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Armstrong, Alice H.
Oral history interview with Alice Armstrong, 1979 June 11.
In this interview, Alice Armstrong discusses: her family and childhood; her time at Wellesley College; her work at the Bureau of Standards radiation lab, inlcuding the radiation standard and her first radiation accident; her time at Radcliffe College; x-ray induced illness; and her interactions with Marie Curie, P. W. Bridgman, O. D. Kellogg, William Duane, Emory Leon Chaffee, Theodore Lyman, and Robert Havighurst.
American physicist. A.M. Radcliffe College (1923); Ph.D. physics, Radcliffe College (1930). Professional experience includes: assistant, assistant physicist, Bureau of Standards (1919-1922); physics instructor, Wellesley College (1925-1926); assistant biophysicist, Rockefeller Institute (1927-1929); lab assistant, Harvard Cancer Commission, Huntington Hospital (1929-1930); assistant professor of physics, associate professor, professor, department chairman, Wellesley College (1930-1953); staff, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory (1950-1952).
Armstrong, Alice H.
Bridgman, P. W. (Percy Williams), 1882-1961
Chaffee, Emory Leon, 1885-1975.
Curie, Marie, 1867-1934
Duane, William, 1872-1935.
Havighurst, Robert J. (Robert James), 1900-1991
Kellogg, O. D. (Oliver Dimon), b. 1878
Lyman, Theodore, 1874-1954.
Radcliffe College
United States. Bureau of Standards
Wellesley College
Radiation injuries
Radiation -- Measurement
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Sopka, Katherine Russell, interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA