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Volume XXXIV, No. 1 Spring 2002


Recent Publications of Interest
Compiled by W. Patrick McCray

This is our usual compilation of some (by no means all) recently published articles on the history of modern physics, astronomy, geophysics and allied fields. Note that these bibliographies have been posted on our Web site since 1994, and you can search the full text of all of them (along with our annual book bibliography, recent Catalog of Sources entries, exhibit materials, etc.) by using the “Search” icon on our site map ( To restrict your search to the bibliographies, enter in the box:
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American Journal of Physics, vol. 70, no. 2 (February 2002) features Stephen G. Brush, "Cautious Revolutionaries: Maxwell, Planck, Hubble," 119-128.

Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics, vol. 37 (1999) includes A.G.W. Cameron, "Adventures in Cosmogony," 1-36. Vol. 38 (2000) features Donald E. Osterbrock, "A Fortunate Life in Astronomy," 1-33. Vol. 39 (2001) has Victor M. Blanco, "Telescopes, Red Stars, and Chilean Skies," 1-18.

Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science, vol. 49 (1999) includes J. David Jackson, "Snapshots of a Physicist's Life," 1-34. Vol. 51 (2001) features G.E. Brown, "Fly with Eagles," 1-21.

Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences, vol. 29, (2001) includes G. Schubert, "Breakthroughs in Our Knowledge and Understanding of the Earth and Planets," 1-16.

Archives des Sciences, vol. 54, no. 2 (September 2001) includes K. Von Meyenn, "Between Scylla and Charybdis: Wolfgang Pauli and the Transition from the Old to the New Quantum Theory," 117-128.

Centaurus, vol 43, no. 3-4 (2001) has A.S. Jacobsen, "Spirit and Unity: Oersted's Fascination by Winterl's Chemistry," 184-218; O. Darrigol, "The Historian's Disagreement over the Meaning of Planck's Quantum," 219-239; D. Hoffman, "On the Experimental Context of Planck's Foundation of Quantum Theory," 240-259; R. Singh, "Born's Role in the Lattice Dynamic Controversy," 260-277; L. Gislen and J.C. Eade, "South East Asian Eclipse Calculations," 278-307.

CERN Courier, vol. 41, no. 10 (December 2001) includes Helmut Rechenberg, "Werner Heisenberg: the Columbus of quantum mechanics," 18-20; "Bose-Einstein condensation revisited," 21-23; Heath B. O'Connell and Michael E. Peskin, "Database lists the top-cited physics papers," 27-29.

Isis, vol. 22, no. 1 (March 2001) features Scott G. Knowles and Stuart W. Leslie "`Industrial Versailles': Eero Saarinen's Corporate Campuses for GM, IBM, and ATT," 1-33. Vol. 22, no. 3 (September 2001) has John Krige, "Distrust and Discovery: The Case of the Heavy Bosons at CERN," 517-540.

History of Science, vol. 39, pt. 4 (December 2001) includes Yves Gingras, "What Did Mathematics Do to Physics," 383-416.

Journal for the History of Astronomy, vol. 32, pt. 4 (August 2001) includes Sara Schechner, "The Material Culture of Astronomy in Daily Life: Sundials, Science, and Social Change," 189-222; Robert Westman, "Kepler's Early Physical-Astrological Problematic," 227-236; Joann Eisberg, "Making a Science of Observational Cosmology: The Cautious Optimism of Beatrice Tinsley," 263-278. Vol. 32, pt. 4 (November 2001) features Bradley Schaefer, "The Transit of Venus and the Notorious Black Drop Effect," 325-336.

Minerva, vol. 39, no. 2 (2001) includes Roy McLeod, "Women in Science: International Perspectives," 151-152; Sue Rabbitt Roff, "Nuclear Revisionism," 259-264. Vol. 39, no. 3 has Ronald Rainger, "Constructing a Landscape for Postwar Science: Roger Revelle, the Scripps Institution, and the University of California, San Diego," 327-352. Vol. 39, no. 4 (2001) includes several essays on the centennial of the Nobel Prize including John Jenkin, "A Unique Partnership: William and Lawrence Bragg and the 1915 Nobel Prize in Physics," 373-392; John Krige, "The 1984 Nobel Physics Prize for Heterogeneous Engineering," 425-443.

Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London, vol. 55, no. 3 (2001) includes D.A.H. Wilson, "Sea Lions, Greasepaint, and U-boats: Admiralty Scientists Turn to the Music Hall in 1916," 425-454; U.W. Andt, "Instrumentation in X-ray Crystallography," 457-472; Sir Alan Cook, "Edmond Halley and the Magnetic Field of the Earth," 473-490.

Physics in Perspective, vol. 3, no. 2 (September 2001) includes B. Pippard, "Dispersion in the Ether: Light over the Water," 258-270; J.R. Goodstein, "A Conversation with Franco Rasetti," 271-313; R.G. Arns, "Detecting the Neutrino," 314-334; E. Harper, "George Gamow: Scientific Amateur and Polymath," 335-372. Vol. 3, no. 4 (November 2001) has David E. Rowe, "Einstein Meets Hilbert: At the Crossroads of Physics and Mathematics," 379-424; Alan Chalmers, "Maxwell, Mechanism, and the Nature of Electricity," 425-438; Xiang Chen, "Measuring Reflective Power with the Eye," 439-461; and Wolfgang L. Reiter, "Vienna: A Random Walk in Science."

Physics Today, vol. 54, no. 12 (December 2001) includes Jessica Wang, "Edward Condon and the Cold War Politics of Loyalty," 35-41. Vol. 55, no. 1 (January 2002) has Spencer Weart, "Preserving the Heritage of Discovery," 28-34.

Progress in Nuclear Energy, vol. 36, no. 3 (2000) includes M.M. R. Williams, "The Development of Nuclear Reactor Theory in the Montreal Laboratory of the National Research Council of Canada (Division of Atomic Energy) 1943-1946," 239-321.

Reviews of Modern Physics, vol. 73, no. 3 (July 2001) includes J.D. Jackson and L.B. Okun, "Historical Roots of Gauge Invariance," 663-680.

Sky & Telescope, Vol. 102. no. 5 (November 2001) includes Leif J. Robinson, "Sixty Years of Hindsight," 30-37; Alan Hirshfield, "The Race to Measure the Cosmos," 38-47. Vol. 102, no. 6 (December 2001) has Ken Croswell, "Wondering in the Dark," 44-51; Yuri Petrunin and Eduard Trigubov, "Dmitri Maksutov: The Man and His Telescopes," 52-62.

Social Studies of Science, vol. 31, no. 5 (October 2001) features Wesley Shrum, Ivan Chompalov, and Joel Genuth, "Trust, Conflict, and Performance in Scientific Collaborations," 681-730.

Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, vol. 32B, no. 3 (September 2001) featured Jos Uffink, "Bluff your Way in the Second Law of Thermodynamics," 305-394; Jordi Cat, "On Understanding: Maxwell on the Methods of Illustration and Scientific Metaphor," 395-442. Vol. 32B, no. 4 (December 2001) is a special issue on the conceptual foundations of statistical physics and includes papers by Jeffrey Bub, "Maxwell's Demon and the Thermodynamics of Computation," 569-580; Craig Callender, "Taking Thermodynamics too Seriously," 539-554.

Technology and Culture, vol. 42, no. 3 (July 2001) includes Gary L. Frost, "Inventing Schemes and Strategies: The Making and Selling of the Fessenden Oscillator," 462-488. Vol. 42, no. 4 (October 2001) has Stephen Johnson, "Samuel Phillips and the Taming of Apollo," 685-709.

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