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Crane, H. R. (Horace Richard), 1907-2007.
Oral history interview with H. R. Crane, 1973 March 28 and 1974 June 18.
Family background and early education; early science interests (telegraph and radio transmission), wins American Chemistry Society Contest in high school. Caltech for both undergraduate and graduate studies, 1926-1934, comments on courses, teachers (Richard C. Tolman, Paul Epstein) and fellow students (Chet Carlson, the inventor of Xerox). Joins Charles Lauritsen's group as graduate student (nuclear physics), gets involved in research projects. J. Robert Oppenheimer's interest in their work, Ernest Lawrence's interest and objections to Lauritsen/Crane work on the radiative captive process (Enrico Fermi), Merle Tuve's involvement. Involvement in building machines for the Kellogg Laboratory (Seeley W. Mudd); Ph.D 1934 (The capture of protons by Carbon-12). Accepts offer from University of Michigan at Ann Arbor; planning and building of a high voltage accelerator. Department involvement in applied work (GE, Ford), strong interest in biology; rising biophysics interest in the department. Wartime work. Recruited for MIT's Radiation Laboratory, later involved in Tuve's proximity fuse project; Manhattan District interest. Establishment of Biophysics Lab within Physics Department in Ann Arbor. The Racetrack Synchrotron. Also prominently mentioned are: Carl David Anderson, Ted Berlin, Sir John Cockcroft, John, Sir, Walter Francis Colby, James M. Cork, Leo Delsasso, David Mathias Dennison, William Alfred Fowler, Samuel Abraham Goudsmit, Halpern, Fred Hodges, Lampe, Otto Laporte, Gilbert Newton Lewis, Edwin Mattison McMillan, Harrison McAllister Randall, William Ralph Smythe, Robert Thornton, George Eugène Uhlenbeck, A. E. White, Robley Williams, Ralph Walter Graystone Wyckoff; and Randall Laboratory of University of Michigan.
Anderson, Carl D. (Carl David), 1905-1991-
Cockcroft, John, Sir, 1897-1967.
Colby, Walter F. (Walter Francis), 1880-
Crane, H. R. (Horace Richard), 1907-2007.
Dennison, David M, (David Mathias), 1900-1976-
Epstein, Paul S. (Paul Sophus), 1883-1966
Fermi, Enrico, 1901-1954.
Fowler, William A.
Goudsmit, Samuel A. (Samuel Abraham), 1902-1978
Lauritsen, Charles Christian, 1892-1968.
Lawrence, Ernest Orlando, 1901-1958.
Lewis, Gilbert Newton, 1875-1946.
McMillan, Edwin M. (Edwin Mattison), 1907-
Oppenheimer, J. Robert, 1904-1967
Randall, Harrison M. (Harrison McAllister), b. 1870.
Smythe, William Ralph, 1893-
Tolman, Richard C. (Richard Chace), 1881-1948
Tuve, Merle Antony, 1901-1982.
Wyckoff, Ralph W. G. (Ralph Walter Graystone), 1897-
California Institute of Technology
California Institute of Technology. W. K. Kellogg Radiation Laboratory.
General Electric Company.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Radiation Laboratory.
University of Michigan. Biophysical Laboratory.
University of Michigan. Randall Laboratory.
Carbon -- Isotopes -- Decay.
Neutrinos -- Experiments.
Nuclear physics.
Particle accelerators.
Protons -- Capture.
Science -- Laboratories.
World War, 1939-1945 -- Science.
Radiative capture.
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Berlin, Ted.
Carlson, Chet.
Cork, James M. (James Murle), 1894-
Delsasso, Leo.
Hodges, Fred.
Laporte, Otto, 1902-
Mudd, Seeley.
Thornton, R. L. (Robert Lyster), 1908-
Uhlenbeck, George Eugène, 1900-1988-
White, A. E.
Williams, Robley.
Weiner, Charles. interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA