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Hill, A. G. (Albert Gordon), 1910-1996.
Oral history interview with Albert G. Hill, 1991 August 5.
In this interview, Albert G. Hill discusses his experience in the JASON Defense Advisory Group. Topics discussed include: John Wheeler; Jerrold Zacharias; Luis Alvarez; James Killian; President's Science Advisory Committee (PSAC); Eugene Wigner; Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA); Project 137; Louis Ridenour; Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Lincoln Laboratory; Herb York; Don Price; Oskar Morgenstern; Henry Jackson; Garrison Norton.
American physicist. M.S. physics, Washington University (1934); Ph.D. physics, University of Rochester (1937). Professional experience includes: instructor, radiation laboratory staff, professor, emeritus professor of physics and consultant to president, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1937-1996).
Alvarez, Luis W., 1911-1988-
Hill, A. G. (Albert Gordon), 1910-1996.
Jackson, Henry M., Senator.
Killian, James Rhyne, 1904-
Morgenstern, Oskar, 1902-
Norton, Garrison, 1900-1995
Price, Don Krasher.
Ridenour, Louis N. (Louis Nicot), 1911-1959.
Wheeler, John Archibald, 1911-2008.
Wigner, Eugene Paul, 1902-1995
York, Herbert F. (Herbert Frank)
Zacharias, Jerrold Reinach, 1905-1986
Institute for Defense Analyses.
JASON Defense Advisory Group
Lincoln Laboratory.
Project 137.
United States. President's Science Advisory Committee
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Aaserud, Finn, interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA