43 (October 28, 1997) includes Wilfried Schröder & Hans-Jürgen Treder, "Einstein and Geophysics: Valuable Contributions Warrant a Second Look," 479, 485. Vol. 78, no.52 (December 30, 1997) features Sheldon M. Levin, "Norwegians Led the Way in Training Wartime Weather Officers," 609, 612.

Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences, vol. 27, Part 2 (1997) includes Victor Ya. Frenkel, "Yakov Ilich Frenkel: Sketches toward a Civic Portrait," 197-236; David Hounshell, "The Cold War, RAND, and the Generation of Knowledge, 1946-1962," 237-267; Daniel J. Kevles, "Big Science and Big Politics in the United States: Reflections on the Death of the SSC and the Life of the Human Genome Project," 269-297; David Munns, "Linear Accelerators, Radio Astronomy, and Australia's Search for International Prestige, 1944-1948," 299-317; and Spencer R. Weart, "Global Warming, Cold War, and the Evolution of Research Plans," 319-356.

History of Science, vol. 35, no.109 (September 1997) features Nicolas Rasmussen, "The Mid-century Biophysics Bubble: Hiroshima and the Biological Revolution in America, Revisited," 245-293. Vol. 35, no.110 (December 1997) includes Hannah Gay & John W. Gay, "Brothers in Science: Science and Fraternal Culture in Nineteenth-century Britain," 425-453.

IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, vol. 19, no.4 (October-December 1997) includes Robert L. Baber, "Comparison of Electrical 'Engineering' of Heaviside's Times and Software 'Engineering' of Our Times," 5-17. Vol. 20, no.1 (January-March 1998) includes Ambros P. Speiser, "IBM Research Laboratory Zurich: The Early Years," 15-28.

Interactions, vol. 3, no.2 (March 1996) features Vannevar Bush, "As We May Think," 35-46; and Rosemary Simpson, Allen Renear, Elli Mylonas & Andries van Dam, "50 Years After 'As We May Think': The Brown/MIT Vannevar Bush Symposium," 47-67.

Journal of the British Astronomical Association, vol. 107, no.5 (October 1997) features Richard McKim, "P. B. Molesworth's Discovery of the Great South Tropical Disturbance on Jupiter, 1901," 239-245. Vol. 107, no.6 (December 1997) includes S. William Ruskin, "When London Viewed the Southern Skies: The Reception of Sir John Herschel's Cape Results," 325-331.

Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London, vol. 51, no.2 (1997) includes John Varley Jeffrey, "The Varley Family: Engineers and Artists," 263-279; Maurice V. Wilkes, "Sir Edward Appleton and Early Ionosphere Research," 281-290; Allan R. Mackintosh, "The Crocodile and the Elephant. Rutherford, Bohr and Quantum Physics," 309-316; and B. Bleaney, "Jubilees of Radio-Frequency Spectroscopy," 317-326.

Physics Teacher, vol. 35, no.6 (September 1997) features Helge Kragh, "J. J. Thomson, the Electron, and Atomic Architecture," 328-332. Vol. 35, no. 9 (December 1997) features Arthur O. Stinner, "The Hungarian Phenomenon," 518-520.

Physics Today, vol. 50, no.9 (September 1997) features Elisabeth Crawford, Ruth Lewin Sime & Mark Walker, "A Nobel Tale of Postwar Injustice," 26-32. Vol. 50, no.10 (October 1997) features Allan Franklin, "Are There Really Electrons? Experiment and Reality," 26-33; and Martin L. Perl, "The Leptons after 100 Years," 34-40. Vol. 50, no.11 (November 1997) includes Peter L. Galison, "Marietta Blau: Between Nazis and Nuclei," 42-48. Vol. 50, no.12 (December 1997) features Ian M. Ross, "The Foundation of the Silicon Age," 34-39; and Lillian Hoddeson, "The Moses of Silicon Valley," 42-47. Vol. 51, no.2 (February 1998) includes William A. Blanpied, "Inventing US Science Policy," 34-40.

Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, vol. 109, no.735 (May 1997) includes R. Michael Rich & D. M. Terndrup, "Bulges of Galaxies: A Celebration of the 90th Birthday of Albert Whitford," 571-583. Vol. 109, no.741 (November 1997) includes Eric Schulman, James C. French, Allison L. Powell, Guenther Eichhorn, Michael J. Kurtz & Stephen S. Murray, "Trends in Astronomical Publication between 1975 and 1996," 1278-1284. Vol. 109, no.742 (December 1997) features Virginia Trimble, "Martin Schwarzschild (1912-1997)," 1289-1297.

La Recherche, vol. 303 (November 1997) features Joël Hass & Roger Schlafly, "Histoires de bulles et de doubles bulles," 42-47; and Benoît Lelong, "Personne n'a découvert l'electron," 80-84. Vol. 305 (January 1998) includes Stefan Hildebrandt, "Le meilleur des mondes est-il minimal?," 66-69; and Jean Lassègue, "Turing, l'ordinateur et la morphogenèse," 76-77. Vol. 306 (February 1998) includes Pap N'Diaye, "Les ingénieurs oubliés de la bombe," 82-87.

Scientific American, vol. 277, no.3 (September 1997) includes Tony M. Liss & Paul L. Tipton, "The Discovery of the Top Quark," 54-59. Vol. 278, no. 1 (January 1998) features Ruth Lewin Sime, "Lise Meitner and the Discovery of Nuclear Fission," 80-85.

Sky & Telescope, vol. 94, no.5 (November 1997) features Patrick Moore, "The Leviathan Reborn," 52-54. Vol. 95, no.1 (January 1998) includes Thomas A. Dobbins & Richard M. Baum, "O'Neill's Bridge Remembered," 105-108. Vol. 95, no.2 (February 1998) features Joseph P. Zuraw & Jim Zebrowski, "The Enduring Legacy of Henry Fitz," 102-105.

Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, vol. 28B, no.2 (June 1997) includes F. A. Muller, "The Equivalence Myth of Quantum Mechanics-Part II," 219-247. Vol. 28B, no.3 (September 1997) features Dana Fine & Arthur Fine, "Gauge Theory, Anomalies and Global Geometry: The Interplay of Physics and Mathematics," 307-323; and Steven French & James Ladyman, "Superconductivity and Structures: Revisiting the London Account," 363-393.

Weather, vol. 52, no.5 (May 1997) includes J. M. Walker, "Pen Portraits of Presidents--Henry Storks Eaton, MA," 157-159. Vol. 52, no.6 (June 1997) features J. Mason, "Frank Henry Ludlam (1920-77): An Appreciation of His Life and Work," 182-187. Vol. 52, no.7 (July 1997) includes J. M. Walker, "Pen Portraits of Presidents--Sir Gilbert Walker, CSI, ScD, MA, FRS," 217-220. Vol. 52, no.9 (September 1997) features G. A. Wilkins & C. M. W. Wilson, "The Contributions of Norman and James Lockyer to Meteorology," 276-282. Vol. 52, no.12 (December 1997) includes J. M. Walker & W. S. Pike, "Pen Portraits of Presidents--Samuel Charles Whitbread, FRS," 396-399.

Others--Physics and Geophysics: Loren Butler Feffer, "Mathematical Physics and the Planning of American Mathematics: Ideology and Institutions," Historia Mathematica, vol. 24, no.1 (February 1997): 66-85; J. R. Fleming, "Meteorological Observing Systems before 1870 in England, France, Germany, Russia and the USA: A Review and Comparison," Bulletin of the World Meteorological Organization, vol. 46, no.3 (July 1997): 249-258; Andrè Guinier, "La cristallographie, de Haüy jusqu'aux Bragg et à leurs successeurs," Revue d'histoire des sciences, vol. 50, no.3 (July-September 1997): 295-301; Dieter Hoffmann, "Friedrich Herneck (1909-1993): Über Schwierigkeiten beim Schreiben von Wahrheit," Nachrichtenblatt der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geschichte der Medizin, Naturwissenschaft und Technik, vol. 46, no. 3 (Winter 1996):116-126; Tony M. Liss & Paul L. Tipton, "The Discovery of the Top Quark," Scientific American, vol. 277, no.3 (September 1997): 54-59; Owen Lock, "Cecil Powell: Pions, Peace and Politics," Physics World, vol. 10, no.11 (November 1997): 35-40; Mary Jo Nye, "Aristocratic Culture and the Pursuit of Science: The De Broglies in Modern France," Isis, vol. 88, no.3 (September 1997): 397-421; D. Oldroyd & B. Hamilton, "Geikie and Judd, and Controversies about the Igneous Rocks of the Scottish Hebrides: Theory, Practice, and Power in the Geological Community," Annals of Science, vol. 54, no.3 (May 1997): 221-268; Graham Spinardi, "Aldermaston and British Nuclear Weapons Development: Testing the 'Zuckerman Thesis'," Social Studies of Science, vol. 27, no.4 (August 1997): 547-582; and Jean-Marc Trochon, "Histoire: L'Année Géophysique Internationale (AGI)," Nouvelle Revue d'Aéronautique et d'Astronautique, vol. 4 (1997): 45-50.

Others--Astronomy and Space Sciences: Donald E. Osterbrock, "Walter Baade, Observatinal Astrophysicist, (3): Palomar and Göttingen 1948-1960 (Part A)," Journal for the History of Astronomy, vol. 28, no.93 (November 1997): 283-316; Gary Taubes, "Beyond the Soapsuds Universe," Discover, vol. 18, no.8 (August 1997): 52-59; George Wallerstein et al., "Synthesis of the Elements in Stars: Forty Years of Progress," Reviews of Modern Physics, vol. 69, no.4 (October 1997): 995-1084.

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